Bill H. Ritchie, Jr.

Biographical Resume 1999-1963

Education and Job Experience

Schools, colleges, and universities taught and attended; study, training, workshops, full and part-time job experience, travel, professional conferences, administration and business management and ownership experience.

Continuing Education, Study, Conferences and Travel

1999-1992  Inventing Emeralda: The Game for the Gifts of Life; Founder Member of Digital Media Alliance, Washington Software Association; Founder Charter Member, US Tech Corps.
1992-1988   International Interactive Communications Society / PC Users Multimedia Users Group / Washington Software Association Annual Conference, Workshops, Seminars and Interactive Multimedia Special Interest Group; International Interactive Communications Society First Annual Interactive Multimedia Art Show (Panelist/Participant) Independent Computer Consultants Association National Conference (Presentor/Participant) PC Users Consultants Special Interest Group / MIT Forum on Multimedia; Computer Graphics Conference, Portland, OR / Northwest; Print Council Conference, Pullman, WA / National Speakers Association Conference, Atlanta, GA
1988-1985   Laser optical disk teaching, research and practice; Hypermedia Development Projects; CD/ROM National Conference (Microsoft) and founding of CD/ROM Publisher's Club with C. T. Chew
1985-1983   Completed 19-year formal teaching career at University of Washington School of Art, early retirement to seek the Perfect Studios: Teaching, Research and Practice under one roof.
1983-1982   Sabbatical No 2: Fifteen-nation (Europe, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and Cross-USA) travel-tour art museums, universities, video and computer studios of artists; speaking, videotaping and radio interviews on printmaking, video, and computer art / International Papermaking ERC (hand-papermaking) (Kyoto, Japan) / MAGNETICA (computer art) (Bologna, Italy) / World Print Council, San Francisco, CA
1976 - 1975   Sabbatical No 1: Japan travel, tour art museums, universities, and craft houses in Tokyo and Kyoto / U.S. travel, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Nevada, university, museum, gallery, and video art studios.
1974   Intern, National Center for Experiments in TV, San Francisco / Global TV Conference Electronic Concert, SMU, Dallas
1969   European travel, Study with Rolf Nesch (Norway) / Artist-Scholar in Residence, the Munch Museum / art museums, printmaking studios in Germany, France, and Amsterdam.

Professional Associations

1993 - 1990   Emeriti Placement Program / National Speakers Association and Pacific Northwest Speakers Association / Northwest Print Council / Print Consortium / Washington Software Association / Who's Who in American Education

Job Experience

1991 - 1990   Ritchie's, Inc., President and CEA
1990 - 1985   Owner, Ritchie's Perfect Studios

Employment, Part-time and contracts

1990 - 1985   Consultant, Devereux Designs, Ltd. and Project Director, "Colorline: Design Communication Network" / Adjunct faculty of Art, University of Oregon, Eugene / Substitute Teaching, Cornish College of Art, Seattle / Visiting Faculty of Art, The Evergreen State College

Employment, Full-time

Summer school

1965   Summer Art Faculty, College of Notre Dame, Belmont, CA

College, Schooling

1966   Master of Arts, Printmaking, San Jose State College, CA
1964   Bachelor of Arts, Graduated with Honors: Arts and Crafts, Central Washington State College, Ellensburg
1960   Diploma, Prosser Senior High, Prosser, WA

Visual Arts Exhibitions

Visual Arts Exhibitions includes solo and group shows, exhibits, displays, invitationals, competitions, fairs, festivals, and conference shows in the visual arts.

Visual Arts: Solo Shows, 1990-1964

"Despite the importance of one person shows for artist, dealer and the community, your long-range goals need more than a annual one person shows. I do not like the idea that an artist works for shows, except when shows create helpful deadlines." - Bill Ritchie, Author of The Art of Selling Art.

