Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 9
November 01, 2048

Web Posted November 01, 1998
Updated September 02, 2001


Happy Halloween Car Wars Fans! This issue of CWIN is packed with more goodies than the Trick-or-Treat bag you filled this evening during your raids on Midville homes, dressed as Black Jesse's Crusaders.

Norman McMullen of the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) presents a summary with commentary of the 2048 AADA World Racing Championships. Prospective drivers and racemasters will find this article very interesting. Norman is also the author of a tutorial for refereeing Car Wars tournaments, an article that should be required reading for anyone planning to referee a Car Wars tournament.

When you win an autoduel or racing event, you probably gather your best friends and go to a nice resturaunt to celebrate your victory. All too often autoduelists, amateur and AADA professionals, have their celebration cut short because they did not think of securing their conveyance. Vehicle burglary is as major problem in 2048 as it was in 1998. Francis Greenaway of Painted Target presents some options for autoduelists to protect their chariots.

Anthony Salter has written an excellent roleplaying systed called ONE. Anthony used several game systems, including Car Wars, for inspiration when writing ONE. Being available as freeware is only one of ONE's advantages. Nice job, Anthony!

Most of the regular colums of CWIN are in this issue, including examples of how animals are more capable than humans in certain situations. If bats gain the ability to aquaduel, current technology will not be useful against them, as the Fifty Years Ago Today column shows.

Do you rate yourself as an effective and deadly Car Wars player? You might want to reconsider that high opinion of yourself until you autoduel with "The Big Boys" of the Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE). The report of the Car Wars event the AAIE ran at RadCon 1998 in Spokane, in this issue's WADA News column, explains why Car Wars is a big sport in Eastern Washington State. Would you be tough enough to survive this event?

During the past year there has been a lot of conflict about where do Official/AADA-Sanctioned rules, variant rules, the AADA, CWIN, NOVA, RMADA, SWAT and other aspects of the Car Wars system fit into Autoduel Earth. The CWIN Editor is in the process of writing a detailed commentary about these subjects that should be available by December 01, 1998. Subscribers will be sent a copy via elmay and a copy will be placed on SWAT Matrix HQ. Watch for this letter which will propose some very exciting ideas for the AADA! :-)

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Publisher



Norman McMullen of the New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) has completed writing a summary of the 2047-2048 AADA WRC Tournament! Read this Web Page to learn about the event, the participants' vehicles and some valuable advice for referees of autoduels.


The two resources mentioned below are cool, but it would be even cooler to see RASG entries written by gamers. Pleasewrite an Autoduel Earth description of your home region! Pyramid Magazine is interested in printing RASG articles so feel free to submit RASG articles to Pyramid but you are encouraged to submit RASG entries to CWIN first to make sure you document is published. Pyramid has strict but excellent submission policies so getting work printed there is difficult. CWIN is more liberal in accepting Car Wars material for publication (i.e. if a submission is in the English language, has a low amount of errata and discusses Car Wars, it will very likely be printed). :-)


While you are on the Matrix you can "hack" (synchronize) all of your time-keeping devices to official U.S. Navy time, based on a hyperaccurate nuclear clock. :-)

The U.S. Naval Observatory performs an essential scientific role for the Navy, for the Department of Defense and for the United States. Its mission is to determine the positions and motions of celestial objects, to provide astronomical data, to measure the Earth's rotation and to maintain the Master Clock for the United States.


ELMAY may be faster than "physmail" (physical mail) but how else are you going to receive your dice and games you purchase via Internet auctions and sales? :-) Visit this Web Site to locate Zip Codes, track Express Mail you send and other resources.



SWAT is going to publish its first Internet Arena Watch! Keep your targeting laser locked on the SWAT Arena Jump Page for the release of the Starfire Dueltrack, an arena that is as deadly as the Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace in Biloxi, Mississippi.



This French Language Web Site should be understood by English-speaking gamers quite easily.


Owning a home with garage and driveway means your vehicle has a safe and secure parking space 24 hours a day . . . or maybe not.


Wallace, Idaho -- Authorities were forced to shut down Interstate 90 after a tractor-trailer overturned in the mountains of Northern Idaho, spilling its cargo of 500,000 honeybees and a load of honey.

"It's just been a major mess, period," State Police Cpl. Paul Berger said last night.

The debris closed all lanes for about 90 minutes. Sand was dumped over areas where honey was spilled.

The rig's driver had minor injuries.

Seattle-Times Newspaper
October 23, 1998


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -- A pack of wild monkeys raided a health clinic in northeastern Malaysia, scaring patients and making off with medical equipment, a park official said Wednesday.

"The monkeys dashed into the clinic despite the staff's attempts to keep them out," said Ahmad Shamsuddin, director of the Terengganu Wildlife and National Park Department.

He said the monkeys ransacked the clinic in Kuala Terengganu, the capital of the coastal state of Terrengganu, destroying equipment.

