Car Wars Internet Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 2
April 01, 2048

Web Posted April 01, 1998
Updated September 02, 2001


Welcome to the second issue of CWIN! As of April 01 the subscriber list has an amazing 119 members (including the two publishers N. Whitchurch and M. Owen)! I believe that the CWIN readers can say with great confidence that "the death of Car Wars has been greatly exaggerated." :-)

I am happy to tell you that I now have a comrade to assist me in writing CWIN. Nathan Whitchurch of the Capital Regions Autodueling Association (CRADA) has joined the CWIN staff as a regular contributor and publisher. Thank you Nathan!

This issue has data for every type of autoduelist. Several news articles about the World Dueling and World Racing Championships are here for your perusing. Are you interested in discovering what the Matrix has to offer autoduelists? The North American News Service and Web Site Watch will update your knowledge of Car Wars material on the Internet.

CWIN 01.02 presents the first Arena Watch ever shown in the Car Wars Mailing List. Michael Drennon transports the Age of Camelot to the 21st Century with the Medieval Times Joust Arena.

Uncle Edgar is back! This selection of "Constructions of Chaos" are not my ideas. That honor goes to Andras Otto Schneider, who has sent CWIN several articles of variant rules. During the next few months CWIN will showcase Andy's ideas. This month's CWIN has a selection of this collection in the Uncle Edgar's R&D column.

The New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) has been instrumental in 2048 for supporting Car Wars. Not only is this group running both AADA World Tournaments, they have kindly sent a technical analysis of laminate AFV armors. Mike Garrity of NOVA is the author of this issue's Daemon Mechanic.

All of the regular sections are here plus some new ones, including CWIN's first Vehicle Design Contest! Because April 01 is "April Fools Day" in the United States, when jokes are played on each other, CWIN presents a few ideas of autodueling humor to brighten your day. Yes, Uncle Schmalbert is back! Howard Lalicker and Wesley Twitchell demonstrate what can be done in combat with Uncle Schmal's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Murphy (Dave Neely) discusses how combat actually works and a driver's education teacher in the 1990s performs some autodueling (the latter is an actual newspaper article).


CWIN would like to help eliminate any confusion regarding the articles presented by this publication. Unless a rule or article is labeled specifically and clearly labeled as Official and AADA-Sanctioned, the rule or article is not available for use in AADA Tournament Events. CWIN and HVD are both published primarily to provide resources for the autoduelist playing in a gaming group. The AADA and SJ Games operate the World Tournaments, Dueling and Racing, quite well each year with the rules for these events clearly established in the following sources, rules that are well-known by most professional duelists and therefore should not be changed unless absolutely necessary:

If there are any questions about AADA Events the best source of answers would be SJ Games themselves and the DuelMasters running the events. In the case of the 2047-2048 World Championships this would be the Car Wars Groups NOVA and TRAACS.


Two months ago I searched the Internet to locate gamers who have mentioned Car Wars on their Web Sites although  not containing Car Wars resources. Many have not responded while several did  to say they were excited to hear about the Car Wars Renaissance but they no longer autoduel. A few have kept in touch with me to discuss the game.

One recipient of my message, which was describing the renewed interest in Car Wars on the WWW, was extremely violent (that is the best word I can describe the person) about my mailing. This person told me to remove it from my mailing list (I never stated that I placed that individual on a list) and to never elmay someone unless you have their permission. I apologized and told the gamer that I would never send another elmay to that person again. I did find out that this individual was placed on a mailing list without permission and had to use several channels to remove the elmay address from the list. Learning this information was one cause of the anger of this person made me feel a little better but I was still angry and upset how a gamer of all people was so "aggressive."

I have been using the Internet since 1991 and never encountered such a negative message before. If someone requests that you do not elmay them again, you must follow their instructions without exception. If you place your elmay address on your Web Site without a notice stating you do not want to receive mail, you are not giving clues to a fellow gamer to avoid giving you no-cost, non-mailing list information about the games you play (listed on your Web Site).

