Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 2, No. 1
January 13, 2049

Web Posted January 13, 1999
Updated September 02, 2001


Happy New Year autoduelists! This newsletter, the first issue of CWIN for 2049, is quite late but there are several legitimate reasons for the long delay. I was preoccupied with Gold Cross-related tasks in December that prevented a timely release of this newsletter. I also wanted to finish a significant upgrade of the SWAT Web Site when I released CWIN 02.01, but that task took longer than expected. Another reason for the delay of publication was my severe and prolonged case of writer's block when I tried to write this issue's Daemon Mechanic article about cloning. A few days ago I was finally able to place the ideas floating in my mind into a Web Page, which is now available in this newsletter known as the "The Catch-22 Concepts of Cloning." The article is lengthy but it highlights many of the problems of cloning the current cloning rules in Car Wars and GURPS do not mention. I highly recommend you consider using the article in Car Wars campaigns.

The well-known phrase "good things come to those who wait" accurately describes the fans of CWIN at this time. This issue is full of goodies more fun than using a high-temperature flamethrower to attack a gasoline-powered motorcycle. Before I give a preview of what you will read in this newsletter, I want to provide some evidence that shows triskadekaphobia is an illogical fear, in no particular order of significance.

You might want to quote these facts when someone states he or she is afraid of the number 13 and yes, you did read the above text correctly. The Hot Asphalt Circuit Arena Book is now available on the HVD Web Site and it looks great.

Most of the usual departments are in this issue, including the return of Newswatch. I have converted to HTML two of the timelines from Autoduel Quarterly that are not on the ADQ Archive. The "History of Gold Cross" timeline is a supplement to this issue's Daemon Mechanic article "The Catch-22 Concepts of Cloning. The "History of Parimutuel Wagering" timeline was added to the SWAT Web Site to compliment the article "Parimutuel Wagering in Car Wars," which is also available on SWAT Matrix Headquarters. Jim "Yoodle" Robertson,  the President of the newly-established Pittsburgh Autodueling Association (see this issue's North American News Service department for details) was interested in the article, therefore SWAT sent it to Jim. Because the article was not on the ADQ Archive, SWAT decided to add it to its Web Site. The parimutuel wagering rules are an excellent addition to a corporate Car Wars or annual circuit campaigns, which are also discussed on SWAT Matrix Headquarters.

Michael Garrity of NOVA once again presents mecha designs for the GURPS DarkFutureTech department. Michael sent to CWIN six battlesuit designs last month. Two of those designs will be presented in each CWIN for the next three issues. I do not want to give all of the articles I have to you at the same time, therefore I am going to ration them, an incentive for you to keep reading this newsletter. Blackmail can be very fun when used properly.

If you are wondering how to classify Autoduel Earth with the Tech Levels of GURPS, Michael Garrity discusses that subject with this issue's other Daemon Mechanic article titled "Ultra-Tech Car Wars." Michael presents rules on how to bring the weaponry and equipment of autodueling and pedestrian warfare into the Interplanetary Era (Tech Level 9).

Michael Drennon returns as CWIN Arena Watch Editor after a two-month absence from writing arena reviews in CWIN. Michael presents the details of one of the coliseums in his backyard of Chicago, Illinois: The Water Tower Duelpark. Autoduelists interested in fighting in the Duelpark should start saving their pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Combatants entering the Duelpark are going to need all the money than can get because ice-racing equipment is very expensive.

Ken Stone, the Webmaster of the cyberpunk fiction Web Site "Catgirls Paradise," sent me the first two stories of his "Cybercops Trilogy," fiction set in the world of Car Wars in November, 1998. I forgot to add them to the SWAT Web Site in December but they are now available. You can access the third story on Ken's site. All three stories are very well-written and were used as inspiration for my Daemon Mechanic article discussing cloning.

The two World Autodueling Association (WADA) Registries are continuing to gain more members every month. There are new entries on the WADA Car Wars Player Registry every few days! Please, if you have not already, add your name and E-Mail address to the following gamer databases. Once you do that task, I will add your name to the WADA Car Wars Player Registry (if you are already on the list, I will update the information about you on the WADA Web Page).

Access Denied is the database that is gaining Car Wars players at the fastest rate of these registries, but please add your name and E-Mail address to all of them. The process to add yourself to these lists only takes a few minutes. If you want to play Car Wars, one of the best ways to find opponents is to add yourself to the registries above. You will likely be contacted by other autoduelists in your area in a few days after your entry is posted. (Note to those gamers reading this newsletter on the CWIN Archive: I prefer to only give the URL for the WADA Car Wars Player Registry to subscribers of CWIN, but you can easily find it by searching the directory structure of the SWAT Web Site).

You will find other pieces of eight in the other columns of this newsletter, but of particular interest to those autoduelists who want to participate in the 2049 AADA World Tournament Championships will want to read this issue's AADA News column. I have proposed some ideas for the 2049 AADA WC Dueling and 2049 AADA WC Racing Events that should make those tournaments easier to operate and more fun to play for its participants. Subcribers of CWIN who are members of the Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) of Detroit, Michigan definitely want to read the plans I have for your gaming group, sinister, Illuminati-like plans . . . which should give all of your members smiles.

In the spirit of new year, I want to list some "New Year's Resolutions" of mine for CWIN and some of the projects I have for Car Wars.

Improved coverage of Car Wars magazines. When I receive the next issue of NOVA's journal, The Nightmessenger, I will begin giving previews of that publication in CWIN. Next month, I will also give previews of the CADC's journal, Tire Tracks.

Improved coverage of electronic gaming. I have been out of touch with the videogame market for many years, but my knowledge of the computer game market is increasing because I use the Internet more often. I am going to present more "Virtual Autoduel Review" articles and reports discussing autodueling simulations, but I need those of you who are playing these games to send me reviews of games.

Improved coverage of GURPS DarkFutureTech. This is an area that I have given an amount of attention I wanted to increase, in CWIN and on SWAT Matrix Headquarters. There are several GURPS fans who are subscribers to this newsletter. I apologize to all of you for not giving you more resources for your gaming. I intend to fill this vacuum in the upcoming months.

Improved coverage of Car Wars games. I am receiving reports from autoduels and combat races from several gaming groups. I will be placing those in CWIN or on the SWAT Web Site in the form of a dedicated Web Page for such news.

Improved coverage of Formula De. If you have not played Formula De, realize that you are missing out on playing one of the best games ever devised. The car-crashing action in Formula De should satisfy the demand for motor mayhem that Car Wars players love, but you can always add the combat racing rules from the Painted Target Web Site if you want to add Car Wars action to Formula De.

Improving the on-time track record of CWIN publication. I want to try to get CWIN back on schedule so each issue is released on th first of each month. If I write each issue daily, I should accomplish this goal. This issue may be late, but it has been about 35 days since the last CWIN. I have been trying to keep the time between issues no longer than 40 days, but I want to establish a stable schedule. Thanks for your patience. You and I need to see if I can make this goal happen. I am not going to promise to achieve this goal, but I will promise that I will work harder to achieve it.