Spokanesman Review Newspaper
Summer 1998



You have just purchased your Division 100 street car with all the luxuries you have ever wanted, including an armored mini-fridge and Velvet Glove Trimmings. You and your significant other are dining at one of your town's finest restaurants featuring non-algae culinary delights. You take your friend home then you head for your own base of operations and go to bed. In the morning, you feel great . . . until you discover your new car is missing. Yikes! There are more anti-theft tools than just the venerable anti-theft system connected to dischargers. Francis Greenaway of Painted Target discusses some of them and how to defeat thieves from stealing your war-horse.

Francis Greenaway
Painted Target President/Webmaster



London -- Britain said today it would allow commercial planting of genetically modified crops to go ahead under a new framework of strict controls.

The government said commercial planting of the crops would be strictly limited and monitored for its ecological impact.

The decision went against the stand of English Nature, the government's chief environmental advisor, which had a recommended a three-year moratorium on commercial planting to allow further research into the possible harmful side-effects of such crops.

Seattle-Times Newspaper
October 21, 1998


Cognac, France -- The Asian financial crisis appears to be driving people not to drink, and cognac producers in southwest France are angrily demanding government aid.

For four days, cognac producers have blocked roads with smoldering fires to demand that authorities lower taxes and pay them.

The roadblocks have caused major disruptions, cutting supplies to grocery stores and closing gas stations because trucks have been unable to get through.

Asia is a major market for cognac.

October 02, 1998


Seattle, Washington State -- A race between two motorists on Interstate 5 led to the shooting of one of them in northeast Seattle early yesterday.

A 28-year old Kent man was shot in the back along Northeast 65th Street and was in serious condition today in Harborview Medical Center.

Calls from neighbors summoned police, who arrived to find the man lying on the ground behind his car about 1:30 a.m. The gunman, a ponytailed man in his 20s, drove off in either a Mercedes or BMW with a foreign license plate.

Police said the two men had been racing on the freeway, took an off-ramp and found their way to the Roosevelt area, where both got out and the shooting occurred. The wounded man apparently was not armed.

Seattle-Times Newspaper
October 26, 1998


Washington D.C. -- When it comes to highly accurate sonar, modern technology has a lot to learn from Mother Nature.

Researchers looking for ways to improve the Navy's sonar systems have discovered that bats are two to three times more efficient at locating objects by reflected sound.

James Simmons of Brown University said bats did so well in his tests that they "were essentially thumbing their noses."

Simmons' experiments, reported in yesterday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, are aimed at improving the naval sonar to detect mines underwater.

Sonar systems send out a sound and then listen for the echo to bounce back. The time it takes to return tells how far away something is and its direction. A major factor is the ability to differentiate between two echoes that arrive at almost the same time.

At the wavelengths under study, electronic sonar can differentiate between echoes about 12 millionths of a second apart. With a lot of work, that can be cut to 6 millionths to 8 millionths of a second, Simmons said.

"Bats do 2 to 3 (millionths of a second) relatively easily," Simmons said. "That's the part that's a little distressing."

Being able to separate such sounds means the bats could tell the difference between objects just 0.3 millimeter apart -- about the width of a pen line on paper.

In the experiment, the bats were sitting on a platform in a familiar situation. They probably don't do as well at night chasing insects.

"They seem to be fat and happy all the time, which means they are intercepting their targets," though, Simmons observed. "The things they do are shocking."

To succeed in such chases, bats need to be able to differentiate sounds 10 millionths of a second apart, Simmons said. "We'd have to do a lot of work to match what they're doing so easily."

While they're still trying to determine why bats are so much better than human technology, the researchers have begun experiments to record bats' brain-cell activity.

And Simmons is working on tweaking naval sonars, both in listening and for returning sounds, and in processing that information, to make them a bit more like bats.

In Simmons' experiments, the bats are trained to differentiate sounds with large gaps between them, getting a reward of mealworms for each correct decision. Then the timing of the sounds is shortened.

"They cooperate in these experiments . . . They perform very fast," Simmons said. In an experiment, the bat makes its decision about the sound and then runs forward to get the mealworm. "They don't fly off; they just sit there and go right to it," he said.

Randolph E. Schmid
The Associated Press
Seattle-Times Newspaper
October 13, 1998


The off-road vehicle that can go almost anywhere has become a weapon of forest firefighters. Check this Web Site Site out at once for great Car Wars scenario ideas!



Learning to play Car Wars well is easy. Learning duelmaster Car Wars games is challenging. Learning to duelmaster Car Wars games effectively, balancing rules and fun, is more difficult than a Very Hard task for a Mechanic. Norman McMullen, President of NOVA and referee of several AADA World Championship Tournaments, has graciously shown what to do when duelmastering autoduels and more importantly, what not to do. You should also read the Car Wars referee tutorial that Steve Jackson himself wrote. Thank you Norman for the advice! :-)

Norman McMullen
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) President



This document is one of the best jump pages for GURPS players. Watch out for rain when you visit the page, otherwise you may begin "glowing in the dark." :-)


This Web Site mirrors GURPSnet Vehicle Designs of the Week and contains resource material for a custom GURPS world called "Fourth Empire of Man," a far-future space campaign.