1991   International Interactive Communications Society Annual Art Show, Seattle
1990   Digital Equipment Corporation, Bellevue, WA
1989   Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma
1988   Union Bay Cafe, Seattle
1986   St. Martin's College, Olympia; University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MI
1984   Greenlake Grill, Seattle
1982   Stone Press Gallery, Seattle
1980   Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Gallery, Seattle
1979   Art Action, Stone Press Gallery, Seattle
1978   Rental-Sales Gallery, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle
1976   Kiku Gallery, Seattle Everett Public Library, Everett WA; University of Nevada, Las Vegas NV
1974   Central Washington State College, Ellensburg; King and King Gallery, Seattle
1973   Evergreen State College, Olympia; Galleries O'Broclain, Gig Harbor WA
1972   Seattle Pacific College, Seattle; Burien Arts Gallery, Burien WA
1971   Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle; Renton Public Library, Renton WA; Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma
1970   Color Center Gallery, Anchorage AK
1969   Otto Seligman Gallery, Seattle; University of Calgary, Calgary AB
1967   Lakewood Artists Gallery, Tacoma
1966   San Jose State College, San Jose CA; USIS Exhibit, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Turkey
1965   College

Visual Arts Exhibitions: Group Shows: 1992-1963

"For some people, shows and exhibits are validation and a way to establish higher authority. Art schools have a marketing and selling job to do, too. They qualify their guarantees to provide outstanding art teachers by shows and prizes they have. Sales are secondary. In reading art magazines, newspaper reviews, advertisements and announcements, can you tell when the intent is to sell and when the intent is to validate?" Bill Ritchie. The Art of Selling Art

1992   "Annual Art Exhibit," Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA
1991   "Print Types," Indiana University Southeast, New Albany "Tacoma Art Museum Art Auction," Highlighter, Tacoma "Washington Printmakers," Office of the Governor, Olympia "Recent Acquisitions", Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma "Bumberbiennale: Seattle Photography 1931-1991," Bumbershoot, Seattle "Centrum Foundation Print Portfolio," King County Executive Offices Premier, Seattle "Computers and the Creative Process," Traveling exhibition at a University in Ontario, a museum in Wisconsin and in an Oregon gallery.
1990   "Views and Visions in the Pacific Northwest", Seattle Art Museum, Seattle "American Print Survey", Martin Museum, Baylor University "Computers and the Creative Process," Traveling exhibition at Universities in Alabama, Indiana, and Ontario; also in museums in Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Oregon and Wisconsin.

"Bill Ritchie was professor of art at the University of Washington from 1966 to 1985 and inspired students to explore new relationships between printmaking and the other media arts." Penelope Loucas, Curator, Tacoma Art Museum catalog entry for One Hundred Years of Washington Art

1989   "One Hundred Years of Washington Art: New Perspectives", Tacoma Art Museum
1988   "Monotypes and Prints", Stone Press Gallery, Seattle; "Northwest Printmaking", Municipal Art Center, Everett WA; "School of Art: 1975-1988", Safeco Insurance, Seattle
1987   "Art Expo `87", Seattle Trade Center, Seattle WA; "Computer as Drawing Tool", American Art Gallery, Tacoma; "Works on Paper", Seattle Pacific University; "Before and After", Davidson Gallery, Seattle; "Visiting Faculty Exhibition", The Evergreen State College, Olympia
1986   "Seattle Printmaking: A Selected Review," Stone Press Gallery, Seattle; "Tech Art", North Seattle Community College, Seattle; "Greenlake Retrospective", Greenlake Grill of Seattle; "Artist and Computer Traveling Exhibit", Eugene OR
1985   "Western States Print Invitational", Portland Art Museum;"East/West/East", The Public Art Space, Seattle Center
1984   "Printmaking Invitational", College of the Mainland, Texas City, TX; "New American Graphics Traveling Exhibition": Colorado Gallery of the Arts, Littleton, CO; Concord College, Athens, WV; Art Center, Inc., South Bend, IN; Humboldt Cultural Center, Eureka, CA; "Print National", Moravian College, Bethleham PA; "The Museum in the City", Seattle; "Prints and Drawings", Community Gallery, Ellensburg; "PNW Graphics Display" and "City Club Art Display", Seattle
1983   "International Print and Drawing Exhibtion", Springfield IL; "New American Graphics" traveling exhibition at: Alaska State Museum, Juneau; Visual Arts Center, Anchorage; Alaska Association for the Arts, Fairbanks; El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX; Visual Arts Gallery, Hayes, KS; Amarillo Art Center, Amarillo TX
1982   "New Printmaking Technologies Conference Invitational", World Print Council, San Francisco CA; "Sixth Annual Print Symposium Invitational", Montana State University, Bozeman MT; "New American Graphics", Madison Arts Center & Crossman Gallery, U. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; "Art Festival", in Anacortes, Bellevue, Renton, WA
1981   "Four Seattle Printmakers", Blackfish Gallery, Portland; "Seattle Printmakers", Stone Press Gallery, Seattle; "Mezzotint Masters", Davidson Galleries, Seattle; "Cyanotypes", Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Gallery, Seattle; "Portopia '81", Port Island, Kobe, Japan; "Art Instructors Invitational", Mercer Island, WA; "Traveling Print Exhibit", Art Center, Milwaukie, OR, Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, OR, and Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane

"As a teacher, Ritchie has continually encouraged students to explore with him the creative use of the [video] art . . .." Harvey West, Director of the Henry Gallery, Curator of The Washington Year

1980   "Image: Artist/Machine - The Washington Year," Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle; "A Refuses Exhibition", Soames-Dunn Building, Seattle; "Drawings Relationships to Prints", Davidson Galleries, Seattle; "Seattle Printmakers", Stone Press Gallery, Seattle; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Philadelphia Art Alliance, PA; "Traveling Print Exhibition", State College, museums and art centers in Montana State University and Eastern Montana Anaconda, Butte, Great Falls, Miles City, Sydney, MA; Las Vegas, NA; Coos Bay, OR; Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA;
1979   "Northwest Printmakers", Stone Press Gallery, Seattle; "Group Exhibition", Erica Williams Anne Johnson Gallery, Seattle; "Group Exhibition", Davidson Gallery, Seattle
1978   "National Invitational Print Exhibition", Georgia College GA; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Yellowstone Art Center, Billings MT; "National Print Exhibition", Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan CT; "Evergreen Art Collection Exhibition", The Evergreen State College, Olympia; "Original Editions Print Exhibition", Oregon Arts Foundation, Salem; "Rental Sales Gallery", Seattle Art Museum, Seattle; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Puyallup, WA
1977   "Invitational Print Exhibition", USIA - Tokyo, Japan; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Foy Gallery, Georgia Southern College, Statesboro GA; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Impressions Workshop Gallery, Boston MA; "Invitational Art Exhibition", Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington State University, Ellensburg; "National Print Exhibition", DeCordova Museum, Lincoln MA; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", 2nd Street Gallery, Charlotteville VA; "Group Exhibition", Anchorage Visual Arts Center, Anchorage AK; "Regional Art Exhibition: Northwest `77", Seattle Art Museum, Seattle; "Traveling Exhibition", Oregon Arts Commission, Salem; "Regional Print Exhibition", Davidson Gallery, Seattle; "International Print Exhibition: Footprint", Davidson Gallery, Seattle; "Ritual Objects", Bumbershoot `77, Seattle Center; "Temporary Sculpture: The Wave Square", Bumbershoot `77, Seattle Center, Seattle; "University of Washington Art School Faculty Exhibition", Henry Gallery, U of W, Seattle
1976   "Invitational Print Exhibition", The Print Club, Philadelphia PA; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Davidson Gallery, Seattle; "International Print Exhibition", Davidson Gallery, Seattle; "National Drawing Exhibition", Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA; "20th National Print Exhibition", Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn NY; "National Print Exhibition: Colorprint USA", Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX; "Canadada Postcard Exhibition", University of Manitoba, Winnepeg, Canada; "Statewide Arts Exhibition", Oregon Arts Commission, University of Oregon; "Group Print Exhibition", Anne Hughes Gallery, Portland; "First Editions Print Exhibition", Oregon and Washington Arts Commissions, Seattle and Portland; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Burien, Edmonds, Everett, Mercer Island, Puyallup, Renton WA
1975   "International Invitational Print Exhibition", Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway; "3e Biennale Internationale de L`Image", Epinal, France; "Invitational Print Exhibition", Town Hall Gallery, Birmingham University School, Birmingham AL; "Invitational Print Exhibition", University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada; "National Print Exhibition", Texas Tech Unversity, Lubbock TX; "Invitational Exhibition of Art", Governor's Invitational, Washington State Art Museum, Olympia; "Regional Group Show", Contemporary School of Visual Art, Burien WA; "Regional Group Show", Seattle Pacific College, Seattle; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Burien, Edmonds, Everett, WA
1974   "International Print Exhibition: 1st Biennale Exhibition of Graphic Arts and Multiples", Segovia, Spain; "International Print Exhibition: Philadelphia Print Club", Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia PA and Washington DC; "International Invitational Print Exhibition", Rafi Marg, New Delhi, India; "International Invitational Print Exhibition", Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI; "Juried Members Exhibition", Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia PA; "Regional Painting Exhibition", Northwest Watercolor Annual, Cascade Gallery, Seattle; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Everett, WA