After this situation, which I am happy to say was an anomaly in the world of gaming, I implemented warnings at the beginning of each issue of CWIN reminding the reader that CWIN is a mailing list to which they are subscribed. I have also placed disclaimers at the beginning of messages I have sent to gamers informing them about the Car Wars Renaissance stating that they are not on a mailing list. Using these measures I have avoided the type of incident above.

The most efficient method of sending data to the mailing list would be to send the message to the CWIN publishers directly, who will then forward the message to CWIN subscribers.

Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.

May your laser-guided rockets always follow their targeting laser and your bumper-triggered weaponry always hit their targets in collisions.

See you on May 1st!

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor



AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Regulations: HVD/SWAT Edition

American Autodueling Association (AADA) World Headquarters

AADA World Headquarters at the SJ Games Web Site has the Official Rules and Regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Events. HVD and SWAT have also presented such a document in Issue 03.01 of the HVD CWML,  more detailed and possibly more accurate than the AADA version. Duelists should expect the SJ Games edition will be utilized at any AADA Event. The SWAT document, which is now in HTML format on the SWAT Web Site, is only provided for reference and to point out some ambiguities the current Tournament Rules contain and should be considered entirely unofficial.

To repeat the above text, duelists should expect the SJ Games AADA Regulations to be utilized at any AADA Event.


The New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA) has presented on their Web Site, in the "Conventions" section, a tentative format for both the Dueling and Racing World Championship Events of the 2047-2048 AADA Season. These two tournaments are being operated by NOVA in conjunction with TRACCS. These formats are not finalized are subject to change.

The information mentioned above is also available on the following Web Page:


There is a small committee planning the 2048 AADA World Dueling and 2048 AADA World Racing Championships. We would very much like to hear from potential players about the kinds of scoring and events they would like to see in the tournament. Anyone who plans to make the trip, or is hoping to make the trip, and has ideas about what would make the trip a success for them (aside from winning . . . ), please send your comments to me. The planning committee will try to consider all the comments we receive and make this the best World Championship events ever! At this time the format is not decided, so please hold your questions about it until we announce it.  Please send us suggestions or comments.

Note that comments and suggestions will likely only be accepted regarding the Dueling Tournament. The Committee expects not to have any control over the format of the Racing Tournament.

Robert Deis
The Regional Autoduel Association of Colorado Springs (TRAACS)



Do you want to write an article about your city for the AADA RASG, but you have no idea on where to begin? This article from Volume 5 (The U.S. Midwest) of the AADA RASG series published by Steve Jackson Games should help you.


The staff of CWIN would very much like to have this column from ADQ start again, especially that all seven volumes of the RASG published
from SJ Games are now out-of-print. Reading this article should be your first step in writing a RASG entry.


The IHB is a fun tool to use for road-rally scenarios. When you insert a number for an interstate highway you receive mileages between cities along the road and other geographical data. This is a fun site to visit and explore and is a great resource when used with the AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide.


This Washington State DOT Web Site displays the current status of the Insanity of the Interstates in the Seattle area. The information is updated every one to two minutes. You will need to activate the "Reload" button on your Web Browser to view the updates if you visit the site for several minutes. This resource is also a great tool when combined with the AADA RASG.



Michael Drennon has written an Arena Watch that describes an autodueling venue that is very different and very unique compared to most arenas. The MTJA will transport you back in time to the age of Chivalry and Knights. If you are looking for something "different" for your Car Wars games the MTJA deserves your attention but watch out for the Dragons!

Michael Drennon
CWIN Arena Watch Editor
Illinois Autodueling Association Evanston Division



1. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you are.
2. No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.
3. Friendly fire isn't.
4. The most dangerous thing in the combat zone is an officer with a map.
5. The problem with taking the easy way out is that the enemy has already mined it.

6. The buddy system is essential to your survival: it gives the enemy somebody else to shoot at.
7. If you are forward of your position, the artillery will fall short.
8. Incoming fire has right of way.
9. If your advance is going well, you are walking into an ambush.
10. The quartermaster has only two sizes: too large and too small.

