Tournament Guide - June

P. 39

Kansas State Cup

Arena Governor's.
Divisions 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.
Prestige Local (+1).
# Contestants 60 / division.
Length 3 days.
Entry Top 60 ranked.

The Kansas State Cup is a good opportunity for an amateur to get into the professional levels. The competition is composed of 90% amateurs and 10% middle-level duellists. There is a code of honor in this tournament. Duels here are fought honorably and surrender is almost always accepted. Anyone who is discovered to be a upper-level professional will be ganged up on and taught a lesson.
Lone Wolf Cycle Challenge

Arena Twister.
Divisions 5, 10, 20.
Prestige Regional (+3).
# Contestants 80 / division.
Length 2 days.
Entry Open.

The Lone Wolf Tournament is not for the weak of heart. Cycle gangs from around the region send in their best (and not-so-best) warriors for nonstop, bloody mayhem. Only the bravest of independents come out to compete. A high casualty rate keeps the local hospitals busy for days and the ratings soar in the final rounds (where mercy is unheard of). A temporary truce is in effect for three days before and after the tournament. Beefed-up security makes sure the truce is obeyed.