Improving the quality of CWIN and the SWAT Web Site. I am going to try to get the amount of typographical errors in CWIN and on SWAT Matrix Headquarters to zero. I corrected most of the non-functional hyperlinks in the CWIN Archive and on the other pages of the SWAT Web Site. The exceptions are the HVD Car Wars Mailing List Archive (I want to leave that resource alone because it belongs to James Barton, therefore I am borrowing it) and the Virtual Autoduel Review Jump Page (the hyperlinks here will be updated more often if I improve the coverage of electronic games). Uncle Edgar's R&D Catalog: CWIN Edition, will be receiving major plastic surgery soon, which is why I omitted the ad copy for each of the gadgets of this CWIN. In February, the classic Uncle Al-style of presenting new weapons and equipment will return to Uncle Edgar's R&D column.

The above ideas are my plans for CWIN in 2049. I want to make this year a great one for Car Wars, but I cannot make this goal a reality alone. I need for all of you who have the time and energy to write articles for the newsletter and to send me suggestions on how to make this publication better. CWIN is your newsletter. If you do not tell me what you want from CWIN, I do not know about those wishes!

May your bumper-triggered heavy rockets always hit their targets in a collision and may your wheel armors always protect their tires.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN)



Because S. John Ross, the Car Wars Line Editor and AADA President resigned from SJ Games in December, 1998, the post of AADA President is now vacant. A new president may be assigned in the next few months, but that vacancy does not mean that planning for the 2049 AADA World Championship (WC) Tournaments cannot be performed now by fans of Car Wars.

To make the AADA WCT Events more challenging for its participants, to make AADA WC Events more interesting for spectators and to make the AADA WCT Events more fun for everyone involved (duelmasters, racemasters, participants and spectators), SWAT has several ideas for the format of the 2049 AADA World Dueling Championship and the 2049 AADA World Racing Championship.

1. All arenas and dueltracks used during both AADA WC Events should be from the Internet, especially from Arena Book 2048: Flashfire Circuit, Arena Book 2049: Hot Asphalt Circuit and from the Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) Web Site. It is nice to see arenas such as Double Drum, New Boston, Hammer Downs, Armadillo and Dumbarton Slalom often because they are out of print, but these maps have been used year after year. There are many new maps for dueling and racing events on the Internet. The AADA WC Events should showcase the imagination of Car Wars players to create new arenas and dueltracks! The use of new maps will be another test of the Car Wars skills of each participant in the AADA WC Events.

2. Gamers who know for certain they will be attending the AADA WC Events should be required to submit their vehicle designs to the duelmasters and racemasters running the tournaments at least 30 days in advance of those tournaments. This rule will usually apply only to winners of Chapter and Regional Championships, but it should also apply to those gamers who wish to try to get a slot into the Final Round of the Dueling WC or the Racing WC at those events themselves, in an At-Large Qualifier Round.

3. Vehicle designs should be displayed in three formats, both submitted at the same time when sent to duelmasters and racemasters: a vehicle design sheet, a verbal description. A vehicle design sheet containing all calculations must be sent to a referee. If the vehicle is submitted via ELMAY, a vehicle design spreadsheet can be sent to the referee. This format of the vehicle design sheet will make quality checks of vehicle designs much less stressful for referees and changes to designs are easily accomplished because the spreadsheet performs all of the calculations for the designer instantly. the verbal description permits players and referees to look at a vehicle design and understand its capabilities within a short time. The verbal description states such details as what equipment is linked each other, the order of ammunition in a weapon, where targeting computers are located (pilot or gunner station), etc. A vehicle schematic will show how the statistics of the vehicle are presented in graphical format. There have been several illegal designs allowed in in AADA Events because only the schematic or only the vehicle design sheet was submitted to duelmasters and referees. Submitting three formats of a vehicle design should prevent many illegal designs from being allowed to enter AADA WC Events.

4. The AADA WC Events should be operated using rules in the following books and supplements: Car Wars Compendium Second Edition Fifth Printing, Classic Car Wars and Uncle Albert's Catalog From Hell. In addition, the AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Regulations document that High Velocity Dueling and the Seattle Washington Autodueling Team published in February, 1998 should be used instead of the version of those rules available in ADQ 9/1 and on the AADA World Headquarters Web Site. The HVD/SWAT regulations contain all of the addenda to the original rules and are written with a higher degree of clarity. Many rules questions can be answered by reading the HVD/SWAT AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules and Regulations document.

5. SWAT asked several Car Wars players if it would be a good idea to hold the AADA WC Events in Washington State. Most of the responses SWAT received were this location would be acceptible if autoduelists know about this location over 12 months in advance, but having less than 12 months to accumulate vacation time and travel money would not be sufficient for many Car Wars players to visit the Pacific Northwest. The location of Washington State, Oregon and Idaho is too far for most gamers living on the U.S. East Coast and in the U.S. Midwest. While SWAT has received a few letters from gamers stating that the location of the 2048 AADA WC Tournaments in Denver, Colorado, was even too far for many gamers to travel. Because of these logistical problems, both of the 2049 AADA WC Events should be held in the U.S. Midwest. If the AADA WC Events were to be held on the U.S. East Coast, on the U.S. West Coast, in the U.S. Southeast or in the North American Free Oil States, those locations should be announced well in advance, perhaps two years before those tournaments are held.

6. Two referees should be present for each round in an AADA WC Event. SWAT has had two referees for most of the Car Wars tournaments it has held, a system that has worked year after year. One duelmaster can handle one combat situation while another oversees another combat. Having two duelmasters makes overseeing collisions much easier and permits one referee to be present at all times while the other uses the restroom, acquires food or drink, gets water to take headache medications, etc.

7. SWAT does not have any suggestions for who should run the 2049 AADA World Dueling Racing Championships, but there is no doubt the most qualified gaming group to run the 2049 AADA World Racing Championship Tournament is Tim Gould and the Champonship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) of Detroit, Michigan. The CADC has run a combat racing campaign using the Car Wars rules for over 12 years. There is no logical reason to SWAT why the CADC cannot use that tried-and-true system to racemaster an AADA World Racing Championship Event. Tim, are you and the CADC ready for such a challenge? SWAT and many other Car Wars players say yes! The location of the AADA WC Events in the U.S. Midwest should make your refereeing of the AADA World Racing Championship easier. As the Lord Humongous said in The Road Warrior to the residents of the oil refinery, "I await your answer. You have one full day to decide." If anyone needs to understand what is meant by that quote, the CWIN Editor is the "Warrior of the Wasteland" and the CADC are the soon-to-be-victims of The Lord Humongous, if the group refuses to host the AADA World Racing Championship Tournament, and in this case, Mad Max is not around to save the CADC if they refuse the generous offer given by The Humongous.


The first AADA Newsletter of 2049 is now available on the AADA World HQ Web Site, featuring the results and the summary of the 2047-2048 AADA World Racing Championships. This article, written by Norman McMullen, President of the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA), was previously released as an attachment to CWIN 01.09 in October, 2048.



The El Toro Arena combines the Old World with the New World. Bullfighting takes place in this stadium, but the matadors and the bulls are now vehicles! The restrictions on the designs of the matadors and the bulls make the El Toro Arena one of the deadliest in the United States, an arena that should make even an expert duelist sweat.