1973   "Invitational Exhibition of Prints", Texas Tech Unversity, Lubbock TX; "International Print Exhibition: Members of the Philadelphia Print Club", Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia PA; "National Painting, Print, and Drawing Exhibition", Springfield Art Association Gallery, Springfield IL; "All-American Landscape", Henry Art Gallery, Seattle; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Minot State College, Minot ND; "Regional Watercolor Exhibition", Seattle Art Museum Pavilion, Seattle; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Burien, Edmonds, Everett, Puyallup WA
1972   "International Print Exhibition: British Print Bienalle", Bradford GB; "International Print Exhibition: Members of the Philadelphia Print Club", Philadelphia Print Club, Philadelphia PA; "Invitational Exhibition of Art", Governor's Invitational, Washington State Art Museum, Olympia; "National Print Exhibition", Silvermine Guild of Artists, New Canaan CT; "National Print Exhibition", Texas Tech Unversity, Lubbock TX; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Burien, Edmonds, Everett, Renton WA
1971   "Invitational Exhibition of Prints", Evergreen State College, Olympia; "Invitational Exhibition of Prints", University of Wisconsin, Green Bay WI; "Invitational Traveling Exhibition of Prints", Washington State Artmobile, Olympia; "National Art Exhibition: SFAI Centennial", California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Dulin Gallery of Art, Knoxville TN; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Western New Mexico University, Silver City; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Olivet Festival of Fine Arts, Olivet MI; "National Print Exhibition", Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu HI; "National Print Exhibition", Boston Printmakers, Decordova Museum, Boston MA; "National Print Exhibition", Library of Congress, Washington DC; "National Print Exhibition", Texas Tech Unversity, Lubbock TX; "National Print Exhibition", Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek CA; "National Print Exhibition", Society of American Graphic Artists, New York NY; "National Print Exhibition", San Diego State College, San Diego CA; "National Small Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition", Ball State University Gallery, Muncie IN; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Burien, Edmonds
1970   "International Print Exhibition", Seattle Art Museum Pavilion; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Western Illinois University, Macomb IL; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Olivet College, Olivet MI; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Minot State College, Minot ND; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Erie Art Center, Erie PA; "National Art Exhibition: Exhibit 432-70", Minot Art Association, Minot ND; "National Print Exhibition", State University College, Potsdam NY; "National Drawing Exhibition", St. John's University, Jamaica NY; "National Drawing Exhibition", Western Washington State College, Bellingham WA; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Renton WA
1969   "International Print Exhibition", Seattle Art Museum Pavilion, Seattle; "National Exhibition of Prints", Mercyhurst College, Eerie, PA; "National Exhibition of Prints", University of the Pacific, Stockton CA; "National Exhibition of Prints", State University College, Potsdam NY; "National Exhibition of Prints and Drawings", Western New Mexico University, Silver City; "Northwest Watercolor Annual", Seattle Art Museum Pavilion, Seattle; "Exhibition of Prints", Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI

"In this day of TV, movies, records and magazines, instantaneous communication and travel, the majority of people refuse to accept the validity of the print as an object of art because more than one exists. Such prejudice is an unwillingness to think beyond the times when art was thought to belong only in museums, palaces and cathedrals.... Art belongs where people are-where it can be seen and experienced naturally, easily and often ... Solution? The Print" (Excerpt from article by David Mendoza, 1969 Director of Richard White Gallery. Read The Print Hang-up written during prints exhibit by Ritchie--also Leo Kenney, Steve Hazel, Kathleen Rabel, Charles Stokes, and Keith Achepohl.)