11. If you really need an officer in a hurry, take a nap.
12. The only time suppressive fire works is when it is used on abandoned positions.
13. The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire.
14. Nothing is more pleasing than being shot at by one's enemy without result -- Winston Churchill
15. Don't be conspicuous. In the combat zone, it draws fire. Out of the combat zone, it draws sergeants.

16. If your sergeant can see you, so can the enemy.
17. Never worry about the bullet with your name on it. Instead, worry about shrapnel addressed to "occupant."
18a. All battles are fought at the junction of two or more map sheets . . . printed at different scales.
18b. All battles are fought uphill.
18c. All battles are fought in the rain.
19. Logistics is the ball and chain of armoured warfare -- Heinz Guderian
20. The army with the smartest dress uniform will lose.

21. What gets you promoted from one rank gets you killed in the next rank.
22. A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow -- George Patton
23. If orders can be misunderstood, they have been.
24. Tracers work both ways.
25. If the enemy is in range, so are you.

26. War is like love, To triumph, you must make contact -- Attributed to Napoleon
27. Boldness becomes rarer the higher the rank -- Karl von Clausewitz
28. Never reinforce failure. Failure reinforces itself.
29. Only 5% of an intelligence report is accurate. The trick of a good commander is to isolate the 5 percent -- Douglas MacArthur
30. Tactics are for amateurs. Professionals study logistics.

31. When a front line soldier overhears two General Staff officers conferring, he's fallen back too far.
32. It isn't necessary to be an idiot to be a senior officer, but it sure helps.
33. No captain can do very wrong who places his ship alongside that of the enemy -- Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
34. Only numbers can annihilate -- Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
35a. Always know when it's time to get out of Dodge.
35b. Always know how to get out of Dodge.

36. Your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.
37. Priorities are made by officers, not God. There's a difference.
38. Always honor a threat.
39. The weight of all your equipment is proportional to the cube of the time you have been carrying it.
40. Hell hath no fury like a non-combatant -- Charles Edward Montague

41. Fighter pilots make movies. Attack pilots make history.
42. There are two kinds of naval vessels: submarines and targets.
43. A lost battle is a battle one thinks one has lost -- Ferdinand Foch (Principles de Guerre)
44. Surprise is an event that takes place in the mind of a commander -- Jerry Pournelle
45. All warfare is based on deception. -- Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

46. A little caution outflanks a large cavalry -- Otto von Bismark
47. No combat-ready squad ever passed inspection. No inspection-ready squad ever passed combat.
48. Five second grenade fuses burn down in three seconds.
49. The enemy diversion you are ignoring is the main attack.
50. Radios function perfectly until you need fire support.

51. If you take more than your fair share of objectives, you will have more than your fair share to take.
52. Professional soldiers are predictable, but the world is full of amateurs.
53. Parade ground inspections are to combat readiness as mess hall food is to cuisine.
54. When in doubt, empty the magazine.
55. Snow is not neutral -- Frunze Military Academy Maxim

56. The tank is a monument to the inaccuracy of indirect fire.
57. Diplomacy has rarely been able to gain at the conference table what can not be gained or held on the battlefield.
58. War is the unfolding of miscalculations -- Barbara Tuchman
59. Perfect is the enemy of good enough -- Soviet Admiral Gorshkov
60. He who wants do defend everything defends nothing  -- Federick the Great

61. If they're shooting at you, it's a high intensity conflict.
62. Artillery adds dignity to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl.
63. Never draw fire. It irritates everyone around you.
64. A sucking chest wound is nature's way of telling you to slow down.
65a. If at first you don't succeed, call for artillery.
65b. When that doesn't work, call for an air strike.