El Toro Arena constructed by the New Omaha Vehicular Asssociation (NOVA)


The Water Tower Duelpark is an autodueling arena that presents the beauty of water fountains while the action of autodueling occurs. What is so special about this venue is the water fountains in the arena! The always-present road hazard of water will test any combatant's skills to their limits, but the water on the arena floor and the active fountains are not the ultimate challenge to conquering The Water Tower Duelpark. The arena is located in the U.S. Midwest and is located outside, therefore the stadium is covered in ice during winter months. Most bold autoduelists are humbled when they experience the presence of ice. In the Water Tower Duelpark, there is no escape from ice. Start attaching skates and ice-racing tires to your chariot if you want to survive.

Water Tower Duelpark constructed by Michael Drennon
CWIN Arena Watch Editor
Illinois Autodueling Association Evanston Division



This Web Site contains classic images from several Car Wars products and original artwork from the Webmaster of the site.


Suzanne Langham, a very talented artist, has displayed several sketches of characters set in the world of Games Workshop's autodueling game called Dark Future. You will not want to meet these individuals without a sidearm on your person.



SWAT has reprinted the last short story James D. Barton, HVD Editor, wrote for the HVD Car Wars Mailing List. Visitors to SWAT Matrix Headquarters can now read this tale of battling forest fires and the criminals that started those conflagrations in two locations: the HVD Car Wars Mailing List Archive and the Autodueling Fiction Archive.


Ken Stone, the Webmaster of the Catgirl Paradise cyberpunk fiction Web Site, wrote these three stories in the 1980s, before Ken had heard of the Cyberpunk gaming system. As such, they were written as part of the Car Wars genre, the closest system to what Ken had in mind. The first and second stories, "Don't I Know You From Somewhere" and "She Wore Gunmetal Grey," concentrate more on the Car Wars side of the subject. Ken has graciously sent to SWAT "Don't I Know You From Somewhere" and "Metal Peach," for placement on SWAT Matrix Headquarters. These two pieces of fiction are not on Ken's Web Site. The third story, "The Lady is Back," is on Ken's Web Site. Thank you Ken for sharing your autodueling fiction with the Car Wars Community!



Huntsville, Texas -- The same makeshift body armor that helped a condemned killer escape from Texas' death row dragged him to his death just a few minutes later when he sank to the bottom of a river and drowned, officials said yesterday.

An autopsy on the body of Martin Gurule, 29, who escaped from the Ellis Unit prison in Huntsville just after midnight on Nov. 27, found that he was so weighted down by extra clothes and magazines and cardboard strapped to his body that he could not stay afloat when he jumped into a river near the prison.

Using elastic bandages, Gurule had strapped the magazines to his arms and the cardboard to his torso for protection against the razor-sharp wire that topped two 10-foot-high chain-link fences he scaled in his dramatic escape Thanksgiving night. He ran to freedom under a hail of bullets from guards in towers 200 feet away.

The autopsy, performed by Harris County Medical Examiner Joy Carter in Houston, found Gurule suffered a "superficial" gunshot wound to the back that would not have killed him.

Carter had been dead seven days, meaning he died shortly after the escape.

"We believe he ran from the prison and went straight to the river," said Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Larry Todd.

Reuters News Service
The Seattle-Times Newspaper
December 05, 1998


Subject: Re: 4 Furbys for sale
Date: Tue, 08 Dec 1998 22:23:57 -0500
From: The Gamer's Realm <>

If each of the Furby's can learn from each other, do the images of either Skynet or The Forbin Project come to mind?Am I the only one to conceive of this? . . . Think of it . . . One Furby with the combined power-hunger of both Dogbert and The Brain . . . The world as we know it is over!

CartoGrafx wrote:

> >Did the unoffical Furby FAQ mention how often you have to feed
> >them?  A consumer magazine did a test/review and found they used up three
> >sets of batteries in the first 24 hours, even though more than half of
> >that time was in "nap" mode.
> I think if you hook one up to a car battery they would last quite a while . . . I
> dunno . . . call me Tim the Toolman Taylor . . . :)


Subject: Fw: Fill Out Your Waranty Registration!
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 1998 00:27:42 -0800

This was actually posted (very briefly) on the McDonnell Douglas Web Site by an employee with a sense of humor. The company, of course, does not. They made the Web department take it down immediately . . .

Thank you for purchasing a McDonnell Douglas military aircraft. In order to protect your new investment, please take a few moments to fill out the warranty registration card below. Answering the survey questions is not required, but the information will help us to develop new products that best meet your needs and desires.

1. [_] Mr. [_] Mrs. [_] Ms. [_] Miss [_] Lt. [_] Gen. [_] Comrade [_] Classified [_] Other

First Name: ..................   Initial: .....    Last Name: ............................
Password: ......................   (maximum 8 characters)
Code Name: ....................
Latitude-Longitude-Altitude: .................................

2. Which model aircraft did you purchase?

[_] F-14 Tomcat
[_] F-15 Eagle
[_] F16- Falcon
[_] F-117A Stealth
[_] Classified

3. Date of purchase (Year/Month/Day): 19..../...../.....

4. Serial Number: .............................

5. Where was this product purchased?

[_] Received as a gift / aid package
[_] Catalog showroom
[_] Independent arms broker
[_] Mail order
[_] Discount store
[_] Government surplus
[_] Classified

6. How did you become aware of the McDonnell Douglas product you have just purchased?

[_] Heard loud noise, looked up
[_] Store display
[_] Espionage
[_] Recommended by friend / relative / ally
[_] Political lobbying by manufacturer
[_] Was attacked by one

7. Please indicate the three factors that most influenced your decision to purchase the McDonnell Douglas product:

[_] Style / appearance
[_] Speed / maneuverability
[_] Price / value
[_] Comfort / convenience
[_] Kickback / bribe
[_] Recommended by salesperson
[_] McDonnell Douglas reputation
[_] Advanced weapons systems
[_] Backroom politics
[_] Negative experience opposing one in combat

8. Please check the location(s) where this product will be used:

[_] North America
[_] Central / South America
[_] Aircraft carrier
[_] Europe
[_] Middle East
[_] Africa
[_] Asia / Far East
[_] Misc. third world countries
[_] Classified

9. Please check the other products you currently own or intend to purchase in the near future:

[_] Color TV
[_] VCR
[_] ICBM
[_] Killer satellite
[_] CD Player
[_] Air-to-air missiles
[_] Space Shuttle
[_] Home computer
[_] Nuclear weapon

10. How would you describe yourself or your organization? (Check all that apply).

[_] Communist / Socialist
[_] Terrorist
[_] Crazed fanatic
[_] Neutral
[_] Democratic
[_] Dictatorship
[_] Corrupt
[_] Primitive / Tribal

11. How did you pay for your McDonnell Douglas product?

[_] Deficit spending
[_] Cash
[_] Suitcases of cocaine
[_] Oil revenues
[_] Personal check
[_] Credit card
[_] Ransom money
[_] Traveler's check

12. Your occupation:

[_] Homemaker
[_] Sales / marketing
[_] Revolutionary
[_] Clerical
[_] Mercenary
[_] Tyrant
[_] Middle management
[_] Eccentric billionaire
[_] Defense minister / General
[_] Retired
[_] Student

13. To help us understand our customers' lifestyles, please indicate the interests and activities in which you and your significant other enjoy
participating on a regular basis:

[_] Golf
[_] Boating /sailing
[_] Sabotage
[_] Running / jogging
[_] Running guns
[_] Propaganda / disinformation
[_] Defaulting loans
[_] Gardening
[_] Crafts
[_] Black market / smuggling
[_] Collectibles / collections
[_] Watching sports on TV
[_] Wines
[_] Interrogation / torture
[_] Household pets
[_] Crushing rebellions
[_] Espionage / reconnaissance
[_] Fashion clothing
[_] Border disputes
[_] Mutually assured destruction

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. Your answers will be used in studies that will help McDonnell Douglas serve you
better in the future -- as well as allowing you to receive mailings and special offers from other companies, governments, extremists, and other
mysterious consortia.

