Tournament Guide

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Tournaments are the lifeblood of the AADA. Without them, duellists and arenas would lose a substantial amount of exposure and revenue. There are dozens of tournaments held across the Flashfire, ranging from invitationals, to corporate sponsored events. Listed in this section are the most prominent tournaments in the region. For more specific information, contact your nearest AADA office.

Tournaments in the Flashfire Circuit are open to any AADA duellist in good standing, but priority will go to Flashfire duellists first. Getting into a tournament varies greatly; "first come/first served", divisional statistics or a personal invitation from the tournament committee are common methods of selection. State events are only open to legal residents of their respective states. Registration must be done at least three months in advance and an entry fee is required. The entry fee can be calculated by the following equation:

[Entry Fee] = [Division] * [Arena PR] * [$10]

Example: [Division-10] * [PR-2] * [$10] = $200

Half of the fee goes to the AADA, the other half goes to the arena.

The standard tournament format has 30 to 60 competitors in each Division. Each division is then broken down into preliminary matches of 6 to 8 vehicles. The winner of each preliminary advances to the final round to duel against other preliminary winners. If there is an extremely large turnout, the preliminary winners will fight each other in semi-final matches. The winners of each semi-final will then go into a final round. After the final round is over, the standings are posted and the prizes are awarded.

Prize money for tournaments is considerably larger than regular arena events. The money comes from corporate donations, media contracts, and private sponsorships. Advertising revenues in some of the larger tournaments can run as high as several million dollars per event! Bigger ratings and crowds equates to bigger prize money and prestige, but at the cost of a bigger field and harder competition.

Tournament prize money can be calculated by taking the division number, multiplied by $5,000 modified by the arena's PR (see chart below). First place receives 40%, second 20%, third 15%, fourth 10%, and fifth 5%. The remaining 10% goes to the arena for repairs and administrative costs.

At first glance, it appears that the arena management gets a small portion of the monetary pie. This is far from truth since arena owners make a huge profit from ticket sales, concessions, merchandising, advertising, and exclusive media contracts. A good-sized tournament can net anywhere from $50,000 to several million dollars.
PR Rating Scale:
PR Rating Modifier
0.1 to 0.5 - 10%
0.51 to 1.0 + 0%
1.25 + 10%
1.50 + 20%
1.75 + 30%
2.00 + 40%
Above 2.00 + 50%


Example #1: Division 10; Prize money = [10]*[5,000]*[1] = $50,000

1st - $20,000; 2nd - $10,000; 3rd - $7,500; 4th - $5,000; 5th - $2,500; Arena - $5,000.

Example #2:
Division 20; Prize money = [20]*[5,000]*[1.3] = $130,000

1st - $52,000; 2nd - $26,000; 3rd - $19,500; 4th - $13,000; 5th - $6,500; Arena - $13,000.