1969"Liner, Drawings and Prints", Richard White Gallery, Seattle; "Exhibition of Prints", Gallery 1017, Bellingham WA
1968   "Group Show", Otto Seligman Gallery, Seattle; "Group Show", Fountain Gallery, Portland OR; "Northwest Annual", Seattle Art Museum; "Invitational Art Exhibition", Seattle Center; "4th Annual Congress of Arts: Prints", Seattle Center; "National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Northern Illinois University, Dekalb; "First Annual National Drawing Exhibition", Seattle Pacific College; "10th Annual National Exhibition of Prints and Drawings", Oklahoma Art Center, Oklahoma City; "4th Bucknell Annual Drawing Exhibition", Bucknell University, Lewisburg PA; "5th Annual Small Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition", Western Washington State College, Bellingham; "9th Annual Washington State Art Exhibit", Wenatchee Art Center; "4th Dulin National Print and Drawing Exhibition", Dulin Gallery of Art, Knoxville TN; "National Print Exhibition", State University College, Potsdam NY; "Drawings USA", St. Paul Art Center, MN; "Art Festivals", Anacortes, Bellevue, Renton, WA
1967   "48th Annual Print Exhibition", Society of American Graphic Artists, AAA Gallery, New York, NY; "2nd International Invitational Print Show", Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanty, MI; "4th Annual Small Sculpture and Drawing Exhibition", Western Washington State College, Bellingham; "Northwest Watercolor Annual", Northwest Watercolor Society, Seattle; "Summer Salon", Henry Gallery, Seattle "Six: Group Show", Henry Gallery, Seattle; "Young Printmakers Invitational", Seattle Pacific College "SJSC Alumni Invitational", San Jose State College Art Gallery, San Jose; "Art Festivals" in Anacortes, Bellevue
1966   "Northwest Printmakers Regional Exhibition", Henry Gallery, Seattle "New Faculty Art Exhibit", University YMCA, Seattle; "All California Print Exhibition", Los Angeles Printmaking Society; "Faculty Invitational Art Exhibition", Central Washington State College, Ellensburg
1965   "Pacific Prints", Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa CA; "Print & Sculpture Annual", Richmond Art Center, CA; "5th Annual Mercyhurst Drawing and Print Exhibit", Erie Art Center PA; "SJSC Graduate Students Invitational", San Jose State College CA;
1964   "Washington State Annual Art Exhibition", Wenatchee Art Center "Central Washington Art Exhibition", Yakima Valley College; "Central Art Student Festival", Ellensburg WA
1963   "Central Art Student Festival", Ellensburg WA

Installations, Performances

Environment, sculptural temporary installations, performance and participatory artworks.

1985   Multimedia installation: "Video and Media Arts", Wekell Gallery, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma WA;
1984  Workstation, 1984 display and lecture: "Compufair '84" and "Computer Graphics", Tacoma WA and Portland OR; Performance,
1984   "Our Own Cliches" (Two-man performance with C. T. Chew), The Evergreen State College, Olympia; Installation,
1982 visual arts & video:   "Six Male Storytellers North of Tukwila", Pacific Lutheran U., Tacoma WA;
1976  Video installation: "Target and Reflection", And/Or Gallery, Seattle;
1977  Wood sculpture in reflecting pool: "Temporary Sculpture: The Wave Square", Bumbershoot `77, Seattle Center, Seattle
1973  Temporary and video artstudio: "Bumbershoot Festival 73: Video Art", Seattle Center


Purchase Prizes

1983   Rockford College, Rockford, IL;
1978   Evergreen State College, Olympia;
1977   DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA;
1973   Springfield Art Assn. Springfield, IL;
1973   Philadelphia Print Club (Philadelphia Art Museum) PA;
1971   Western New Mexico U., Silver City, NM;
1970   State University College, Potsdam, NY;
1970   Olivet College, Olivet, MI;
1969   Western New Mexico U., Silver City, NM;
1969   University of Calgary, AB;
1969   Renton Art Festival, WA;
1969   Philadelphia Print Club (Philadelphia Art Museum) PA;
1968   Anacortes Art Festival, WA