Comments or suggestions about our fighter planes? Please write to:

McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Marketing Department
Military Aerospace Division
P.O. Box 800, St. Louis, MO

Forwarded to CWIN by Howard Lalicker
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) Spokane Division



Human body cloning would not be as important to Autoduel Earth if breakthroughs in neurochemistry, cybernetics and mind transfer did not occur in the early 21st century. Without these technolgies, cloning would be limited to regeneration of tissues, organs and limbs. With these technologies, human cloning is one of the best weapons against aging, but contrary to popular opinion, it is not a guarantee for extending one's life. The rules for cloning in Car Wars and in GURPS overlook several important aspects and consequences of human cloning. The process is not a guarantee of immortality.

GURPS Autoduel First Edition (p.75) gives a clue to how valuable cloning can be.

Once you read this Daemon Mechanic article that discusses the limitations of cloning that Gold Cross and other cloning agencies do not like to promote, you will become afraid, very afraid of the Grim Reaper, even if you are a multi-millionaire with multiple clone bodies ready for activation. The 21st century Fountain of Youth is very useful but it is not perfect. Be aware of its restrictions or face death . . . permanently.


Autoduel Earth is a world that is very interesting for GURPS players because its technology spans several Tech Levels, from the Gasoline Age (TL6), Modern (TL7), 21st Century (TL8) and in the case of medical technologies and cybernetics, Interplanetary (TL9) up to Science Fantasy (TL14). If you want to evolve Car Wars combat technologies into TL9, you definitely want to read this article.

Ultra-Tech Car Wars written by Michael Garrity
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)



Forty-eight police dogs from throughout New Jersey were given K-9 bulletproof vests last week. Theresa Murphy, a cancer patient, helped raised money for a new program of the Associated Humane Societies that donates bulletproof vests to police dogs. Murphy says she was motivated by the killing of Solo, a police dog, in the line of duty. The vests usually cost as much as $1,500, but the animal groups were able to get them for $300 each.

The Seattle-Times Newspaper
December 27, 1998


JOHANNESBURG -- Crime-obsessed South Africans have a new and potent weapon with which to deter potential carjackers: the in-car flamethrower.

The aptly named Blaster casts a man-high fireball with no damage to the paint job. The system has been fitted to 25 South African vehicles since its launch last month.

At $655, it offers a cheap and dramatic defense. Also, it has yet to be deemed illegal.

South African courts sanction lethal action if they can be convinced that someone acted in self-defense -- not that hard in a country that experienced more than 13,000 car hijackings last year.

The Blaster fires liquified gas from a bottle in the vehicle trunk through two nozzles, positioned under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with ferocious consequences.

Both sides fire simultaneously, regardless of whether the attack is coming from one side of the vehicle -- or whether passers-by are on the other side.

The breadth and depth of the Blaster's blast can be adjusted to need.

"My personal feeling is that it would definitely blind a person. He will never see again," said Charl Fourie, the Blaster's inventor.

But he dismissed fears that the Blaster could kill.

"This is definitely nonlethal, . . . " Fourie said. "A person won't just stand there and let you roast him."

Fourie has filed an international patent application and anticipates thousands of orders in South Africa and from abroad.

"The demand is huge," he said.

South Africa has an appalling reputation for violent crime. Its first national crime statistics, published last week, found that 20 percent of households had experienced at least one incident in 1997.

Carjacking is one of the crimes South Africans fear most, with armed criminals often showing little or no hesitation to kill for a car.

Police Superintendent David Walkley of Johannesburg's crime-intelligence unit was the Blaster's first customer.

"There is nothing that says this is illegal. It depends entirely on the circumstances and whether you can justify self-defense," he said. "Yes, there are certain risks in using it, but there are also risks in not having anything at all."

The Seattle-Times Newspaper
December 13, 1998


Marking one of the most historic turning points in post-war Europe, 11 European Union nations began a countdown Thursday to launch a single currency, the euro, and create the world's second-largest economy behind the United States. Rates were announced in Brussels for the euro, which will become official tender on Friday.

CNN Interactive
December 31, 1998 -- Updated 10:31 a.m. EST, 1531 GMT, @688


New Year's revelers mobbed the streets in Europe's cities, as much of the continent marked a milestone in European unity.

With the dawn of 1999, a new common currency, the euro, was born, merging the economic fate of 11 nations and 290 million people. The euro will eventually replace francs, lira and marks. But for the next three years, it will exist only as a virtual currency used in banks, credit cards, and bond and stock markets.

Employees at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany, worked overtime Thursday, preparing for the euro's first trading day on Monday.

CNN Interactive
December 31, 1998 -- Web posted at: 9:15 p.m. EST (0215 GMT)


Researchers using sophisticated imaging technology have for the first time photographed the process of memory formation, providing new insight into the normal functioning of the brain.

The study, in which neurologists used X-ray-like images of the brain to observe the process of recalling recently seen words, provides confirmation of the long-held belief that a portion of the brain called the hippocampus plays the crucial role in processing events into memories.

But it also produces some unexpected findings. The researchers, from the University of California, San Diego and Washington University in St. Louis, reported Monday that some processing of memories also occurs at other, previously unsuspected sites in the brain.

And they observed that one exposure to an image, such as a word or a specific picture, reduces the time required for the brain to recognize the same image on a second exposure, a phenomenon called priming.

Together, the results, presented at a meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, are providing a remarkable new scenario for the learning process, an insight researchers hope may eventually lead to improved treatments for individuals with damaged brains.

Perhaps even more important, the use of the imaging technique, called positron imaging tomography, or PET scanning, is allowing researchers for the first time to investigate the normal processes of healthy individuals.

In the past, researchers have had to infer from behavioral studies that humans whose hippocampus had been damaged in accidents could no longer store new memories. They also observed this in animal studies.

"Now we are able to carry the study to normal people and study normal behavior, and that is very exciting," UCSD neuroscientist Larry R. Squire said in a telephone interview Monday. With the new techniques, he added, researchers are able to literally watch the brain in action to see which areas are involved in any specific function.

