Laramie Double-Loop - PR 1
Laramie, Wyoming

P. 32

The Double-Loop is really two tracks in one, with each capable of running its own event. It was built in 2035 in the beginning stages of the dueltrack craze. Most events at the Double-Loop are non-lethal in nature. Racing rules are strictly followed.
Arena Notes:

The outer wail is 30' high and 100 DP. The inner walls are 4' high and have 60 DP. The pit stops and garages are located in the inner oval of the front and back straightaways. All corners are banked (-D1 to all maneuvers). Dropped weapons and turrets are forbidden. The track is open from late May to early October.
Arena Map:
Laramie Double-Loop Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Amateur Night
Friday Time Trials
Saturday AADA Divisionals
Sunday Racing Day

Arena Events:

The Double-Loop hosts a variety of Divisions and car styles. The latest fad is racing vehicles equipped with jet or rocket engines. The AADA, however, does not recognize either one as officially sanctioned events and has threatened to yank the Double-Loop's AADA charter for contract violations. This controversy will most likely end up in court.

Mixed Doubles: In this event, two races are held simultaneously (one on the oval, the other on the extended course). Vehicles driving on a portion of the course not belonging to their race are disqualified. Combat and maneuvering on the common portions of the track tend to get confusing and very hazardous.