The Practice of Realistic Idealism

...beyond that, may be understanding, and creativity, centering in the home, especially in the family. An Ark of the Covenant should be in every home.

the Realistic Idealist does not need a special church or meeting place. Realistic Idealism exists in your mind and heart. Those who become a Realistic Idealist can participate in any religious activity which fall in the bounds of one's mentality, conscience, and background. Realistic Idealism is an adjunct which will enable greater participation and joy in one's activities and life. We have made great progress in our understanding of Nature; sufficient to fill in most of the spaces between the islands of factuality as they existed in The Christ's time. We should apply these new concepts. Love and Compassion is good, but it is not enough in these times when Knowledge and Understanding has been greatly extended. This is the basis for the by-words:

The Realistic

Expectation (affection, sex, and family)
Communication (sharing information and encouragement)
Commitment (spoken promises, written contracts, marriage)
Sacrifice (for someone else's benefit)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
(if you were in their shoes)

What have you learned/taught today?
Creatively use your knowledge in your daily life.


The person with Understanding usually has a personal reference library of scientific texts and journals covering his special field of interest, as well as many other books covering pertinent basic information such as physiology, psychology, and history. As one can appreciate, this step is not for everyone, but only those who are capable. This is a necessary step for capable leaders of the future. Even LOVE AND COMPASSION is as yet beyond most people of the world. KNOWLEDGE, AND UNDERSTANDING is for a small elite fraction of the world.

G*D = Nature = Reality

Our covenant with Nature and G*D is that if we find understanding, we will have a longer, more fruitful and happier life. Since AD 32, men have talked as though god were dead and there was nothing more to learn. We must remember: G*D the Creator and not shackle Creativity. We hope we have shown that G*D is not dead and more comprehensive ideas are still possible and applicable. We have a covenant with Nature and we can succeed if we have the humility. As we go forward, we should glorify and remember the names and lives of those who have gone before. It is now time to consider Nature's Covenant, and Redemption.

A Covenant and Redemption

In my medical practice I noted that many of the medical conditions had been brought on by self-abuse from ignorance. With knowledge it is also possible to be redeemed from our "sins" if we start programs of good behavior before it is too late. Humanity is also abusing Nature to an extent that we may bring about our own extinction. These are all subjects that could be brought to the people from their pulpits. What are some possible Articles of the Covenant with Nature?

I. Love G*D, Mankind and Nature. We should identify and bond with this triumvirate. In so doing we would admit to our universal origin and knowledge.

II. All people are born innocent. We are no longer bound to the idea that "a god controls all the universe according to his desires". We no longer have to ascribe a calamity to some unknown sin against god. We understand determinism and happenstance to the extent that we know that every catastrophe is not god's will to punish us. The onus is on us to study Nature and discern symptoms of a disaster to avoid it. Life in all forms builds a potential in Nature. Ordinarily we should accept there is also death and destruction that tears down this potential.

III. Only the fit and capable propagate. This is the first law of Nature. Eventually, all responsibility for actions will rest with the doer. One must recognize that even with our best efforts of Love and Compassion, Nature will take it's course. If the laws of evolution are not respected ultimately a society will regress and survival for all will be compromised. This will be demonstrated over and over until this law is understood.

IV. Love your family, and honor your family members. Especially, honor the traditions of family.

V. Love your neighbor and return his honesty and trust in him in proportion to your experience.

VI. Your body is your temple from within which you should worship Nature. To worship is to study.

VII. Through chastity keep your temple clean. Through chastity, syphilis and AIDS would disappear in one generation. Gonorrhea would almost disappear too.

VIII. Your only right in Nature is to defend ourselves. All other true human rights are extensions of this.

IX. Be honest with yourself and with your neighbors.

X. Nourish yourself and your family. Avoid excess fat in your diet. Caloric fat intake under ordinary circumstances should be less than thirty percent of your daily intake. Lower fatty diets will reverse some coronary artery and brain artery diseases. This is a redemptive feature.

XI. Stress yourself daily to your limits, but avoid frustration and failure. Increase your skills and strength so that your tolerance and endurance to stress will increase.

