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Owen Swizel

P. 36

"The Grey Ghost"
Age: 21.
Sex: Male.
Sponsor: Private Investors.
Kills: 22.
Prestige: 101.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-2, Handgunner-1, Climbing-2, Stealth-2, Running-2.
Year: 2045
Duels: 38
Wins: 27
WP: .710
Clone: --
SP: 1.000
THA: .701
CKA: 1.55
New Mexico Division 15 Champion 2044.
Army Grand Champion 2044.
Favorite Vehicle: Excelsior

Excelsior Schematic Excelsior:

Midsized, H-Hvy Chassis, Hvy Suspension, Large power plant, 4xPR tires, Driver, 2xVMG linked (front), 2xJD linked (1 right, 1 left), SWC. Armor: F 60; L 40: R 40; B 60; T 10; U 10. Accel 5; HC 3; Top Speed 92.5; Weight: 5,760 lbs.; Cost: $14,520.

Before his duelling career, Owen Swizel was an average "Joe Six-pack" kind of guy. Formerly, he was an algae processing laborer in Santa Fe, where he made a humble yet honest living. He was (and still is) a respected and well-liked man whose only ambitions were to work hard, marry, and raise a family. 

The major turning point in Owen's life occurred in the American-Protectorate War, when Japanese commandos stormed his work station. Having no love for his employers, Owen instinctively abandoned his post, but his conscience gnawed at him as soon as he entered a security bunker. Whether it was patriotism or loyalty to his friends, he decided to get involved. As Protectorate soldiers assaulted the last barrier of corporate defenders, Owen stormed the complex in an "requisitioned" security vehicle, guns blazing. After his vehicle was disabled, he fought his attackers on foot with a commandeered grenade launcher and SMG. In the process, not only did he become a hero, but he discovered his true talents.

Wishing to take part in the war, Owen joined the Army in 2043. He was trained as a forward scout and assigned to the First Infantry Division. As a scout, he executed numerous missions into enemy territory marking troop positions and calling in air/artillery strikes. Owen was decorated twice during the war: One was a Purple Heart during a minor clash in Colorado, the other was a Silver Star for bravery in Montana (he single-handedly slowed down a Protectorate supply convoy which was heading towards the Dakotas). Owen stayed in the Army until the war's end.

News of his bravery traveled throughout the duelling industry. It was only a matter of time before sports agents and corporate sponsors came knocking at his door. When the offers came, Owen was overwhelmed. He didn't understand the industry jargon, nor did he like the insincere attitudes. He felt as though he were a piece of meat being auctioned off. Instead of taking the usual path into the duelling profession, Owen signed up with a small group of private investors. It was a mutually beneficial to both sides. The investors got privacy and a modest profit, while Owen got control over his career and helpful connections.
Memorable Moments:

During the 2044 New Mexico championships, Owen surprised everyone with an ingenious feat of deception. Using ample amounts of smoke, he was able to cover the entire arena floor in a dark, spooky haze. While his opponents tip-toed through the smoke, Owen activated his IR goggles and quickly dispatched two opponents. Several other competitors ended up ramming the arena wall. The remaining contestants surrendered.
"Peek-a-boo . . . I see you!"