Another Steve Jackson classic updated for the 1990s. Do you have what it takes to be an autoduelist? Make sure and visit the numerous Car Wars links and resources at Steve Jackson Games' incredible Car Wars Web Site. Pictures coming soon.



Welcome to the AutoDuel Internet temporary Web Site! It will be dedicated to building a playable version of Autoduel / Car Wars that satisfies the following criteria:

 Basically I see a blend of WebRPG and a PBEM game. For actual play the Internet segment should be able to cover all the day-to-day activity that passes for the characters between gaming sessions (i.e. run the scheduled arena duels over the Web and leave the finals and intermediate role playing event to live sessions).

BRAIN GAMES WEB SITE searches out all the best Web Sites for brain games, puzzles, word play, and intellectual recreations.


DURPS has a great reference called the "Introduction to Roleplaying" that outlines facts and dispels myths of the RPG hobby. The DURPS RPG Tutorial should be required reading for every tabletop gamer. :-)


Escape is an impulse-based tactical cyberpunk combat game, pitting the agents of the People for a UNified Tomorrow (PUNT) against the Talobar megacorp security forces. The impulse-based nature of the game means that both players are moving figures simultaneously -- neither player needs to sit around waiting for the other to finish their turn.

Escape includes rules for an array of conventional ballistic and laser weapons, hand weapons such as batons and boot blades, and various types of RinoHyde armor to ward off damage.

Agents and CorpGuard have surgically-implanted cyber-mods, including twitch-muscle augmentation (TMA) to improve dexterity and reflexes, targeting eyes to improve accuracy in ranged weapon fire, and servos to improve strength.


AADA 2047 World Dueling Championships. Two Rounds. For the first time ever, the World Dueling Championships of Car Wars comes to GENCON! Prizes provided by Steve Jackson Games. See Pyramid #25 for complete rules and details. GM: Steve Jackson Games.

Amateurs in Oz VI. One Round. The Ozaukee County Duel Arena welcomes you back to amateur night. Eight drivers compete in nearly identical cars. Point system. Matchbox scale. GM: Kevin Hansen

Border Wars. One Round. Rival gangs compete for territory in this downtown scenario. Vehicles will be provided by judges. Just bring your own killer instincts. GM: Ted Janjowski.

Brigand's Highway. One Round. There's good guys, there's bad guys, but who's who? Even the government wants a price of the pie. Join this smuggling run through a mountain pass. GM: Ted Janjowski.

Capture the Flag. One Round. Returning by popular demand! This battle pits teams against one another in the timeless scenario "Capture the Flag." Vehicles provided. GM: Ted Janjowski.

Car Wars Rally. Two Rounds. Bring dice and your guts, then push the pedal to the floor. This is a road race ending in the city. Novices, intermediates, and experts welcome. GM: Peter Kamuf.

Hide, Seek, and Destroy! One Round. Win with speed or brute force in this two-level arena event that features racing and dueling. Contestants hunt through a maze to survive and/or finish five laps. GM: Chris Groesbeck.

Oz Pro Championship 2. One Round. Veterans shoot it out at the Ozaukee County Duel Arena. Point system. BYOC $30K. GM: Kevin Hansen.

The Godzilla Brothers. One Round. Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, Godzilla and his brother visit Milwaukee. Can the National Guard stop them? Simplified CW Tanks rules. $2 Million per player. GM: Norman McMullen.


In news that's a few weeks old in Hollywood but may be new to gamers, the film option to Activision's Interstate 1976 as picked up by John David Productions. The company plans to make the film for Fox Studios. Apart from Davis, whose other production credits include the Predator series and WaterWorld, there are no names attached to the project.

Game Spot PC Game News
March 16, 1998


Martial Law is perhaps the best television series being broadcast in 1998. The action and writing are superb. Sammo Hung may appear to need to reduce mass but he has physical fitness, strength and agility that bodybuilders dream about. :-) Martial Law would be an excellent foundation for a Car Wars or GURPS DarkFutureTech campaign.

Pound for pound, Sammo Law (Sammo Hung) is America's newest and toughest law enforcer. A legendary supercop from Shanghai, Law joins forces with the L.A.P.D. to wage a war on crime. Built like a tank and just as lethal, Law's jaw-dropping skills as a crime-fighter won over his new boss, Capt. Benjamin Winship (Tom Wright) and his initially skeptical American partners, L.A.P.D. detectives Dana Dixon (Tammy Lauren) and Louis Malone (Louis Mandylor). Assisted by Grace Chen (Kelly Hu), Sammo's protege and a former Chinese policewoman, this team of heroes is ready to enforce Martial Law.

