Lakeside Speedway - PR 2
Denver, Colorado

P. 8

Located in the Lakeside Amusement Park, the Speedway was built in 2035 as a spectacular investment by its owner, James O'Deil. So far, the facility has been a success with steady revenues and respectable ratings. The Speedway is closed from October to April due to poor weather.
Arena Notes:

The Speedway was built with spectator and pit crew safety in mind. The outer walls are 20' high and have 200 DP. The inner walls are ten feet high and have 150 DP. The pit walls are three feet high and have 50 DP. For additional safety, the speedway walls are lined with automated anti-fire system which will extinguish any stationary fire on the track or in the pits.

Dropped weapons of any type of illegal, as are turreted weapons over one space in size.
Arena Map:
Lakeside Speedway Map -

1 square = 4".

Arena Schedule:
Monday Special Events
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Amateur Night
Thursday Closed
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Closed

Arena Special Events:

The Speedway runs a variety of electric and gas event. The summer season in jam-packed with tournament races ranging from Formula One to Motocross. Participating in a gas event will result in a prestige bonus of +2.