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Amber Roselli

P. 37

"The Black Widow" -- "Gold Digger"
Age: 36.
Sex: Female.
Sponsor: BGN.
Kills: 20.
Prestige: 92.
Skills: Driver-2, Gunner-2, Handgunner-1, Hobbies (Acting-2, Singing-1), Journalism-3.
Year: 2045
Duels: 33
Wins: 22
WP: .666
Clone: 4
SP: 0.878
THA: .720
CKA: 1.40
Corporate Cup Champion, HAC Region 2044.
Las Vegas Corporate Champion 2044.
Golden Nugget
Favorite Vehicle: Highroller

Highroller Schematic Highroller:

Luxury, X-Hvy chassis, Hvy suspension, sports power plant with SC, four SBPR tires, driver, VMG front, four linked MRs front with blow-through concealment, SD with explosive loads reared linked to VMG, ten points of component armor for driver, spoiler, airdam, SkD rear, bumper trigger front, streamlining. Sloped armor: F60 (ramplate); L40; R40; 830; T5; U5; twenty points of wheelhub armor (five per tire). Accel 10; Top Speed 132.5 mph; HC 3; 6,600 Ibs.; $25,600.

Duellists come in many shapes and sizes; some are extroverted, others are introverted. Then there's Amber Roselli who's in a category all by herself. Commentators have frequently compared her personality to a silk rose: beautiful, soft, but very artificial.

In the prime of her media career, Roselli was a popular "infobabe" on the BGN news nets. As a journalist, she was mediocre, but as a player in the game of business politics, she was a real pro. She never lost. Promotions, perks, and power were heaped upon her, as if to mark her victories. Roselli knew what buttons to push and how to get people to do what she wanted. She is an excellent manipulator.

Roselli never had any real friends. Her only "companions" were romantic liaisons (her bosses) and corporate connections (the ones she was blackmailing). Naturally, her co-workers were jealous and angered, but unable to retaliate. Her power was just too strong. That is, until her ego got the best of her.

As the 2044 duelling season was about to close, Roselli made a brash remark about autoduellists, calling them "unskilled rednecks". She further commented that after a bit of training, anyone could do the job. These remarks would have been edited out (Roselli often had an opinionated personality), but somehow, they were left in. Within minutes of running the story, the station was inundated with several thousand angry calls. The callers, who were mainly duellists, demanded an apology. Roselli refused. After several weeks of threats and bad ratings, the BGN staff got nervous. They saw Ms. Roselli as a liability, rather than an asset, and made plans to rectify the problem.

At the beginning of the 2045 season, Roselli was "invited" to a celebrity duelling event. Before she could utter a single protest, her bosses were shaking her hand, complimenting her on her bravery, and announcing to a live audience her desire to participate. Roselli realized she was trapped. Backing out would mean corporate suicide and a damaged reputation. She vowed that if she survived, she would seek vengeance. With a fake smile, she accepted the challenge. Her co-workers could see through the ruse, though. They were having a good laugh.

Amazingly, she won. But she wasn't out of danger yet. Roselli's bosses, seeing an opportunity to get rid of her once and for all, assigned her as a "special reporter" covering the Hot Asphalt Circuit: not only would she be reporting, but actually participate in the circuit! The plan was to train her for the games, get her hopes up, then blow her away (but not before using up all of her clones first).

The past few months have been utter hell for Roselli. After four clones and numerous accidents, Roselli has realized that she's in a deadly fix. Unless she finds a way out, it's only a matter of time before BGN executives "cancel" her for good. Survival has forced her to become tough and to train hard. She is currently working on a scheme to get out of her predicament and into the media spotlight again.
Memorable Moments:

None, unless you count surviving as memorable.

"Get that mike out of my face! That's my job!"