Sammo Hung is one of the true pioneers of the Hong Kong action film genre. As an actor, director, producer and fight choreographer, Sammo has worked on well over a hundred films, an astonishing body of work for any performer. His first on-screen role was at the age of 12, and he has been working non-stop ever since. His best-known role was in the classic Enter the Dragon, in which he sparred with the legendary Bruce Lee.

Following Bruce Lee's early death, a number of imitators immediately appeared. Sammo also jumped on the bandwagon, spoofing those Bruce-Lee-wannabees in Enter the Fat Dragon, a kung fu comedy that was successful enough to spawn two sequels. Another classic Sammo Hung film was the memorably titled Close Enounters of the Spooky Kind, which he produced, directed and starred in. This film launched an entire cycle of "kung fu horror comedies," perhaps the most unusual film genre world.

What is scary about Mr. Hung is the film genre he spawned, "kung fu horror comedies,"can be simulated using one roleplaying game system: GURPS (with the Worldbooks Martial Arts and Horror). :-)


One day, I happened to be (re)reading a Calvin and Hobbes collection (got all of 'em, dontcha know) and I came across one where Calvin
and Hobbes are playing cowboys and Indians, and Hobbes "deflects" all of Calvin's bullets simply by saying "My, what a lousy shot you

It struck me. All an RPG engine is good for is to prevent the classic schoolyard "I shot you!" "No you didn't!" conflict -- and a system that can do this in the simplest and most generic way possible might be pretty useful to today's GM.

I found and analyzed the simplest RPG systems I could find -- Traveller, Car Wars, Toon, Sorcery! -- and also picked up some other good ideas from GURPS, Champions and Star Fleet Battles. I finally boiled down what I personally was looking for into four basic tenets:

1. Fun always comes before anything else.
2. Playability always comes before realism.
3. Complex calculations should be made during character creation, not during play.
4. Use as few charts and lists during play as possible.

So what did I end up with? ONE is a very basic, simple system using only six-sided dice that GMs can use when they pick up a new game only to find that, like Paranoia, it's a great setting married to an unplayable engine.

Anthony Salter
ONE Roleplaying Game System Creator


Grab Bag Car Wars. Duelmastered by D. Sousa. Rally from the Big Apple to La-La Land (LA) as up to 20 drivers race cross-country, stopping at five major arenas for maximum car-nage. Cars provided for up to 20 players.

RuneCon 500: A Car Wars Event. Duelmastered by E. Cacace. We're back for our third year, with more all out demolition. Players bring a seat belt and choose from a showroom of rolling thunder. Up to 12 players.

New Britain, CT
July 17, 18, 19 1998


Slammer is a set of wargame rules for science fiction skirmish games using miniatures. I intended from the start that Slammer would be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. I have intentionally kept it fairly "loose," particularly in areas like troop motivation and Hollywood heroics. Slammer is meant to be fun! We use miniatures on the table top to represent men, women and bug-eyed monsters who might well be scared or heroic, angry or bored, professional or just hungry, above all they are unpredictable. When you play Slammer, occasionally try to see things through your troops eyes. They are more than just disposable weapons delivery systems. (even the bug-eyed monsters!)

Chris Nicole
Slammer Gaming System Designer


Investigate this Web Site immediately to learn about one of the coolest gaming inventions ever created. If only I had thought of it. :-)


GURPS Technomancer. By David Pulver (author of GURPS Vehicles, Ultra-Tech 2, Bio-Tech and many other hits). Fans have been asking for a worldbook that combines magic and high-tech. Here it is, but it's NOT cyberpunk. No netrunning, no brain-jacks, but lots of action. F-15s versus dragons, and the Cold War fought by wizards! It all started when the first A-bomb test opened a gate between worlds . . .

Stock #6087, ISBN 1-55634-359-0. $19.95.

Murphy's Rules (Second Edition). Some game rules are good, some are bad, and some are Murphy's! This is the cartoon feature that takes the
strangest and silliest game rules and skewers them, bleeding, for everyone to mock. (Us? Attitude? It's all right; we pick on our own stuff, too.)

The last time we published a Murphy's compilation was in 1988. This new book includes everything from that edition, plus all the Murphys
that have come out in the last ten years . . . and more . . .

Stock #9006, ISBN 1-55634-363-9. $14.95.


WARNING! The CWIN Staff has visited Sunday Driver and has found the message board to contain posts with adult content including graphic and explicit sexual themes. CWIN rates Sunday Driver as a NC-17 area of the Internet, meaning visitors should be not younger than 17 years of age.

Bob Turkee has provided a message board for Car Wars fans who want to write fiction in the format of a newsgroup where the storyline of a character is determined by many different writers. The idea of autodueling  interactive fiction is a really cool idea but the content should be open to all ages and only concentrate on the ideas of Autoduel Earth. CWIN suggests that another board be created with this guideline. The Delphi Network offers CustomForums at  no cost, a service that might be a good way to make a new Car Wars interactive fiction  board come to fruition. If you are interested in the project, contact the CWIN Staff to get assistance in establishing a Delphi CustomForum.