Squire and Washington University neurologist Marcus Raichle studied 18 healthly volunteers. Using a computer screen, they showed the volunteers 15 four- to eight-letter words. Subsequently, they showed the volunteers lists of the first three letters of words, some of which were on the initial list and some that weren't. They then asked the volunteers either to say the first word that came into their head or to try to recall the specific word from the initial list.

During the portion of the test when the subjects were forming memories, Raichle and Squire found that most of the brain activity was in the hippocampus, a banana-shaped structure deep within the brain. This part of study confirmed conclusions that had previously been reached by studying damaged brains.

When the subjects were attempting to recall specific words that they had seen before, the reseachers found extra activity not only in the hippcampus, but also in the frontal cortex, an area of the brain involved in thought processes.

Thomas H. Maugh II
Los Angeles Times
Presented by The Daily of the University of Washington Newspaper
Tuesday, November 12, 1991



December 24, 2048 -- This article has been a project the CWIN Editor has been writing for three months. The first draft was completed at the beginning of December, but the author wanted to get some comments from his friends before its public release.

The article is long, complex and deals with many controversial issues, but you should enjoy what lies within the book, including a hyperlink to
a SPECIAL Car Wars resource.

If you want to comment about "Car Wars Y2K," please DO NOT simply select "Reply" on your elmay program and send the CWIN Editor an E-Mail with a subject heading "Re: CWIN 02.01. The Firing Range: Car Wars Y2K."  Please label all letters regarding "Car Wars Y2K" as "Car Wars Y2K: Comments," to help the CWIN Editor keep his E-Mail messages (over 50 received per week) organized.

If you are going to comment on "Car Wars Y2K," PLEASE read the ENTIRE article and ALL THREE of its supplemental Web Pages. The CWIN Editor would also like for all of you to NOT send any comments about "Car Wars Y2K" for several days after you read it. Seriously consider what revisions to Car Wars are being proposed. It is likely emotions will run wild when some people read the commentary. Please restrain yourself by not rushing to write an "incendiary" E-Mail message while you are reading the editorial or immediately after you read it. Please take a while to compose your thoughts then send your ideas to SWAT and CWIN.

Be sure that you take a look at the winter holidays card SWAT received from one Car Wars gaming group. You can access the card by using the hyperlink  in "Car Wars Y2K" (located at the bottom of the first Web Page) and on the entrance page to SWAT Matrix Headquarters.

January 13, 2049 -- The CWIN Editor is taking his time reading the comments about Car Wars Y2K and will make comments about feedback received in the next few weeks.


Once again, Jean-Jacques Enser and Formula De Internet Headquarters present the current events in the world of Formula De.


Sunday, December 6th, 1998 -- In the AIF Formula De league, during round #5 in Melbourne, Australia, the famous driverAlphonse Grosboeuf had a terrible accident as his gearbox got stuck in 6th gear. He crashed at 300 km/h in turn 7 and was immediately transferred by helicopter to the nearest hospital but his days are not in danger, according to the doctors. Read the complete report (in French).


Sunday, December 6th, 1998 -- This quarterly gamers meeting welcomed FORMULA DÉ demos for the first time, with bothexperienced players and new comers to the game. For the first time, American fans could discover FD Magazine (all issues were on display) and original tracks such as Detroit or Phoenix.

Jean-Jacques Enser
Formula De Internet Headquarters Webmaster



The Arsenal is a medium battle mecha designed to provide fire support. Since it uses conventional weapons (autocannons, missiles, etc) it is available at an earlier stage than other mecha  equipped with energy weapons.

Sub-assemblies: Two manipulator arms, two legs, limited-rotation turret

Drivetrain: 800-KW motive power leg drivetrain in legs

Arm motors: ST 4,000 arm motor in each arm

Thrusters: none

Cockpit: Basic cockpit with womb tank and genius computer, in body

Built-in weapons: Two 30mm autocannons with 1,440 shots in anti-blast magazine (in each arm), 15mm minigun with 6,000 shots in anti-blast magazine (in each arm), four 100mm medium missile lunchers with 20 shots in anti-blast magazine (in body), six 40mm AGLs with 1,440 shots in anti-blast magazine (in turret)

Sensors: AESA (x25) and PESA (x25) in turret, facing forward

Commsuite: Basic commsuite in body

ECM: none

Power plant: 1,000 KW NPU in body, powers all systems for 6 months. Has 146.9 KW excess capacity

Energy bank: none

Fuel: none

Volumes: Each arm 65 cf, turret 15 cf, body 250 cf, each leg 105 cf

Structure and hit points: X-hvy. frame (advanced materials), each arm 1,200 HP, body 1,500 HP, each leg 900 HP, turret 240 HP

Surface features: Sealed, basic stealth, basic IR cloaking, basic chameleon system, radiation shielding

Armor: Body PD 4/DR 900, turret PD 4/DR 850, arms PD 4/DR 850, legs PD 4/DR 750. All armor is laminate

Statistics: Loaded weight 98,924.2 lbs., empty weight 88,685 lbs., loaded mass 49.46 tons, mecha volume 605 cf, size modifier +4, arms +2, turret +1, legs +3, price $14,762,253, HT: 8

ST and reach: Body ST 3,000, arm ST 4,000 (reach 5, damage thr 401d, sw 403d)

Dimensions: 8.94 yards tall, 2.9 yards long and wide

Ground performance: Speed 32 mph, gMR 2, gSR 2, move 16

Aerial performance: none

Space performance: none


This battlesuit is a heavy, jump-capable design used for close-assault work. Its size, strength, armor and weaponry make it ideal for dealing with mass assaults by enemy infantry. In a Starship Troopers-type campaign the Iron Gargoyle would be standard-issue for the Mobile Infantry. This battlesuit is available after mid-TL8.

Sub-assemblies: Two manipulator arms, two legs, limited-rotation turret, one pod (on back)

Drivetrain: 36-KW motive power leg drivetrain in legs

Arm motors: St 300 arm motor in each arm

Thrusters: Chemical rocket with 8,000 lbs. thrust in pod, uses 8,800 gallons of fuel per hour (2.44 gallons per second)

Battlesuit system: Pilot weight: 200 lbs., pilot occupies arms, legs, turret and body, has suit computer (complexity 2) in turret, limited lifesystem (12 hours) in body, 5 days provisions (in body), quick access, trauma maintenance (in body)

Built-in weapons: Three 2.5mm gauss guns with 25,000 shots each (in right arm), light laser cannon in left arm, 40mm EMGL w/ 200 shots in anti-blast magazine (in body facing forward)

Sensors: AESA (x5) and PESA (x5) in turret facing forward

Commsuite: Mini-commsuite in turret

Power plant: 50-KW NPU in body, powers all systems except weapons for 6 months. Has 7.75 KW excess to recharge energy bank

Energy bank: RPC with 3,750,000 KWS in body. Powers light laser cannon for 120 seconds, powers gauss guns for 25,000 shots each, powers 40mm EMGL for 200 shots. Has 57,000 KWS excess as emergency back-up

Fuel: Light self-sealing fuel tank with 30 gallons rocket fuel in body, light self-sealing fuel tank with 10 gallons rocket fuel in each leg, gives 20.45 seconds of thrust from rocket