66a. Mine fields are not neutral. They attack both armies.
66b. The Claymore mine you set now points at you.
67a. The effective radius of a hand grenade is always greater than the distance you can jump.
67b. The effective radius of a hand grenade is greater than the average grunt can throw it.
68a. Your mortar barrage will put exactly one round on the intended target. That round will be a dud.
68b. The mortar team will always have the correct number of safety pins to prove they armed all the rounds.
68c. To ensure this, the mortar team carries extra pins.
69. There is no such thing as a convenient foxhole.
70. Odd objects attract fire. You are odd.

71. More aircraft are incapacitated by a shortage of spare parts than by enemy action.
72. You are not Superman.
73. If it's stupid but works, it isn't stupid.
74. Try to look unimportant because the bad guys may be low on ammo.
75. The important things are always simple.

76. The simple things are always hard.
77. The easy way is always mined.
78. If you are short of everything except the enemy, you are in combat.
79. When you have secured an area, don't forget to tell the enemy.
80. Beer math is: 2 beers x 37 men = 49 cases.
81. Body count math is: 2 guerrillas + 1 probable + 2 pigs = 37 enemy KIA

82. Things that must be together to work usually can't be shipped together.
83. Anything you do can get you shot -- including doing nothing.
84. Make it tough for the enemy to get in and you can't get out.
85. When both sides are convinced they are about to lose, they are both right.
86. You will only remember your claymores when the noise is too close to use them.
87. Murphy was a grunt.

Dave Neely


Howard Lalicker
SWAT Spokane Member

Wesley Twitchell
SWAT Spokane Member



Editor's Note: CWIN and NOVA have been discussing the creation of statistics for laminate AWHs and laminate WGs. If you look carefully in Car Wars Tanks and in UACFH you will find these items are not discussed. NOVA was kind enough to write an article about these dilemma. The statistics for AFV Frame Armors have been purposely changed by NOVA.

In dueling, the reason why armored wheelhubs and wheelguards have a weight limit is largely one of game balance. If it were possible for vehicles to have guards and/or hubs with no real weight limit, their tires would become nearly invulnerable. This would tend to negate the usefulness of most kinds of dropped weaponry. Even direct-fire tire shots (where allowed) would be relatively ineffective.

In the case of combat between tanks or armored cars, the weapons involved are so powerful that some form of increased protection for tracks and tires is an absolute necessity. Accordingly, the weight limit for a wheelguard or armored wheelhub mounted on an armored car is raised so that the maximum DP of the guard or hub is equal to the DP of the armored car's side armor (before the effects of sloping). The cost and weight of wheelguards and wheelhubs remains the same.

A similar situation is encountered regarding the skirts used to protect the running gear of tracked vehicles. As with the guards and armored wheelhubs used to protect the tires on armored cars, the maximum DP of tread skirts is now equal to the DP of the AFV’s side armor (before sloping). Tread skirts now cost $50 and weigh 20 lbs. per point ($125 and 100 lbs. per point of metal).


Although very expensive, laminate armor is the preferred choice for AFV protection because it has two significant advantages over regular armor. The first advantage is that laminate armor provides more protection than an equivalent weight of non-laminate armor. In game terms, this means that a point of laminate armor weighs less than a point of non-laminate armor. The second advantage is that laminate armor is specifically designed to reduce the killing power of shells and missiles armed with shaped-charge (HEAT) warheads.


Plastic AFV Armor -- Cost: $40 per point. Weight 20 lbs. per point.
Metal AFV Armor -- Cost: $100 per point. Weight 100 lbs. per point.
Laminate Plastic AFV Armor -- Cost: $400 per point. Weight: 15 lbs. per point
Metal Laminate AFV Armor -- Cost: $1,000 per point. Weight: 75 lbs. per point
Laminate Accessories (AWHs, Tread Skirts, WGs) -- Cost 10X. Weight 0.75x (-25%)

Note: Depleted Uranium is not available as a separate armor type. DU armor must be combined with metal laminate, plastic laminate, or both types of laminate armors. DU armor is already part of the structure of laminate armor, which is one of the reasons why laminate armor is both lighter and much more expensive than regular armor.

