Twister Arena - PR 2
Grand Island, Nebraska

P. 20

Newly opened and ready for business, the Twister has been receiving rave reviews from duellists and sports critics. The arena serves as a central stopover for duellists travelling the AADA circuit. Events are covered by BGN and UBN on a regular basis.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 30' high and have 60 DP. The center square is 15' high and is supported by four, 14 degree ramps (the ramps are too low for jumping). In the center is a turntable that spins clockwise at 40 mph.

Going directly through the turntable is a D3 hazard plus an additional D1 for every inch shifted. The formula for shifting is (160-speed)/10, rounded down. Getting shifted less than an inch is a D0 hazard. Any vehicle going faster than 160 MPH will not be shifted, but its speed can still be altered. Coming in perpendicular to the turntable does not affect vehicle speed, but the vehicle could still be shifted (if it's going under 160 mph). If a shifted vehicle runs out of turntable, it will hit the nearest gap (D1 hazard) and go straight.

Going with the turntable adds 40 mph to your speed and is a D3 hazard. Going against the turntable subtracts 40 mph and is a D3 hazard. For every inch travelled on the turntable apply an additional D1 hazard. Vehicles going against the turntable at a speed of 40 mph or less either stay in place (exactly 40 mph) or go backwards (less than 40 mph).

EG #1: A vehicle hits a turntable (against the flow) at a speed of 30 mph. The vehicle will go in reverse at a speed of 10 mph.

EG #2: A vehicle hits a turntable (against the flow) at a speed of 40 mph. The vehicle stays in place. The vehicle won't move until the driver goes in a new direction, goes faster than 40 mph, or slows down (in which case it will go in reverse).

Dropped-solid weapons will accumulate on the gaps. Mines and explosive spikes will detonate when they contact any gap (except if they're remote-controlled in which case they are dispersed). Liquids will be instantly dispersed upon contact with the turntable. Dropped gases are unaffected.

See Appendix #4: Hazards on the Twister Arena for additional examples.

Arena Map:
Twister Arena Map - 15.8K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Cycle Night
Wednesday Cycle Night
Thursday Closed
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Team Events / Challenges
Sunday Special Events

Arena Special Events:

Beat the Twister: In this event, duellists must fight their opponents and go through the turntable at least four times at a speed no less than 60 mph. Failure to go through the turntable four times will result in disqualification. Going through the turntable at a speed less than 60 mph will not count.

Surviving the Eye: All duellists must stay on the upper level while fighting each other. Kills count as 2 points, but if the kill came within two phases after crossing a turntable, it counts as 3 points. Crossing two turntables in one turn counts as half a point. Anyone leaving the upper level for any reason will be disqualified.