1984   Washington, State of, "New Purchases of Art", Drawing;
1981   Seattle, City of, "Portable Works Collection", Print;
1981   Seattle, City of, "Art in Public Places", Videotape;
1979   Arts Resource Services, Seattle, Print;
1977   Seattle Public Library, Videotape;
1977   Original Editions, Oregon Arts Foundation, Salem, OR, Prints;
1976   International Print Exhibition, Davidson Galleries, Seattle, Print;
1973   Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, Videotape;
1972   Seattle Pacific College, Drawing;
1971   Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA, Drawing;
1971   Civic Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, Print;
1968   Recommended for Purchase, Northwest Annual, Seattle Art Museum Pavilion, Painting
Regional   1982 Anacortes, Bellevue, Renton;
1976   Anacortes,

Festivals, Prizes and Purchase Awards

1976   Everett;
1975   Anacortes, Bellevue, Edmonds, Everett, Renton;
1974   Everett;
1973   Bellevue, Everett, Puyallup;
1972   Anacortes, Burien, Edmonds, Everett, Renton;
1971   Anacortes, Bellevue, Edmonds;
1969   Anacortes;
1968   Bellevue

Grants, Stipends

1987  Stipend, CD/ROM Publisher's Club;
1985   Artist-in-Residence Program, Centrum Press Northwest Artists Print Project (Fort Worden);
1984  Technology and Art Course Writing Stipend, UW;
1984  Artists Projects Program, And/Or Gallery;
1982  Sabbatical Leave, UW;
1979  University of Washington Graduate School Research Grant;
1976  Art School Ford Travel Grant, UW;
1975   Sabbatical Leave, UW;
1974  National Endowment for the Arts, Printmaker's Fellowship;
1974   Internship Program, National Center for Experiments in Television, San Francisco, CA;
1972   University of Washington Graduate School Research Grant;
1971   University of Washington Graduate School Research Grant;
1970   University of Washington Graduate School Research Grant;
1969   University of Washington Summer Salary Research Grant Commissions,
1991   Northwest Print Council Associate Print Commission, ContractsPortland, OR; Design Proposal Commission, Washington State Arts Commission Art in Public Places Program;
1990-1988   Computer Aided Carpet Design Project, Devereux Designs, Ltd., Seattle;
1983   Design Commission, Washington State % for Art;
1982   Sheraton Hotel, print, Seattle;
1981   Design for artworks, Boeing Computer Services, Bellevue;
1981   Videotape, King County Arts Commission Media Projects, Seattle;
1980   Henry Art Gallery, "Image: Artist/Machine" Videotape;
1980   Wall treatment, Laird-Norton Corporation, Seattle;
1977   Temporary sculpture, Bumbershoot, Seattle;
1973   Print Edition, Henry Gallery Association, Seattle;
1969   Print Edition, Seattle Trust and Savings Co.;
1968   Print Edition, Seattle First Savings and Loan Co.;
1964   Photomural, Central Washington State College Library, Ellensburg, WA

Nominations, Honorable Commendations

1984   Nomination, Awards in Visual Arts (AVA, Winston-Salem NC;
1979   Honorable or Special Mention from Exhibit 432-70, Minot ND;
1974   Northwest Watercolor Society, Seattle;
1970   Honorable Mention, Exhibit 432-70, Minot, ND Print;
1969   Honorable Mention, Mercyhurst College, Eerie PA;
1969   Regional Festival, Renton WA;
1968   Regional Festival, Bellevue

Public Speaking, Consulting,
Education and Training

Public presentations, speaking, panel discussions, jury positions, studies and demonstrations