Mike Garrity
New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)



How many people actually use airplanes and helicopters in Car Wars? Air power is a much under-used and valuable asset in the game. The hardest thing to get and keep is a line-of-sight (LOS) on your target, especially in a city duel where an airplane or a helicopter would be the most useful. In an arena duel airplanes and helicopters could be useless due to lack of space unless it is a double- or triple-map arena.

Helicopters. Their rules for gaining altitude and lack of stall speed make them preferable to planes. Simpler rules for turning make them easier to handle. The down side: Cost. Helicopters are d*** expensive. For the same price you can get a better  plane or ground vehicle. All in all the advantages of a helicopter out-weigh the disadvantages. As long as you can keep in your opponents' blind spots you have them beaten.

Airplanes. Significantly cheaper then helicopters, airplanes also have  top speeds that are much higher than helicopters.. Unfortunately that is where the advantages stop. With their stall speeds, rules for gaining altitude and turning, airplanes are a b**** to fly and keep in the air. When flying a plane you have to be careful when you roll. Don't turn your (most likely) lightly-armored top towards your opponent, giving them a tempting shot at your vulnerable side.

Weapons and Accessories. Most people don't waste the $1,000 on universal turrets unless they are sure to be going up against a copter or a plane, which means you can keep over their blind spot and hammer away at them. Also, most people keep the top as the least-armored spot on their vehicle, not expecting it to take damage unless they flip and need a few points to give them time to hop out of their car, This observation means you can skimp a bit and buy a machine gun mounted under and still chew away at their top armor quickly. Bombs are good choices too, if you can spare the space and weight. You're almost guaranteed not to hit your target unless it's standing still. But if you get close you can catch them in the blast radius and still do a decent amount of damage.

The biggest advantages of using copters and/or planes is surprise. The last thing your opponent is going to expect is an airplane screaming towards them dropping bombs and strafing.

Nathan Whitchurch
Capital Regions Autodueling Association (CRADA) President


The Daemon Mechanic about LGLs in CWIN 01.01 caused a slight ruffling of feathers in the autodueling community. Here is a message that CWIN received from CWIN subscriber Scott D. Orr, an expert in the interpretation of Car Wars rules for AADA Events.

No, not quite. First of all, as stated on page 33 of CWC2, near the bottom of the right-hand column, "Any number of weapons can be linked together with one link."  This means that if you want to be able to fire a targeting laser and two heavy rockets, you need one $50 link for the three weapons.  If you want to fire the rockets by themselves, without the laser, you do need another link for that -- but it's not likely you'll want to do that.  More commonly, you'll want to be able to fire each rocket separately.  To do this, you need three links: one between the TL and both HR's, one between the TL and the first HR, and one between the TL and the second HR; the first link is not a link between the two rockets, indepedent of the TL, and it cannot be used to fire the rockets together without the TL.

Second, take a close look at the paragraph above the one mentioned above, and you'll see the statement, "Weapons with a turret cannot be linked aimed with weapons in the main body of the vehicle, or in another turret, unless the weapons are smart-linked ($500)." Note the word "aimed." This implies that a smart link is not necessary for unaimed weapons, which is confirmed in the next paragraph, with the example of rear-mounted minedroppers linked to side-mounted spikedroppers. And as stated clearly on pg. 83, in the description of the LGL, " . . . only the laser is assumed to be aimed."  Therefore a smart link is not equired for an LGL (and numerous example of LGL-equipped vehicles have appeared in official publications without the smart link).

Since the rockets are not aimed, this is untrue, and a SWC will work perfectly well with an LGL.

I didn't see that you were offering that as a rules change (and on looking at the newsletter again, I still don't). It looked like you were trying to explain/clarify the present rules. And even as new rules, they don't strike me as a great idea, since they substantially alter the game balance of LGLs, particularly in low Divisions -- and I haven't seen any evidence that they need balancing.