Chapter 3: Time and Initiative -- Action Classes and Impulses. The concepts embodied in the Action Sequence material was inspired primarily by Eternal Soldier [© Tai-Gear Simulations, Inc.], with supplemental material from Ringworld and Superworld [TM and © Chaosium, Inc.], RoleMaster [TM and © Iron Crown Enterprises Inc.], and yes, everyone's favorite game of roadkill Car Wars [TM and © Steve Jackson Games]


Want to get into amateur sports car racing? Or do you just want to drive your street car with more skill? Winning! is the national best-seller that can get you to your goal. This book is the most cost-effective automotive performance add-on that you will ever buy with these features:

This Web Site is very useful because the entire glossary from Winning! is presented in HTML format. If you want to improve your racing vocabulary for you better understand NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula One races on television or to write better articles for DuelTrack 2050, read this invaluable database of racing terminology.


This little section of cyberspace is dedicated to role-playing in the Hero System® games. The advice for gamemasters is valuable and can be applied to any game.


The Masters of Disaster in The Gateway to the Pacific are still blueprinting, supercharging and turbocharging their Web Site. Keep your targeting laser locked on the SWAT Web Site during the next two months. Notices of what Web Pages are revised and new ones added to SWAT Matrix HQ will be posted on the Index whose URL is listed above. Be sure to check the Index this week because SWAT has several All Hallow's Eve surprises for autoduelists. :-)

SWAT Search Engine Arsenal

This Web Page is new to SWAT Matrix HQ, containing hyperlinks to most of the search engines available and the list is continuously updated!

World Autodueling Association Car Wars Gaming Group Registry

Finally, SWAT has a listing of all of the Car Wars Gaming Groups. This database has all of the AADA Chapters listed on the SJ Games Web Site: AADA World Headquarters however several of the groups likely do not exist at this time or the information is out-of-date. The physical address for SWAT, for example, is no longer in the University of Washington-Seattle District (the location of a Wizards of the Coast Gaming and Virtual Reality Center). :-) SWAT will attempt to keep the WADA List current but you need to send updates. Please also specify if you have applied for AADA Membership. Being a member of the AADA is not required to be listed on the WADA Registry but your gaming group should play Car Wars occasionally. :-)



This commute is a killer. Your family was murdered by a nihilistic cult. Driven by revenge, you join a mysterious underground order to even the score. Your mission: fire up your killer ride, load up on devastating weapons, and drive the cultists out of town.


Even before Mel Gibson slipped behind the wheel as Mad Max, the blend of cars and weapons has always appealed to action fans who dream of combining speed and power. The newest electronic incarnation of this genre is Battlewheels, the first title by new Lynx developer Beyond Games. One to six players drive armed cars, competing against computer drones and each other to be the sole survivor. Most of the action takes place from a first-person perspective, though you can change views, check vehicle damage, and locate opponents on radar. A round ends when one driver remains, and the first player to get a specified number of kills wins the game.

Various options are available both before and during a fight. Selections include seven levels of computer expertise, sixteen arenas, player
colors and images, while multiplayer games also allow team formation. You can use pregenerated cars for quick playing, or build your own with rules for weight, cost, and weapons placement. In the arena, weapons and tactics range from paint sprayers and missile launchers to sideswipe and hit-and-run. You can even leave your car and fight on foot, either to escape an explosion or pick up prizes left behind.


Highway Hunter is a new game from Safari Software and Omega Integral Systems of Voronezh, Russia. Reminiscent of Spy Hunter, Highway Hunter allows you to navigate a car along a dangerous highway, gathering powerful weapons along the way.

Highway Hunter is a fast and furious with an arcade-style feeling. Only the best can guide their advanced assault vehicle, the Master, through roads filled with Highway Hunter's destruction and carnage.

Highway Hunter features scrolling 256-color VGA graphics and more than 15 levels in all.


History: Bullfrog has had an unbreakable string of hits. Many other gaming companies have come up with unsuccessful hover vehicle races
both with and without combat elements. This genre is overpopulated with duds and Hi-Octanemay not be able to attract attention (Remember Cyberdreams' CyberRace? -- TCS Editor). Will Hi-Octane run out of gas and ammunition leaving Bullfrog stranded on a lone stretch of road without any road service?

Genre: Many people have done this one better as a game, in the playability and interactivity zone. The best one I can think of was an old game based upon the original Car Wars. Autoduel by Origin was for those who can think as well as jerk around a joystick or racing simulator console. (like the Thrustmaster T2 we filmed for The Computer Show recently in our interview with Thrustmaster president, Stephen A. Aanderud -- TCS Editor)

Plot: In the 21st century, joy riders drive for kicks in a drive to the death. While piloting 200 mph vehicles of futuristic designs, armor plating, missile launchers, and chain guns.