Consulting and Advising

1998   "Speaker at AAUW Chapter and UW Graduate Seminar
1990   "Juror panelist: Media Arts Project", King County Arts Commission, Seattle WA;
1987   "Graphics consultant," Slightly West, 3rd Edition, The Evergreen State College, Olympia
Curriculum Innovation: "Computers and Introduction to Media Arts: A Curriculum Proposal", UW Art School. "Information Technology: Fred Meyer Foundation Proposal", Office of the Provost, UW
International Relations: "Exchange Exhibit: U. of Canterbury, (New Zealand)", Seattle-Christchurch Sister Cities Program "Juror panelist: Multiples Project", King Count Arts Commission, Seattle WA "Nominator: Awards in Visual Arts", SE Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem NC
Curriculum Innovation Grant development: "Technology and Art", Contract Award for course development, U. of W. Dean's Office "Art and Technology Lecture", (Host) by Miriam Levin, Amherst MA; "Juror for the I-90 Lid Project", Seattle Arts Commission
Advisory: "Founding Advisor: Student Printmakers Services Association", UW School of Art, Seattle; "Jury panelist", King County Arts Commission Tunnel Project, Seattle; "Printmaking Traveling Display", Washington State Arts Commission Artmobile, Olympia. WA.
Educators' Workshop Director: "Computer Graphics from A to D", Washington Community College Humanities Association "Bridges" Conference workshop, Seattle;
1984   "Computer Artist-in-action," Personal Computer Fair, Seattle Science Center;
1977   "Media Arts: Print, Video, and Multimedia", Fort Worden High School Student Workshop, Port Townsend, WA;
1976   "Lithography Workshop Design and Implementation", Visual Arts Center, Anchorage AK;
1973   "Lithography on Stone Workshop", The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA "Video Artists Studio", Bumbershoot `73, Seattle Center, Seattle;
1971   "Temporary Print Center", Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle
Public Speaking, Lectures, Panels: "Media and Medium," Artists Equity, Seattle Chapter "The Art of Selling Art," University of Oregon, Eugene; "The Art of Selling Art," Seattle Co-Arts, Edmonds, WA;
1991   "Artists' Self-Publishing," Artists Equity, Seattle Chapter; "Marketing with Multimedia", Independent Computer Consultants Association, Seattle; "Multimedia Roots", Nine-One-One Media Center, Seattle; "Marketing with Multimedia", National Convention of Independent Computer Consultants Association, Seattle (Also Chapter Meeting Keynote Speaker); "Focus on Interactive Art," First annual art show, International Interactive Computing Society, Seattle;
1990   American Society of Interior Designers (presentor) National Conference, Atlanta, GA; "The Perfect Studios", Western Washington University, Center for Apparel Design and Fashion Marketing, Seattle;
1986   "Art, Computers, and Printmaking", North Seattle Community College, Seattle; "Art, Technology, and Human Creativity", St. Martin's College Human Creativity Conference, Olympia WA;
1985   "Barcelona Art Studios", videotape and lecture, Frye Art Museum, Seattle "Culture and Technology", Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA; "Microcomputers and Arts Management", Women Painters of Washington, Seattle Art Museum;
1984   "Aesthetics and Art: Aesthetics of Computer Graphics", Tacoma Community College Honors Colloquia, Tacoma, WA; "Corn, Peas, and Perfect Studios", Central Washington State University, Ellensburg WA; "Evergreen Expressions Arts Symposiums", The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA; "Munch, Micros, and MacRitchies", Personal Computer Fair, Seattle Center; "Pinhead Printmaking", Book Arts Guild, Seattle WA; "Video: My Art", Whitman College, Walla Walla WA;
1983   "Art and Time", School of the Art Institute, Chicago IL; "Guest Artist", Cornish School of Allied Arts, Seattle; "Guest Artist", Gallery Nishida Contemporary Seminars, Nara, Japan; "Guest Artist", Melbourne State College, Melbourne, Australia; "New Works: Lithos and Cyanotypes", Rockford College, Rockford IL; "Sabbatical on Video", UW School of Art, Seattle WA; "Video in Seattle", Gallery SCAN, Tokyo, Japan;
1982   "Behind Time in the Electronic Age," World Print Council Conference on New Technologies in Printmaking, San Francisco CA; "Collecting Prints and Multiples", Spectrum Series, UW, Seattle; "Computer Graphics and Art Traditions", Computer Week, College of Urban Planning, UW, Seattle; "Guest Artist", 6th Annual Printmaking Symposium, Montana State University, Bozeman MT; "Video Art in the Northwest", Noncredit Courses, UW, Seattle; "Where is the Artist in the Media Arts?", KALA Institute, Berkely CA;
1981   "Artist in the Studio", Bellevue Art Museum Docents at Triangle Studios, Seattle; "Cyanotypes", Erica Williams/Anne Johnson Studio, Seattle;
1980   "Artists' Self-Management and Options", Cornish School of Allied Arts, Seattle; "Glimpses: Making the Video", Four Lectures for the King County Arts Commission, Seattle;
1975   "Founding Board: Seattle Association for Media Artists", (SAMA), Seattle;
1979   "Artists' Survival", Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Green River Community College, Auburn WA;
1974   "Alumni Lecture", Central Washington State College Alumni Association, Ellensburg WA; "Media Arts in the High School", Bellevue High School Art Development Council, Bellevue WA; "Video Art", Archdiocesan Commission of Sacred Art, Seattle "Video Art", Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle;
1973   "Art and Video", Lake Sammamish High School, Sammamish WA "Video Art", Henry Gallery, UW, Seattle;
1971   "Art and Video", Seattle Art Museum Docents, Seattle; "Edvard Munch: The graphics and the paintings", Joint Lecture, Seattle Art Museum Public Lectures, Seattle; "Video Art", Seattle Art Museum Couples Guild, Seattle; "Printmaking and Video", Henry Gallery Docents, UW, Seattle WA.
Readings, Booksignings: "Artists Selling Art," Artists Equity chapter meeting, Seattle; "Elliot Bay Book Company Booksigning," Elliot Bay Book Co., Seattle