Scott D. Orr
Ohio Autodueling Association Columbus Division

Some of the CWIN Staff has discussed LGLs with the NOVA Car Wars Gaming Group. Both parties have come to the conclusion that the rules for this accessory need to be rewritten because of their vagueness. NOVA will be writing new rules for the LGL sometime next year. Some justification for a rules change can be seen with the many questions about this gadget presented in the column ADQ&A in the magazines ADQ and Pyramid. All of the questions about LGLs printed in ADQ and Pyramid can be found on the LGL ADQ&A Index on the SWAT Web Site.

Note that CWIN's LGL Article was discussing LGLs for personal Car Wars games and not for AADA Tournaments. Participants in AADA Events know the Car Wars rules from CWC2 and UACFH well and how they are interpreted for those autoduels. CWIN proposed a revision of the LGL rules in order to make the gadget easier to understand for new players of Car Wars.


The author/editor of the Advanced Fire and Explosion Rules presented in HVD 8, who is also an editor of the publication you are now reading, forgot to include the Works Cited for that document. This database also applies to the resources utilized for the creation of Uncle Edgar's Catalog and the Daemon Mechanic columns in HVD 8.

High Velocity Dueling (HVD)

Aeroduel. Sheeley, Craig. Steve Jackson Games. 1990.

Arena Book 2039: L'Outrance. Oines, Charlie. Steve Jackson Games. 1988.

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Muskogee Mayhem. Creede Lambard. Steve Jackson Games. 1989.

New Omaha Vehicular Association (NOVA)

Petrol in GURPS Autoduel. AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Volume Four: Australia. Gary Makin, Greg Rickards and Steve Reynolds. AADA Press. 1987. pp.41-46.

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White Phosphorous Tank Gun Projectiles. Uncle Albert's Military Surplus Catalog Winter 2044 Edition. Autoduel Quarterly. Volume 9, Number 4. Winter 2044. AADA Press. p.6



Teacher punches motorist; will we be tested on this?

A Durham, N.C., driver education teacher gave his students a surprise lesson in road rage, allegedly ordering a teenager to chase a car that had cut them off, then punching the offending motorist in the nose.

David Cline, 36, resigned Wednesday after being suspended over the incident, the Durham School District said. Cline was charged with simple assault, punishible by up to 60 days in jail.

The alleged victim, 23-year-old waiter Jon David Macklin, himself an aspiring teacher, wouldn't discuss the details, saying only, "This is an unfortunate thing that happened to me."

Cline did not immediately return a call for comment.

Cline had taught health, physical education and science at a Durham middle school for 11 years and also taught driver education at Northern High.

Cline was teaching two female students how to drive on Sept. 19 when another car cut them off, according to police. Cline instructed the student driver to chase down the car; when they caught up to Macklin, Cline got out and punched him, police said.

Macklin then took off, and the instructor allegedly had the student chase after him again.

Cline was then pulled over for speeding, and Macklin pulled up to tell the officer what had happened.

Cline was arrested and released on $400 bail. The girl driving the car wasn't ticketed.

"I don't think my client did anything to incite road rage," said Macklin's lawyer, William Morris. "This is one of those kind of things where you don't know what happened because there was so much nonverbal communication going on."

Before Cline's registration, Morris said Cline doesn't deserve to lose his job.

"It's our prayer that they will forgive his trespass," Morris said.

Estes Thompson
The Associated Press
Spokesman-Review Newspaper
Spokane, Washington State USA
October 16, 1997


The jet car Thrust SSC became the first wheeled ground vehicle to break the sound barrier on October 15, 1997 with an average speed of 763.035 mph (see High Velocity Dueling Magazine 8).

According to Nevada speed regulations, the fine for driving this fast on a Nevada public road would be $4,426 U.S.

Nevada Law Enforcement Agencies
October 15, 1997


But tapping, burning methane could be ecological disaster

Atlanta  -- Ice that burns? Yes, and so much of it that it could meet America's natural gas needs for decades. But scientists have yet to figure out how to mine it without causing an environmental disaster.

Methane trapped in the pores of ice forms a frozen compound called gas hydate. Vast deposits are held at high pressure 1,500 feet under the ocean floor on continental shelves around the world.

