Oceans of Blood - PR 1.5
KC-1, Kansas

P. 15

Located on the Worlds of Duelling complex, Oceans of Blood holds a huge selection of water combat events and some equally hungry sharks. Beware of the sharks; they're always hungry!
Arena Notes:

The arena walls are 10' high and have 60 DP. Each dock has 20 DP. Inside the arena are five small islands. The small islands have 50 DP, while the large one has 100 DP. When an island is reduced to zero DP, it will sink to the bottom. Each island holds one top-mounted defensive turret and six underwater-mounted homing torpedoes. The turret holds a VMG and is fully automated (25 DP, -2 to-hit modifier, and has a Gunner +2). Under the surface are six hungry sharks ready to devour any unfortunate swimmer.

The arena defenses can be placed on "active" mode. If this happens, they will fire their VMG and a homing torpedo (8 or less on 2d6) at any aquatic vehicle (bigger than a pedestrian) that comes within a 3" detection zone. To get the distance measure from the center of the island to the target. If more than one target presents itself, roll randomly to see who gets fired upon. The island defenses only fire once per turn.
Arena Map:
Oceans of Blood Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Team Events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Special Events

Arena Special Events:

Island Hopping: Contestants have $75,000 to build up to three boats. The goal of the game is to storm each island, capturing as many flags (one per island) as possible before a 60 second time limit expires. Boarding parties can be sent to other boats to steal flags. Only pedestrians can pick up a flag. No more than five people can occupy a boat. The team with the most flags wins. The arena defenses may be activated if the GM chooses.