XII. Do not murder. Take no life except in self defense.

XIII. "If you do what is really right and just for those with whom you identify, you will be doing what is right and just for yourself." This is the "Golden Rule" of Realistic Idealism.

XIV. Drink a quart and a half of water a day when you are well, and two quarts a day when you are sick. These figures are based on the least amount of water necessary to keep uric acid and calcium carbonate particles from crystallizing and forming urinary stones. The body is a water cooled biological machine.

XV. You must be brave to be well. Our understanding that worry is thinking plus fear gives us insight to avoid many psychological diseases which in turn may lead to physical diseases and death. Faith, in our understanding, is essential to good health.

XVI. It is evil to knowingly inflict a genetic defect on an innocent child.

XVII. It is evil to knowingly inflict a conditioned pathological effect on an innocent child. This is child abuse.

XVIII. Sexual Morality should govern behavior 1) to protect the family, and 2) to eliminate unwanted pregnancy. To conceive a child without provisions or a family to raise the child is wrong, and 3) to control sexually transmitted diseases.


To promote Love, Beauty, Work and Freedom for the most people is Good.

The purpose of this section is to introduce an understandable, realistic method of determining morality that is based on a natural and rational foundation.


The Realistic Idealist looks to Nature for the guide of morality. In Nature, our only right is "self defense". Morality is an extension of self-defense that includes the family, the community, the nation, the world, and, to some people, life itself. In these days of cynicism, it is hard to believe, but one has to defend even the concept of the value of the traditional family. However, it is in defense of the family and the individual from which springs sexual morality, for instance. Society will often dismiss this morality and the traditional family because it contradicts liberal sexuality. The objective choice of the best possible sexual mate in beginning a family is usually clouded by the emotional ties developed from sexual encounters. Delaying these encounters by discouraging premarital sex and adultery will ensure the best chances for the right choices.

Numbers of People
Human beings are obligatory social creatures. The more evolved we are, the larger will be the group we are able to identify and function within. Consequently, there has to be some consideration to the numbers of people to be benefited by a considered morality.

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In the Defense of Life
We also have to ask: "What are the primary truths that concern human beings? What is the essence of our lives?" Realistic Idealism has determined: Love, Beauty, Work, Freedom, and Mystery to be the fundamental concepts of a human life. Consequently, the encouragement, promotion, and defense of these concepts must be included in morality.

Starvation is often caused by populations that are growing too fast for their economy, infrastructure, distribution, etc. Rather than allowing starvation to limit a population, it would be much kinder to have voluntary birth control. Unfortunately, experience has shown, that no matter how much they advertise the value of small families, parents do not listen, and massive human suffering continues. The root of this is beyond culture or education.

The sad issue of abortion almost always occurs when sexual morality (our first line of defense) has failed. Abortion is a type of self-defense. If a woman can reach term and give up her child for adoption, this is of course preferable. Many women can not do this without seriously scaring or endangering their lives. It is her life that is defended.

Animal rights activists will always have a place in insuring caring treatment of all creatures. By the way, humans are largely designed for eating meat, and it is thus in our interest to do so to some degree. To refrain from meat alters our body chemistry and varies between individuals.

It is an interesting note that every "mature" animal is conscious and aware of it's own existence to the extent that it is capable. Even though animals often have capabilities to sense their existence that humans do not have, it is the imparting animals with human characteristics that creates an over-reaction for the defense of animals.

All the articles of the covenant are redemptive to a degree. If a person has not abused himself to an extent of no return, he may experience a healthier life by observing the articles of the covenant with Nature. Better late than never. He may even experience a cure. At least a partial cure. If one stops smoking, the bronchitis will heal in three years. If one stops drinking, the alcoholism will disappear. Adherence to the listed articles and extending their number as others become scientifically proven, under ordinary circumstances, will give a person and society the best, longest, healthiest and happiest life possible. In many instances adherence to the covenant will heal the sinner. In this sense they are redemptive if a person has already gone astray due to ignorance and/or arrogance. Of course, sometimes people know what is right, but do otherwise anyway.

Symbol of the
Realistic Idealist

Chapter 25. Closing Thoughts

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