Hot Asphalt Logo Apache Arena - PR 1
Albuquerque, NM

P. 7

Not to be outdone by their Santa Fe neighbors, Albuquerque politicians decided to get into the act and sponsor their own luxurious arena complex. The Apache's total cost was eighty million dollars and took two years to build. The Apache is part of a diverse complex of shopping malls, amusement centers, and industrial parks. So far, the investments have paid off.
Arena Notes:

The exterior walls are 30 feet high and 60 DP. The interior obstacles are 10 feet high and 20 DP. Two breaches will destroy the perimeter obstacles. Four breaches will destroy the center obstacle. All arena gates take one phase to open or close and have 20 DP.
Arena Map:
Apache Arena Map - 7.3K

Arena Schedule:
Monday AADA Divisionals
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday Amateur Night
Friday Advanced Amateur Night
Saturday Special Events
Sunday Team Events

Arena Special Events:

The Great Bus Robbery: This event has four to six teams of three men (one cyclist, one passenger, one passenger in a sidecar) on a Division 10 cycle. No vehicular weapons are allowed, only standard pistols and/or archaic weapons are acceptable (each team has $2,000 for weapons and armor).

The object of the event is to board the mini-bus, via windows or doors, pick up sacks of lead weights (each sack is one GE, and two can be carried in each hand) and leave the arena before a 60-second time limit expires. There are 20 sacks inside the bus. Grabbing a sack counts as a firing action.

The bus is on a pre-programmed course and cannot be changed by the players. The bus follows a long, gentle oval path at a speed of 50 MPH. The bus never has to make a control roll. Referees must remember that getting on and off the bus requires a special roll (see Boarding Vehicles Chart, Car Wars Compendium Second Edition, Fifth Printing).

Teams that leave the arena can come back to make further attempts. Combat is only allowed within a 4-inch (60 feet) "combat zone" centered upon the bus. Both the target and the firer must be within the zone before combat can take place. No team is allowed to shoot at the bus's tires. Taking sacks from a wrecked vehicle or dead body is legal (hint: have your sacks equally distributed amongst your team members).

The team that leaves the arena with the most sacks wins. In case of a tie, the fastest time wins the event. The winner's sacks are exchanged for $5,000 cash each.