Washington Park Arena - PR 1
Denver, Colorado

P. 7

Municipally owned and very profitable, Washington Park has been a huge success story for the city of Denver. The arena serves as a center of employment for Denver's jobless and as a way to cash in on the autoduelling craze sweeping through the Mountain West. Washington Park attracts a large number of amateurs and semi-professional duellists. This volatile combination results in a lot of crowd-pleasing crashes, explosions, and mishaps.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 20' high and have 50 DP; the inner walls an bunkers are 15' high and have 20 DP. All jumps are indestructible. There are six defensive boulders inside the complex. The boulders are five feet high and have 50 DP. Inside each boulder is a pop-up turret holding a VMG. These turrets will pop up and activate upon any sign of rules infractions. The turrets have 30 DP and can be targeted at a -1 penalty. 

The turrets work on three different programs: inactive, trouble-shooting, and maniac. Trouble-shooting will make the nearest turret fire at any rules-offending vehicle. Maniac will activate a different turret every turn, which will fire upon the nearest vehicle. Each turret has a Gunner of skill +2.

The outer part of the arena is an off-road surface while the inner part is paved. Jumps are angled at forty degrees. Scattered throughout the arena are eight permanent spike plates (15' by 15') and eleven oil puddles (15' by 7.5').
Arena Map:
Washington Park Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Maniac Night
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Challenge Night
Thursday Team Events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Special Events
Sunday Amateur Night

Arena Special Events:

Maniac: This event can be run in any division. The arena turrets are set on maniac mode. It's nearly impossible to escape the arena defenses. Someone is bound to get hit.

Races: Contestants must follow a predesignated course which involves driving on the paved road and off-road surfaces.