Hot Asphalt Logo Big Al Arena - PR 1.25
Albuquerque, New Mexico

P. 8

Standly Allen (AKA: Big Al) is a notorious card shark, womanizer, and all-around scoundrel. But the public loves him. His demeanor is fashionable, while his intellect and savoir-faire resemble more a dashing cavalier than a common criminal. A quick smile and a flashy bow have put many wary people off-guard (and charmed many beautiful ladies).

After many years of living a shady lifestyle, Allen decided it was time to retire and settle down. After some flashy talking, and a lot of money, Allen commissioned the necessary professionals to construct his own autoduelling complex. "A long term investment," he would often tell the press. When completed, the Big Al attracted a wide variety of duellists from the corporate pro to the beginning amateur. Allen's social skills came in handy as he attracted wealthy sponsors and top-ranked competitors (coincidentally all of them are, attractive, single, wealthy women. Could Allen be up to his old tricks again?)

During the peak duelling season, Allen can be found roaming the stands, schmoozing with society's upper echelons.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 50 feet high and 80 DP. All second level platforms are 15 feet high and are indestructible. The connecting ramps and jumps have 20 DP; two breaches will destroy them. The jumps can be altered between events, but they typically stay at a 30-degree angle. The Big Al doesn't use traditional gates, but instead uses modified crash barriers that close after the competitor has entered the arena. The barriers have 10 DP and can be destroyed by ramming, weapons fire or being burned.
Arena Map:
Big Al Arena Map - 19.9K

Arena Schedule:
Monday AADA Divisionals
Tuesday Challenge Night
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday Amateur Night
Friday VIP Night (Prestige 50+)
Saturday Corporate Cup
Sunday Reservations and repairs

Arena Special Events:

Jump Racing: This race has the contestants using only the platform sections of the track and the jumps. Any racer who strays off the course is disqualified. The course follows the outer platforms in a clockwise direction. No vehicular weapons are allowed and only one occupant per vehicle is permitted.

Wrong-Way Willie: Same as above except there are two races occurring at the same time (one going clockwise, the other going counter-clockwise)!