Cowtown Arena - PR 1
Wichita, Kansas

P. 18

The Cowtown hosts a large number of amateur events as hotshot (and hothead) cowboys try to make it big. Built on the grounds of an abandoned stockyard, the arena features a challenging maze format.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 10' high and have 60 DP. The interior walls are 10' high and have 10 DP. A well placed shot or ram will cause a breach (note: for multiple rams, it is best to get durable tyres and a ramplate). All TV towers and obstacles are 40' high and are indestructible. They can be accessed by interior ladders. Every TV tower and bunker are equipped with escape hatches located on each side (north, south, east, and west). A hatch takes two phases to open or close, has 20 metal DP, and can be targeted at a -4 penalty.
Arena Map:
Cowtown Arena Map - 10.6K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday Amateur Night
Friday Team Events
Saturday AADA Divisionals
Sunday Special Events / Challenge Night

Arena Special Events:

Tag, You're It!: Four to eight contestants are sent into the arena, one of them is designated as it. The person who is it must tag another opponent with any direct-fire weapon within a set time limit (five or ten seconds) or be disqualified. Only the duellist who is it can fire his/her direct-fire weapons, but the use of any dropped fire weapons can be used by anyone at anytime. If a person is tagged twice, they're out of this event. All forms of ramming are forbidden. If a duellist is marked as it is killed or disqualified, a new duellist will be randomly chosen as the new it.

Anyone who is tagged cannot fire back at the person who tagged him/her unless there are only two contestants left. Killed vehicles are automatically disqualified, even if the occupants are still alive. The contest ends when there is only one vehicle left.