The plot is simple. You take the role of Groove Champion, the autovigilante who is fighting to avenge the death of his sister Jade by the evil
kingpin Antonio Malachio (No, not Ralph Macchio, the actor). This backdrop of investigating a murder provides the grist for the story which involves uncovering clues that lead you further into the plot. Apparently Malachio, the evil one, is plotting the overthrow of the U. S. Government by the destruction of the largest oil fields in the U.S. in western Texas.

In this alternate universe or history, the rest of the world's oil has been made unusable by a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East, and the oil reserves in Mexico and South America do not exist. The only oil to fuel the cars that everyone in the 1970s loves is in the good old U.S.  and only in west Texas. Activision calls the main plot a TRIP (Totally Realistic Interactive Project).

The year is 1976, and the location is the United States during an alternate time line where the United States has given into anarchy, something like Mad Max in the 1970s. Your mission is to prevent the destruction of a large oil reserve in the United States by a group of mercenaries working for a terrorist environmental group, who hate apple pie, hot dogs, and baseball, and deserve to die horribly at your hands. What the heck, it is a lot of fun out there.

Al Giovetti
The Computer Show


Interstate 1976 is the most thoroughly enjoyable game I have experienced in a long time. I have to admit, I approached the game with
reservations. The 1970s wasn't exactly a decade that I wanted to re-visit (aside from seeing the STAR WARS Special Editions) Also, auto combat has been tried many times on computers, and never captured the feeling like the old Steve Jackson CAR WARS box game. However, it has now been done to near perfection, and I found out that I like 1970s music other than Boston after all.

Grendel's Game Reviews




The Ferraris with funky music and flamethrowers are back! Interstate 1982 is the sequel to the best-selling Interstate 1976 autodueling simulation by Activision. and Next Generation have nice previews and the Activision I-1982 Matrix Headquarters has "The Interstate Telegraph" containing previews of the game and the events occurring in the Interstate world in the early 1980s. Nice site!


What in Hades is Rogue Trip? Do you remember seeing an advertisement on television recently with a man driving an ambulance, armed with multiple RLs, with his feet because his strait jacket "made it inconvenient" to use his hands? The game this advertisement was mentioning is Rogue Trip. Below is the data you need to know about this new autodueling sensation.

Release Date: October 1998

You're an automercenary. A rogue tour guide hell-bent on showing cheapskate vacationers the hot spots of the radioactive, char-broiled future. Rogue Trip is a two-fisted journey into the blackened heart of the open road! From Vegasland to D.C, you'll annihilate the competition with a tricked out arsenal of everything from swarm-missiles to Pyro Weapons and maybe even bring your clients back alive!


Coming this Fall from SingleTrac, the Kings of Car Combat!


You have a choice of either a road racing game where you get to shot your opponets or a demolition derby with weaponry and cool jumps.
Death comes fast and frequently. As with Wipeout, on the consoles, there are powerups (shields, weapons and other goodies) to run over on
your way. You have several different cars to chose from, whose attributes vary quite significantly. The Tank is great for the Demo Derby,
once I managed to almost survive one, almost.


TC Spy Car is a 3-D car chase game. You are given limited weapons to fend off enemy cars. Use oil slicks to fend off cars from behind. Use your guns to destroy cars in front. Use missiles to shoot down helicopters. If there are no weapons available, then your only means of defense is to knock the other cars off the road.


VictorMaxx went out of business a couple of years ago. The company now at the URL <> is not associated with VictorMaxx; they simply took over the domain name.

Bruce Lam
Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Organization (AVRO) President/Webmaster
April 17, 1998

VictorMaxx Technologies, known for its CyberMaxx head-mounted VR display for PCs, announced a licensing agreement with Steve Jackson Games, a publisher of board and role-playing games, to produce virtual reality entertainment products based on Steve Jackson Games' Car Wars line. VictorMaxx will develop this multi-phase project, tentatively titled "Autoduel," which will include location based entertainment centers, an on-line game, and a CD-ROM home game. Steve Jackson Games will act as technical advisor to the project, assisting with the development of rules, characters and the overall fiction, which will serve as the basis for the games. "The combination of the creative genius of Steve Jackson and our own hardware and software development capability should allow us to create a virtual reality entertainment experience superior to anything currently available," said VictorMaxx chief Richard H. Currie "Beyond the game itself, the Autoduel concept will take virtual reality into the mainstream of entertainment where its full market potential can be realized." The location based entertainment centers, likely to be called Autoduel Arenas, will be the first phase of the project; a prototype installation is scheduled to open in metropolitan Chicago during the summer of 1996 and will be the first of a series of fully-themed environments, each featuring a number of virtual reality simulators, a snack bar, retail merchandise areas and memorabilia from famous Autoduel characters. Later, the locations will be networked for online, multi-user gaming. The second phase of the Autoduel Project, the Autoduel online game, is expected to be released in late 1996. The third phase of the project will be development of a CD-ROM game, currently scheduled for release in early 1997. Car Wars is a game involving road duels on the freeways of the future. Players build their own cars, selecting items such as chassis, weaponry and armor, and compete against each other in arena-based tournaments as well as road duels. The motto of the game is "Drive Offensively."

