George Brett Memorial - PR 2
KC-1, Kansas

P. 13

Dedicated to one of the town's twentieth-century heroes, the George Brett Memorial is a large standard oval with a challenging backstretch loop thrown in. The loop makes racing dangerous, as it changes the track into a hazardous crossover intersection.
Arena Notes:

The arena walls are 15' high and have 100 DP. The pits and the garages can be entered through an access road on the south side. Most races go in a counter-clockwise direction.
Arena Map:
George Brett Memorial Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Speed Trials / Practice
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Team Events
Thursday AADA Divisionals
Friday Challenge Night
Saturday Open Racing
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

Racing events are held from early spring to late fall. Specialty events such as Indy, Stock or Can-Am are held at least twice a year. 500cc motorbike events are being scheduled for the near future. 

One event to be wary of is the "winner take all" challenges. These are one-on-one races where the winner gets to keep the loser's car. Unless you have the bucks to afford such an event, don't try it. The local competition is very good.