Electronic Publishing Service

Research, education and production in print, non-print and multimedia publishing

Consulting and Production Management:

1991   Kuroiwa-Leonard Media Arts, Educational videotape and book production
1990-1988   Colorline, The Design Communication Network, Seattle, Industrial video
1985 - 1970   University of Washington, Joint-productions, educational videotapes (See Videography, below)
1986   Skinner Releasing Company: Joan Skinner, Director - Dance Documentary North Seattle Community College, Educational videotape
1984   Laurence Barker, Barcelona, Spain - Handmade paper videotape
1984   Seattle Art Museum Education Department: Tea Ceremony video Henry Art Gallery: Video Artists Compilation
1983   Garry Coleman: Technic Art, Australia - Screen stretching technique University of Washington: Sabbatical Videotape, 35 Hours around the world
1982   Seattle Arts Commission; Ed Marquand: Professional Self-help
1981   Louis Durkee: Dance Connection Plasteel Frames, Seattle - Training video Art Program, Boeing Computer Services Facility - Art program proposal
1981   King County Arts Commission
1978   Daniel Smith, Inc., Seattle - Educational videotapes
Technical Presentations: Mercer Island Arts Council; Pilchuck Glass School, with Norie Sato; Northwest Print Council, Public demonstration;
1984   Cerulean Blue, Inc., Seattle WA;
1983   Il Bisonte International Graphics School, Florence, Italy; Gallery Nishida, Nara, Japan; Videoarte Centro, Pallazzo Diamante, Ferrara, Italy;
1982   World Print Council, San Francisco CA; Whatcom County Museum, Bellingham WA; Seattle Art Museum; Davidson's Gallery, Seattle WA; Daniel Smith, Inc., Seattle WA
Media strategic planning adviser, Consulting and management: Artist Trust, Seattle; Victor Larson (Transition Services), Seattle; Miriam Levin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA; Seattle/Christchurch Sister Cities Program (Eva Ellis); University of Alaska, Anchorage; Visual Arts Center, Anchorage; Centrum Foundation, Seattle/Port Townsend, WA; Intern Program, Devereux Designs, Ltd. and Western Washington University; C. T. Chew; IBIS Management Group, Youngman/Mathews, Woodinville; CD/ROM Publisher's Club, Seattle WA
Electronic Publishing Design Team Projects: Devereux Designs, Ltd., Seattle; Digital Systems International Shuttle Corporation, Renton; Ritchie's Video 'N Print (Publisher); Marianne Hanson, Assistant Publisher
Technical Assistant: The Kitchen (New York) in Seattle; New City Theater, Seattle
Videotape & Fine Art Print Publishing Consultant: : Kuroiwa, Izumi & Mark Leonard: Austin, Pat (AK); Barker, Laurence, Spain; Brown, Kathan: Crown Point Press, Oakland; Carrión, Ulises (d) Netherlands; Chew, C.T.; Coburn, Dwight; Guerin, Spence (AK); Kuroiwa-Leonard Media Arts; Kurosaki, Akira, Japan; Moser, Barry (NH); Salzer, Lisel; Sato, Norie; Summers, Carol (CA); Dowell, John Jr. (PA); Van Vliet, Claire (VT)

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