Nebraska Road Atlas Entry

P. 19

Nebraska as a whole, has a neutral opinion towards recreational duelling. The only exception is in the cities where it is extremely popular. Duelling on city streets is illegal, but enforcement is lax due to public apathy. In the countryside, the locals take a much dimmer view of vehicular combat. The last thing they want to see is a bunch of "city slickers" messing up their community.

BLUD and ARF are quite active in the state, and can cause considerable trouble to the unwary. Travelling by convoy and/or the use of experienced guides is highly recommended whenever venturing out of the cities (especially in the central and western parts of the states).
Grand Island

Grand Island is in an era of slow and steady rebuilding. The town has three things needed to survive: a co-op for cattle and agriculture, several saloons, and a cemetery. All three are doing a brisk business. A favorite saying in Grand Island is, "The Wild West lives again!"

With the introduction of robotic defenses, Lincoln is generally free of gangs although the likes of the Robobusters, a high-tech gang whose purpose is to disable the robotic bunkers, give the police a constant struggle. Outside the city, the Highway Patrol has its hands full keeping the I-80 freeway open from Lincoln to New Omaha. Various gangs roam the highway trying to pick off unwary motorists.

Anti-duelling laws are strictly enforced in Lincoln, but that doesn't stop the crazies and the fanatics from trying anyway.
New Omaha Metropolitan Area

Duelling facilities in the New Omaha area are many and diversified. Cycle gang activity is light within the city, heavy outside of it. Avoid the western part of New Omaha (called the Boneyards) at all times. The area is crowded with dregs, street gangs and various urban scum. The Boneyards were burned to the ground during the Food Riots and it hasn't changed much since.

Across the Missouri River, Council Bluffs has outlawed duelling and will confiscate all vehicular weaponry that enters its state boundaries. IMSA, a group similar to EDSEL, is ever-present in the New Omaha and Council Bluffs city councils, lobbying for stricter anti-duelling laws. This has made them a quite unpopular group with many local duelling clubs. IMSA supporters and offices have become favorite targets for hit-and-run raids.