About Daily Spectrum

The Daily Spectrum is a daily news service published Monday through Friday by Doug Millison, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Morph's
Outpost on the Digital Frontier, the national monthly magazine for the interactive media professional community.Daily Spectrum covers the
tools and technologies used to create interactive multimedia applications and infrastructure for business, education, and entertainment; and the interactive media industry scene.

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Daily Spectrum: Interactive Media and Online Developer News
Reported, Written and Edited by Doug Millison
October 19, 1995


VictorMaxx went out of business a couple of years ago. The company now at the URL <> is not associated with VictorMaxx; they simply took over the domain name.

Bruce Lam
Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Organization (AVRO) President/Webmaster
April 17, 1998

Deerfield, IL. -- VictorMaxx Technologies said today it expects to launch an Internet-based, interactive game called AutoDuel Online by the
end of the year.

The company said the decision to launch the game, based on the board game Car Wars, was fueled by announcements that new versions of
three-dimensional accelerator boards will be in the market this holiday season. The boards make it possible to play AutoDuel from home.

Beta testing of AutoDuel is due to begin in the third quarter of 1996 and the game should be fully available in fourth quarter 1996, the company said.

VictorMaxx said AutoDuel is the first in a series of fully immersive, multi-player games to be played on the Internet. VictorMaxx uses its
proprietary software engine as the foundation of all its online products.

The company said it will defer the release of AutoDuel Arena, a location-based version, to focus on the online game.

Thursday June 13 2:18 PM EDT
Source: Reuters Ltd.


VictorMaxx went out of business a couple of years ago. The company now at the URL <> is not associated with VictorMaxx; they simply took over the domain name.

Bruce Lam
Autoduelists of Vancouver Regional Organization (AVRO) President/Webmaster
April 17, 1998

From: (Micah T.J. Jackson)
Subject: JOB-OFFERED: App. Prog. needed for Car Wars/Autoduel Dev. Team
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 1995 14:27:17 -0600
Message-ID: <>
Organization: VICTORMAXX

VictorMaxx Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of virtual reality products, has recently announced that it is developing VR Location
Based Entertainment and Online gaming versions of Steve Jacksons famous CAR WARS simulation board game.  We have assembled an amazing team of developers but we need ONE MORE!

We are looking for a motivated problem-solver to develop the application module for our system.  You should work well in teams, have extensive programming experience including C or C++, and some game or VR application development experience.  Previous Virtual Reality, PC game, multi-player, or first-person perspective game development experience is a big plus.  You should be able to join us by mid to late December.

VictorMaxx Technologies develops, markets and sells virtual reality products, including the CyberMaxx99 2.0 head-mounted display, for home use in connection with personal computer-based virtual reality entertainment software.

If you are excited by the opportunity to turn one of the coolest simulation board games of the 1980s into one of the hottest LBE/Online
VR experiences of the 1990s, send your resume to: <>.



Greetings, and welcome to yet another exciting edition of "Not a Lot has Happened Here!" Yes, it's the show that likes to keep you, the viewer, informed of the "No Progress!" that has happened here since the last time you visited! We think you'll enjoy this, and we welcome you back whenever you want to come, so hurry now! So, what's news in the current "NaLhHH!" show? Well, whacked a "Painted Target"sign on the Car Wars Web Page and will be plastering that everywhere soon. Yep, "Painted Target" is now the official name of our small gaming society here in Sunny Brighton. And boy, that was a toughy!

Added a few extra notes to the RAASG: Brighton page, some as a result of a few spelling and grammar mistakes, some as a starter for ten for
some other articles, and even -- yes you heard me right -- even (just in case you didn't get it the first time), even added a graphic! Can you guess where it is children? There there, cookies and milk.

Francis Greenaway
Painted Target President/Webmaster
Brighton, Great Britain
October 25, 1998



On October 17, 1998 at the InCon science fiction convention in Spokane, Washington State, the Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE) held the Third Annual "Tonka Scale 100K Bloodbath." Once again, the event was held in the outdoor courtyard of the Spokane Valley Doubletree Inn Hotel.

Some quick history is in order here. Two years ago, Steve Jackson was the gaming guest of honor.  We decided this called for the "biggest" Car Wars game ever.  Since we lacked players and time to do what most people would consider a "big" game, we decided take "big" in the literal direction by using Tonka Truck scale cars, which works out to be 16X scale.  To further the madness, we set two "regulations:" a $100,000 price limit and almost anything goes -- military items, grasshoppers, Uncle Schmalbert's, etc. but check with the GM first (Edgar Lincoln) if you've got something really wacky.  A few select items (like kamibombs, nerve gas and plastique) were not allowed. It is a very popular event. Some people come to the convention just for the game and the Tonka scale never fails to attract spectators (a lot of the hotel staff too in this case!).

