Kansas Road Atlas Entry

P. 12

Kansas is a "free-fire" state due to an ineffective state government. A once efficient state legislature has been reduced to a clique of rich, elitist millionaires who have no intentions of getting their hands dirty with local affairs. The Kansas National Guard, which has the job of protecting the local populace, has been converted into a group of over-glorified bodyguards.

With such a hostile, uncaring state government, Kansas has become a duelling free-for-all. ARFs, BLUDs, and cycle gangs are numerous and active here. The only road that is regularly patrolled and enforces a no-duelling policy is the Kansas Turnpike (from KC-1 to Topeka to Wichita).

Duelling is forbidden within city limits but flourishes on the outskirts. Weapons other than prominently displayed and registered sidearms are prohibited. All vehicular weapons and targeting computers are unloaded and/or sealed before entering the city.

Topeka is the capital of Kansas and that's about it. The city's only useful purpose is to keep the Kansas Turnpike, from KC-1 to Wichita open. The turnpike is tolled at a hefty rate in order to keep it maintained and secured. Toll-crashers are dealt with severely. Plenty of action can be found in Topeka's rougher neighborhoods, but be forewarned ... the locals play for keeps, and the cops take a dim view of vehicular gunplay.

Wichita thrives on two main resources: beef and helium. Huge cattle drives keep the stockyards busy as workers round up and ship livestock to Midwest slaughter-houses. Cattle are shipped out of Wichita via truck convoys or large airships twenty-four hours a day. Aircraft and blimp manufacturing is another big business in Wichita.