Volumes: Each arm 4.5 cf, pod 7 cf, turret 1.5-cf, body 16 cf, each leg 7 cf

Structure and hit points: X-hvy. frame (advanced materials), each arm 205 HP, turret 40 HP, body 240 HP, each leg 132 HP, pod 132 HP

Surface features: Sealed, basic stealth, basic IR cloaking, basic chameleon system, radiation shielding

Armor: Body and legs PD 4/DR 250, arms and turret PD 4/DR 225, pod PD 4/DR 200. All armor is laminate

Statistics: Loaded weight 7,588.45 lbs., empty weight 6,721.45 lbs., loaded mass 3.8 tons, mecha volume 47.5 cf, Size modifier +2, arms +0, pod +0, turret -1, legs +0, price $1,646,945, HT: 11

ST and reach: Body ST 480, arm ST 300 (reach 2, damage thr 31d, sw 33d)

Dimensions: 4.11 yards tall, 1.37 yards long & wide

Ground performance: Speed 24 mph, gMR 3, gSR 1, move 12, jump-capable

Aerial performance: flight-capable, can hover, effective motive thrust 411.55 lbs., lift ST 27, aerodynamic drag 148, speed 145 mph, aMR 4.5, aSR 3, move 45/72

Space performance: Space-capable, sAccel 1.05 g

Arsenal and Iron Gargoyle designed by Michael Garrity
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)


James Barton, HVD Editor, is now enjoying another summer vacation, which means the HVD Web Site is getting revised again. The entrance page to the HVD Web Site is now uses frames and its graphic layout is excellent. Volume Eight of the AADA Road Atlas and Suvival Guide, the U.S. Desert Southwest, is now in the final stages of editing. James expects to release the book, written by the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) in February, 1999. The HVD Jump Page and all eight issues of HVD Magazine are going to have their formats significantly revised, including a purge of the errata they contain.

Yesterday, Arena Book 2049: Hot Asphalt Circuit was been released to the general public. Once again, NOVA and James Barton have written an excellent Car Wars supplement for the Internet. Michael Dinsmore of Iowa acted as editor, making sure all errata was eradicated. This book has more than 35 of the newest and deadliest arenas in Autoduel America and as a bonus for campaign play, there is a list of the top ten autoduelists in the Hot Asphalt Circuit. CWIN cannot give enough praise to James, NOVA and Michael. Great job and thank you for all of your hard work!

Yesterday SWAT received a letter from James Barton, telling SWAT about the imminent release of Arena Book 2049. SWAT thought you might want to read that letter because it gives a description of a very different version of the Christmas season.

From: David & James Barton <>
To: Michael Owen <>
Subject: HAC and CWIN
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999

I heard that the latest CWIN is due out very soon, how about a plug for the HAC, to be released on 13-JAN-99. Good luck with that by the way. I  recognise they are huge projects each about the same length as an old HVD.

Just finished going through a little bit of interesting weather here. Here's a Christmas in Victoria for you. December 24-25: hot ~40' celcius (38C=100F). December 26: raining ~15C, snow in the mountain ranges, first time in a long while we've had snow anywhere near Christmas, now it's back to 3,4 days of hot, 2-3 days of cold/rain, and so on and so forth. We are now in the end of a hot cycle and the cool change is soon to go through. How's things up there? Cold I'm guessing. Did your Christmas and New Year's activities go well?

From: Michael Owen <>
To: David & James Barton <>
Subject: Western Washington Winter Weather, HAC
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999

Dear James:

Yes, I had a nice winter holiday season, James. Thank you for asking. Seattle had a white Christmas Day, but by the end of that day, most of the snow had melted from the rain. Temperatures were around 40F with light wind. Western Washington State has been fluctuating between 30F and 50F this winter, largely because of La Nina has changed the direction of the jet steam over the U.S. Most of the precipitation that is falling in Seattle now is in the form of rain, even in the mountains. This is not good news for people who live in river valleys because the rain melts mountain snowpacks, which raises the levels of rivers, which causes terrible flooding. Compared to recent years, however, the flooding situation has not been too severe.

If you are reading this newsletter, James, you will discover the announcement of the release of Arena Book 2049. Good job, mate. Bravo.






The title of this Web Site is a very accurate description of its contents. There is information about Agent 007's equipment, enemies and of course, the wonderful, exotic, autodueling-gadget-filled cars.


Andrew W. Green's Web Site has been attacked by weapons of mass destruction, but from the ashes another Web Site has risen. There are Car Wars resources planned for the new site, but at the moment they are under construction.


This Web Site is another comprehensive guide to one of the greatest pioneers of autodueling technology, including statistics on the cars used in the James Bond films.


Joe "The Maverick" Scoleri, one of the VIPs of the USENET gaming newsgroups, has written a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every tabletop gamer: a comprehensive index to most of the general gaming magazines of the 1980s. Check out this Web Site for a preview and how to get your own copy!


Some of us are obviously too geeky for our own good . . . Pyramid archivist Brian Cook spent his New Year's Eve preparing Pyramid #5 for our online archives. And I spent most of this evening dumping it in . . . so now you can view it. Pyramid subscribers can access the archives here. And if you're not a subscriber, several of the articles are available free, as support of some of our games. Among this issue's picks are designer's notes for GURPS Werewolf: The Apocalypse and GURPS Lensman; a cheesy set of spells for GURPS Magic, and variant rules for Car Wars. Check out the samples in the archive (search by issue#: Pyramid #5).

Jumping . . . and Falling: New Jumping Rules for Car Wars!

Jacqueline "Kira" Hamilton
Steve Jackson Games Webmistress

The Daily Illuminator
January 05, 1999


The state of Pennsylvania is definitely, as in the words of the 20th century vocalist who used to call himself Prince, "partying like it's 1999," with the formation of a new Car Wars gaming group! James "Yoodle" Robertson is now the president and webmaster of the Pittsburgh Autodueling Association (PADA), which now has a Web Site containing an excellent set of hyperlinks focused to helping the PADA campaign. There are several PADA-authored resources that are well-written, including a set of tournament rules and a set of arena objectives. Congratulations James on the formation of the PADA and its Web Site! Your gaming group and the PADA Web Site look like they will become long-term members of the autodueling community. Welcome to the World Autodueling Association, James!


You can find statistics of Damnation Alley's Landmaster for The Morrow Project RPG on this Web Site.


A bit of reshuffling: Alain Dawson has accepted the position of Managing Editor, supervising creative staff. Big job, but she can do it. Loren
Wiseman will resume the Art Director's mantle, though he will continue to be Traveller line editor.

Having done all the damage I can do to sales (and, kidding aside, I learned a lot), I am handing that off to Gene Seabolt, who will also be taking
over the Marketing Director hat. I'll be spending more time thinking about computer games. Yes, that's a hint. No, I'm not explaining yet.

Steve Jackson
Steve Jackson Games CEO

The Daily Illuminator
December 8, 1998


The following news report was known to the CWIN Staff over two weeks ago, but here is the official notice from the SJ Games Web Site.