The game was played in the center courtyard in an area about 75 feet square. Grass was "pavement" while bark, weeds, etc. was "off-road." The event this year did not have a theme (Capture the Flag was played last year) instead it was just Free-For-All. A variety of vehicles were present, with several players bringing in their own 16X scale cars. Over half of  the competitors used custom-constructed vehicles while the rest selected "stock" vehicles from the GM's infamous Book-o-Cars.

I used a new design, the Fnord Behemoth F350, a camper with a MTL guiding a VFRP in a 3-space turret, an extra VFRP magazine below the turret, and a smart-link connecting the turreted VFRP to a VFRP on the left side. I used the Behemoth F350 along with a $10,000 ramcar, the Supercollider, which was built by combining a compact frame with a gasoline ICE, nitrous oxide boosters and a metal ramplate. Period. I used Supercollider to act as an interceptor. I circled the arena counter-clockwise taking long-range shots and hoping nobody else had a laser-reactive web (They didn't!).

After picking our starting spots, the duel began! On phase four of turn one, a van's PP was taken out by a spinal-mounted 75mm TG (driven by none other than Barbie herself!). On phase four a car across the arena from me was hit by linked APFSDS-loaded ATGs (from Ungodly Boom Boom, a $65K stock design that works very well in this duel and won last year). I followed up on phase five with a cross-arena shot using the Behemoth F350's two VFRPs to completely hollow out what was left of the car.  My ram car was hit in the front with a rangefinder-equipped HXL . . . and laughed it off  . . . losing only one point of metal armor.

On the next three turns, things got ugly on the other side of the arena from me as several cars converged. Barbie's vehicle became confetti. I waited for a few select shots during the melee (I was not being a vulture; I was mostly waiting for front/rear arcs so as not to take speed
mods; average speeds in a 100K duel are as high as you would imagine) and took out two more of them with full VFRP salvos. Another car, played by Bob Ladd, which was about to get rammed . . . by a mini-bus . . . with a ramplate . . . was taken out from the rear by the Ungodly Boom Boom. The dead car still hit the bus and we calculated an all-time record of over 800 (eight-hundred) points of damage after the 7X damage modifier (the dead car had a ramplate too and did not have a ramplate!). Go straight to Confetti Land . . . Do not pass Go . . . Do not collect $200.  The bus was fine.

After that the van, taken out in turn one, was not out of the picture. The back doors opened . . . Out drove a light trike equipped with a laser-guided VFRP! However, it's armor proved too light as it was converged upon by another spinal-mounted 75mm TG car and the Ungodly Boom Boom, but not before it had wiped the front armor from the 75mm TG car. On the other side of the arena, I was facing my only threat, Norma Lincoln's I Just Want To Set Your Car On Fire also equipped with a MTL (her's was IR!) and three incendiary RLs. I could not afford a FE or FP armor so I was of course concerned! My LRW did it's job and deflected a salvo. I then sent my Div10 ram car to intercept. The two-die incendiary rockets could not penetrate the 17-point metal ramplate (very little armor on the other sides though). Ultimately both vehicles met and became confetti (I was trying for a T-Bone as Supercollider could have survived that, but alas, it was a 210 mph combined-speed Head-On).

It was a quick game. At turn seven it was down to me and the Ungodly Boom Boom. He was quite some distance from me and knew he had to close the range quickly or he would be dead. It headed towards me giving me a front arc shot. Two VFRP salvos later (my side VFRP was out of ammo by this time) it was all over and still too far away to hit with the ATGs.

I won the duel with nine victory points while the nearest competitor had two. Four full kills and my camper escaped completely unscratched!  I only claimed an AADA pin and a sticker as my prize from the generous Box-o-Stuff donated by SJ Games. I left the Car Wars books and boxed sets for people who needed them. The downside is that my camper now goes into the Book-o-Cars for potential people to pick next year. You can bet I will have to fight against it next year and you can also bet most everyone will have LRW!  I think maybe next year I will try something from Uncle Shmalbert's just for fun . . . maybe two mid-sized cars . . . each with two EBCGs? :-)

Tom Lentz
Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE)
Spokane, Washington State


The CADC held the tenth and final event, a dueltrack race ($75,000 Can-Ams and $100,000), of the 2048 CADC Season on October 24, 2048. The drivers and gunners climbed into their engines of destruction to tackle themselves . . . and the arena itself . . . in the infamous Texas Twister Dueltrack.

Matt Lintemuth of Team Louisiana wins his first race of his career and was the only Rookie to win this year. Congratulations to Ted "Rocket-Man" Judson (USA) for winning his first CADC Individual Champion's Cup, Team Texas for bringing home the CADC Team Champion's Cup for the fifth straight season and Mark Pittman (Italy) who won the Rookie of the Year honors. The CADC 2049 Season will start on January 23, 2049. Stay tuned to CWIN and Tire Tracks for the up-to-the-minute coverage!

CADC Standings for 2048 Season After Race #10 (10/24/2048)

2048 CADC Season Top Three Individual Point Leaders

2048 CADC Season Top Three Team Point Leaders



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