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  Full right

1964 De Tomaso Vallelunga. Hand built aluminum body by Carrozzeria Fissore on a steel backbone frame. Approximately ten were made. Delivered to us disassembled and stripped. Repainted original fine metallic blue. Next 3 photos.


Prominent backbone between the seats (installed later). Instrument panels made of Formica and tan vinyl trim as original.

  Engine bay

English Ford Kent 4-cylinder 1500 and VW Beetle transaxle. Magnesium castings: wheels, hubs, hub carriers, calipers, suspension bridge. Exhaust system re-created in-house from a factory drawing.

  Rear parts

Rear suspension parts as arrived, removed from the car in the mid-1970s. We had cracked hub carriers repaired by an expert magnesium welder. Campagnolo brake calipers needed rectangular-section o-ring seals custom manufactured. Original shocks rebuilt by a specialist in England.

  Left rear

Awaiting acrylic rear window and headlamp covers. The Fissore craftsmanship is superb.

  Full right

1959 Renault 4CV. Discovered in a Seattle garage, abandoned so long a tree had to be cut down to extract it. Relatively easy restoration due to low miles and good preservation. Parts availability is good except correct headlamp rims which we had made by a local metal spinner. Approximately 1.1 million 4CVs manufactured in 14 years.


Simple but attractive 4CV interior. All new materials exactly as original.

  Engine bay

4CV rear-mounted 750cc four-cylinder. Radiator is between the motor and the rear seat, air enters through grilles in front of the rear fenders.

  XKE 1.5

1968 Jaguar XKE Series 1.5 total restoration. Disassembly revealed left side damage and mud inside - excursion into a ditch?

  Engine bay

Original engine and Zenith-Stromberg carburetors for early emissions control, but secondary throttle plates removed. Goes nicely. Every nut, bolt, washer, clip & component repaired, refinished, and carefully assembled.


All new interior in correct materials and colors.


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