January 11, 1999: Someone to Keep Track of Our Mistakes

The new year brings a new errata coordinator: Michael Bowman. Michael has volunteered to read errata reports and maintain errata sheets for all of our products. Hunter Johnson, who handled this task brilliantly for over 4 years, is stepping down because he is running out of spare hours in his days. Hunter will stay in the shadows for a while to serve as Michael's mentor, however. Thanks for all the hard work, Hunter! Welcome, Michael!

Sean "Kromm" Punch
GURPS Line Editor

Michael Bowman
SJ Games Errata Coordinator

Hunter Johnson
Former SJ Games Errata Coordinator



Do your word processing files and Web Pages seem to be like most others written today? You can easily add the fun and excitement you get when using a flamethrower to set a foe on fire by visiting this Web Site. Wererat has a large collection of Dark Future fonts you can use that will make your documents have the excitement when you live on the edge Matrix running or autodueling.


SWAT has used thermonuclear weaponry on its Web Site. In the ashes of the old comes the new. Most of the Web Pages on SWAT Matrix Headquarters have been revised. Formatting is now more consistent throughout the site and most, if not all, typographical errors have been hit with tac-nukes. Navigation when visiting the site is likely to be easier with the upload of several new jump pages, including an index to many of "The Daemon Mechanic" articles published in CWIN, "Newswatch" timelines of Autoduel Earth future history, presentation of all "Uncle Edgar's R&D Catalogs" published in CWIN on one Web Page and a list of Car Wars resources written by gamers not associated with Car Wars gaming groups. In addition, there are many new HTML conversions of useful articles from Autoduel Quarterly, articles that are not on the ADQ Archive. Some of these articles include:

In order to promote the Car Wars Web Ring, SWAT has presented a document listing all of the members of that service, describing the status of each site (active, static, no longer exists). Before 2048 ended, on December 24, SWAT released the Second Edition of the ADQ&A Compendium. You can now access that resource from the entrance page to SWAT Matrix Headquarters.

SWAT is revising the Chassis & Crossbow Compendium, performing only minor changes such as correcting hyperlinks, removing typographical errors and standarizing the format of each page in the book. The revised C&C Compendium should be ready for gamers who want it by February 01, 2049.

After the C&C Compendium has been revised, SWAT is going to finally start writing the DuelTrack Compendium, the first draft for DuelTrack Third Edition, a book that will present the long out of print racing rules for Car Wars. DuelTrack Third Edition will present many ways to follow the philosophy of "Speed Kills." It will be up to the skill of the pilot of a DuelTrack Third Edition vehicle to determine if that phrase applies to the pilot's foes or to the pilot. This supplement will be available in June, 2049 at the earliest.



The New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) sent to CWIN a bound copy of their 2046 Vehicle Registry. The format and layout of the printed version of the book is still under construction, but CWIN can give an accurate evaluation of the quality of this product from the rough draft sent to the CWIN offices.

In the style of the 2046 NOVA Works Catalog, the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry has a navy blue vinyl cover. Inside are 200 pages of composition that approach the quality of resume-quality linen paper. The pages have a bright white color and the text is a dark black, enabling the CWIN Editor to read the book easily, even with the use of trifocal glasses.

When NOVA wrote the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry, its members wisely followed the excellent format of the first two AADA Vehicle Guides and the series of military books written by Jane's Publications. A description of a vehicle from the vehicle's manufacturer, a discussion of the vehicle's history or a technical analysis of the vehicle are presented before the Car Wars statistics of every design. Most Car Wars players can easily create a vehicle design and list its statistics. This method of presenting designs works but it is easier to imagine one is living in Autoduel Earth when ad copy an analysis is presented with a vehicle design's statistics.

In the draft CWIN received, there are several blank areas that are reserved for artwork. While graphics and pictures are nice, with a vehicle database they are not required to get enjoyment from the book. CWIN likes the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry because it is written well. Most autoduelists, CWIN suspects, would rather have a well-written Car Wars supplement with few graphics versus a book filled with beautiful artwork but containing low-quality text. AADA Vehicle Guide Volume Three comes to mind when discussing the latter category. AADA Vehicle Guide Volume Three had a nice layout and was filled with the drawings Car Wars fans crave, but the quality of the vehicles, both in effectiveness and the adherence to Car Wars vehicle construction rules, was much less than desired.

When writing a vehicle database, listing vehicles by frame type is more effective than trying to organize the designs by their cost. Addition or subtraction of one item can easily shift the vehicle's AADA Division classification. NOVA followed the format of the first two AADA Vehicle Guides when writing the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry by classifying designs by frame type.

CWIN realizes that the paper version of the book is still a work-in progress but a few aspects of the book could be changed to make the supplement even more useful. First, in each section, listing vehicles in alphabetical order would make reading the book easier and finding a specific design easier as well. Second, organize motorcycles by size then by name (present all light motorcycles, organized alphabetically, then list medium motorcycles and heavy motorcycles). Third, place pickups and campers in separate sections. The rules for these two vehicles are different enough that having separate sections for each frame type is a good idea. Fourth, when displaying ten-wheelers, list the statistics for the cab (presenting the cost, weight and cargo capacity before the carrier is added), follow with the carrier's statistics (cost and weight) and then complete the design's description by stating the total cost, total weight and cargo capacity (specify if the cab, carrier or both have spaces available). Fifth, use the AADA Vehicle Guide paragraph style of listing Car Wars statistics for non-military vehicles, but use the presentation style from GURPS Vehicles Second Edition and the Car Wars Military Vehicle Guide when writing statistics for military vehicles (tracked and wheeled AFVs). The style of presenting Car Wars vehicles in the first two AADA Vehicle Guides often becomes too cumbersome to use when describing the contents of military vehicles, but that system works well when describing non-AFV designs. Many of these suggestions, especially the method of describing ten-wheeler cab-carriers, are useful for anyone who is considering writing a vehicle database.

Overall, CWIN thinks that NOVA has published an excellent supplement called the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry. The copy the CWIN Editor has will be taken to most Car Wars events in which he participates. Using the "Road Rage Movie Review" Ratings System, CWIN gives the 2046 NOVA Vehicle Registry a 75mm tank gun: The book is destined to be a legend! Once the paper edition of the text is available (there is already an electronic version on the NOVA Web Site), CWIN highly recommends autoduelists inquire about receiving a copy.


Are you considering quitting your career as a driver in the Death Rally because no matter what you do, the powerful Wraith and the god-like Deliverator vehicles are beyond your reach, because you do not earn enough money in each race? Stop by the Death Rally FAQ to gain the information you need to put the other drivers into car-coffin graves and to place yourself in the winner's circle.


Are you still considering quitting your Death Rally career? Recon this Web Site, full of useful tips, tactics and nice graphics. After visiting this Web Site and the Death Rally FAQ, you will be ready to challenge the Demon King of Death Rally, The Adversary, and have a chance of surviving and winning that challenge match.



From: Edgar Lincoln <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999
Subject: AAIE Car Wars Activities

Sorry I havn't sent a report for a while. Last week we did Tonka scale Div 5. Carol forced Tom into a ram, which turned Tom into confetti. Carol hen ran over the resulting debris and killed herself on a wall. Norma got a mobility kill on me and that was it.  Norma won, Carol got second, and Tom got third. This week is unlimited subcompacts, spend as much as you want but it has to all fit in a sub.

