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  Custom S2

This early Series 2 received modifications such as a later Renault 1647cc hemi engine, twin-link rear suspension, one-piece polycarbonate door windows and modern wheels & tires. Next five photos.


Interior completely re-trimmed.

  Front box crossmember

The early S2 frame had extensive corrosion damage. Notice swelling around the spot welds and distorsion at the steering rack bracket holes.

  Box fabrication

Brian Nordby fabricated a replacement front crossmember. Here he spot-welds the inside flanges.

  Frame assembly

The crossmember was carefully aligned and jigged in position then welded to the backbone frame, which also required several repairs. Beginning of assembly including new brake plumbing.


Renault transaxle assembly after cleaning, inspection and overhaul.

  Door fit

A later Type 54 Series 2 after repairs to extensive body damage including the right door hinge pivots and windscreen pillar. Everything fits now.

  Trailer job

1967 Europa-Renault Series 1A as received for restoration. Some body damage, some parts missing, many hours of labor ahead.

  Stephen Clapsaddle

Final sanding of primer-filler. This is last stage before application of the topcoat. Before this was fiberglass structural repair (breaks and deep cracks), gel coat repair (spider cracks), and polyester filler over nearly all surfaces carefully block sanded to achieve smooth contours.

  Curves ahead

Completely restored for looks and performance.

  Renault engine

Details like hose clamps, bulkhead insulation, paint and plating are attended to as carefully as engine assembly, carburetor tuning and shift linkage adjustment.

  Front suspension

Suspension components are abrasive-blasted and epoxy painted; bushes replaced; calipers overhauled; steering rack worn parts replaced and reshimmed; wheels straightened where necessary, refinished and strobe balanced on the car; front and rear toe carefully set to specification.

  Closed course

Cabin retrimmed and refinished.

  Negative camber

A Series 2 with excessive negative camber at the rear. This was due to badly worn hub bearings and universal joints. The Europa rear suspension is durable if carefully and knowledgeably assembled and maintained.


Another Series 1A. A previous owner added fender bulges to accomodate autocrossing wheels and tires; the new owner wished to restore the svelte shape.


Moulds were made of original wheelarch flares, new parts laid up and grafted in place of the bulges. Paint blended to match and all 'orange peel' rubbed out.

  Stud imprint

This Europa Special had been sold at a bargain price because the engine would not turn over. The new owner asked for a diagnosis and it was found that one of the crossover pipe attaching studs had been dropped into the number one spark plug hole, then the engine had been cranked - briefly. Piston was cracked, head dented and two valves bent.


Accident damage on another Europa Special had been badly repaired - lumps of filler had been used to glue the broken pieces together, and a few scraps of woven glass cloth slapped on with resin. This was properly repaired by feathering out the edges, making small temporary molds in place and rebuilding a uniform fiberglass laminate with chopped strand mat and polyester resin.

  First coat

The Special during application of color base coat, to be followed by several coats of acrylic urethane clear.


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