Hot Asphalt Logo Introduction

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Welcome my dear cannon-fodder friends! I'm Vid Savage, the administrator of the Hot Asphalt Circuit (better known as the "HAC"). Prepare yourself for an intense experience as the best corporate, independent and rogue duellists fight for bragging rights and generous prizes.

HAC duellists have blood of ice, sweat of desire and tears of vengeance. This is no "kiddy circuit" full of high tech bimbos and square-jawed, testosterone-filled auto-jocks, but a circuit where people play for keeps and death is only a trivial statistic on the scorecard.

But wait, it's not all bad. Not everyone is out to get you (though it often appears that way). The HAC is a dangerous place to compete, but the rewards are well worth the risk. Corporate scouts offer unimaginable deals, endorsement contracts are highly lucrative, and the fans are fanatically loyal (even to the death). Failure in the HAC results in disaster, but success offers riches and fame beyond your wildest dreams.
Hot Asphalt Area
So what have you got to lose (other than your worthless hide)? Take a chance and fight with gusto and spirit! Better to die in honorable combat than to waste away as a nobody.


Vid Savage
Chief HAC Administrator