Kill you later,

Edgar Lincoln
Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE)
Spokane, Washington State


CRADA will host a tournament at Genericon on Saturday January 23rd. The opening duel will be a Division 20 duel in the Buffalo Municipal Coliseum. Due to the lack of obstacles in this arena it will be a fast and bloody duel that probably won't last beyond the 15th turn. The second duel will be a Division 15 duel in the Generic Arena. This one is expected to take a bit longer depending on the amount ofcontestants.Expected play time is three hours.




ASIA (4)




ASIA (3)



The following news report has been added to the entrance page of the SJ Games Car Wars Web Site. The report of the death of Car Wars at SJ Games may actually be exaggerated.

Thursday, January 7, 1999: We're Alive!

S. John Ross (former Pyramid Magazine Editor, former AADA President and former Car Wars Line Editor) has left SJ Games, but a new AADA President is about to be appointed. Discussion about the 2049 AADA World Championship has begun on the Pyramid Magazine Car Wars message board. SJ Games won't guarantee that the AADA's new president will grant your requests about this year's match, but he or she will listen to them.

Also, big thanks go to Steven Vawter and Michael Owen for collecting some old documents. Steve's HTML conversion of all the ADQ archives will be flowing into the ADQ Archive Web Site over the next few weeks. We hope that this new resource will help all those of you that haven't found your own set of ADQs yet!

Notes from the CWIN Editor: Steven Vawter appears to be presenting only the original answers in his ADQ&A Compendium, to be uploaded to the SJ Games Web Site. SWAT highly recommends that two editions of an ADQ&A Compendium be written, one with unaltered answers and one with answers compatible with current rulebooks. If two sets of answers, original and revised, are presented an ADQ&A Compendium, readers may be confused by seeing two sets of rulings. If the ADQ Archive is going to be completed, that project should have all of its documents identical to the original text in ADQ, except for HTML formatting. You can access the Second Edition of the ADQ&A Compendium, which will be a supplement always under construction, at SWAT Matrix Headquarters. Instructions on how to use this book are available in The Firing Range editorial for this issue of CWIN. Those instructions will be added to ADQ&A Compendium Second Edition soon.

The sample pages of Steven Vawter's ADQ&A Compendium the CWIN Editor has seen look great. Keep up the fine work, Steven.


CWIN received the following from Tim Gould, the Webmaster of the CADC, earlier this month, discussing revisions of the CADC Web Site. Experiments by CWIN have shown that Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher is required to access the CADC Web Site without being inundated with a huge barrage of alerts telling the visitor that Java Script errors are present. CWIN does not use Microsoft Internet Explorer, but is guessing that a current version of that Web browser is also required to enter the CADC Web Site without difficulty.

From: "Tim Gould" <>
To: Michael P. Owen <>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 00:04:20 -0500
Subject: CADC Mailing List

The Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) Home Page has been updated. You can view it by clicking on the below link. Please notice that the CADC Home Page address has changed. I will be changing my ISP very soon, so I setup a re-director.  The re-director does two things for us.  One, it shortens the address everyone has to remember and two, it will make the transition to my new ISP (hopefully) unnoticeable to everyone.  Also note that my e-mail address has also changed. Both new addesses can be found below.  I did not have a lot of time to double check the upload, please report any problems you encounter.

Updates to the site include:


Tim Gould
Championship Autodueling Circuit (CADC) Webmaster


The members of DRAW are devoting most of their time now preparing to run the 2049 AADA Northwest Dueling Championship, to be held in the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick) in Washington State, at RadCon 1999 next month, but they have not abandoned their Web Site. The DRAW Webmaster, Phil Bedard, will be creating artwork for Volume 8 of the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide, being published by HVD Editor James Barton and the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA). The DRAW Roster has been revised after several members left the gaming group. DRAW is also considering running a Car Wars game using Legos At RadCOn DRAW wants to know if autoduelists want such an event to occur, so please contact DRAW and tell them if you want such an game.


The DOA has started a new Car Wars campaign. Each player is going to be given $1,000,000 in start-up capital to outfit a courier company that will take on various jobs throughout the campaign. Full details of this campaign will be posted to the DOA Web Site in the upcoming months.

The DOA Web Site has photographs and articles about South Africa's "Blaster" anti-carjacking device. You definitely do not want to miss out on seeing these images showing the Blaster in action! Eat Flaming Death criminals!

EAT FLAMING DEATH! (Non-Functional URL!)

Speaking of fatalities by fire, Kevin Self's <> Car Wars gaming group of Dallas, Texas that used Micro Machines no longer has a functional Web Site. If you want the text and the photographs from the Web Site of Eat Flaming Death, please contact SWAT, which downloaded the EFD Web Site before it disappeared. Good luck Kevin. CWIN hopes that you and EFD will return to the Matrix.


This East Coast U.S. Car Wars gaming group only has one issue of a newsletter on its Web Site, has changed Internet Service Providers. There are no Car Wars resources on this Web Site, but there are resources for other games such as Interstate 1976 and Heavy Gear.


The duelists in Bellevue, Nebraska, are once again living up to their nickname "Rabid NOVA." The Midwest Maniacs, in conjunction with HVD and Michael Dinsmore (pro-Amana autoduelist in Iowa) completed writing Volume Eight, the U.S. Desert Southwest of the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide. The description of the El Toro Arena from El Paso, Texas FOS joins the NOVA Arena Watch and there is a very special set of rules discussing something big in Car Wars. No, CWIN is not going to tell you what the article contains, but you can find out easily by accessing the Articles section of the NOVA Web Site. CWIN will tell you that the article is special for another reason. The first edition was destroyed by a computer disk drive error of unknown origin. Michael Garrity, the author of the supplement, did not lose his devotion to the project, however. Michael wrote the article once again almost entirely by memory, with only a few hand-written notes to guide him. Thank you Michael for channeling your frustration of losing such an important file into resurrecting it! Most autoduelists have been in your situation time and time again. Good job, mate.


The Web Site belonging to the Australian citizen know as Intensity has ended up on Highway One. Keep your radar and IRSS on for the Web Site to appear again because several cool resources were planned for it.


The Tennessee auto-vigilantes must be drinking the nitrooctane they place into their vehicles because their Web Site is becoming one of the best Car Wars truck stops on the Matrix. Three original vehicle designs (Trojan Work Horse, Aero Bolt, Menicer) are now available. Several of the articles from Autoduel Quarterly 1/4 have been converted to HTML format and are now on the SHAAG Web Site. No content whatsoever from ADQ 1/4 is on the ADQ Archive, therefore unless you have an original copy of that ADQ, the headquarters of Memphis Motor Mayhem is the only place on the Internet where you can access that issue of ADQ. If this resource was not nice enough for autoduelists, several pieces of artwork from ADQ 1/4 have also been uploaded. Thank you SHAAG for making your Web Site so cool!


The Thrill Kill Cafe, a set of articles and play-aids for Games Workshop's Dark Future autodueling board game, has become road kill on the Information Superhighway. All traces of the Thrill Kill Cafe are gone.