"It looks like dry ice, but if you put a lighted match to it, it will burn," said David Howell of the U.S. Geological Survey. "It's actually ice that burns."

By some estimates, twice as much carbon energy is contained in gas hydrate as in all fossil fuels combined.

Harvesting that energy bonanza may be one of the great engineering challenges of the age, a panel of experts said Monday at the national meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Gas hydrate forms under the seabed or under permanently frozen soil when methane, produced by biological action, collects as bubbles within water ice over hundreds of thousands of years.

Released from the pressure of the deep, the ice disappears within minutes.

"If you bring it to the surface, it bubbles and fizzes and is gone," said Charles Paull of the University of North Carolina. "It's difficult to study something that is fizzing away in front of you."

There are serious environmental concerns about tampering with the hydrate deposits, said William P. Dillon of the U.S. Geological Survey.

An accident could cause ocean floor avalanches, leading to a sudden release of methane.

"Methane from the hydrate resevoir might significantly modify the global greenhouse," said Dillon.

Gas hydrate deposits contain about three times the amount of methane now in the atmosphere, and methane has a greenhouse effect 10 times that of carbon dioxide. Both carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere trap heat about the Earth. Some scientists fear that an increase in the two gases could lead to global warming and a significant change of the world's climate.

Paull is scientific leader of an expedition that will drill off the Carolina coast later this year to explore a Rhode Island-sized hydrate deposit that may contain 1,300 trillion cubic feet of methane. That's enough gas to supply the U.S. for about 70 years.

Paull said an airtight container will be lowered into the deposit, filled with the ice and then sealed to keep the material at high pressure. It then can be brought up and studied in pressure chambers.

Researchers have proposed several ways to harvest hydrate energy. All involve making the gas escape from the ice while it is still in place under the ocean floor. The gas could then be captured and piped to the surface. There is doubt, however, that any of the methods will work.

"We don't know now if we will be able to extract it for use," said Paull. "It will involve a technique that is yet to be developed. That's way out in the future."

Paul Recer
The Associated Press
Spokesman-Review Newspaper
Spokane, Washington State USA
February 26, 1995


The March 1998 issue of Scientific American Magazine has a special section titled "The End of Cheap Oil." According to the article the world supply of petroleum is almost half gone and production will decline within 10 years. New drilling technologies and research into deriving liquid fuels from natural gas are discussed. This article is well written and is very interesting for anyone whether they play Car Wars or not. Note that this issue has likely been replaced on store shelves with the April 1998 edition, therefore you might have to visit your local library to read this very interesting piece of information.

Scientific American Magazine
March 1998


France has been activating the turbocharger for several months. Masters 1997, a Formula De Tournament with 200 players occurred in Paris. Alain David also of France and subscriber to the Formula De Mailing List, has been holding several Formula De Championship Events. Yes, there now is a Formula De Mailing List, published by J.J. Enser, the composer of the best Formula De Web Site on the Internet today.

The Merlyn's FD League will be coming to a close in four weeks. Two more events remain until the League has completed its first racing season. The group will begin racing again when some of the new racetracks are released.

If you are interested in participating in some of the French events please contact Mr. David. The person to contact to subscribe to the FDML is Mr. Enser.

Alain David
France Formula De Events

J.J. Enser
Formula De Mailing List



Another wonder from Down Under has been unveiled by James Barton. Inside you will discover an advanced set of Fire/Explosion rules, an Uncle Edgar's Catalog, Daemon Mechanic inventions, errata and refits to the Advanced Tire Rules from HVD 7, a new hovercraft design, a comprehensive listing of autodueling media (novels, movies, comics, and television series), and two Arena Watches.


The Australian James Barton is once again creating Car Wars projects that have quality not seen in many years of Car Wars supplements. CWIN was granted a sneak preview of the newest HVD project: the FlashFire Arena Circuit.

This supplement to Car Wars will be one of the best ever created for the game. Over 10 new arenas are presented with full-color graphics, new rules (including the out-of-print ice dueling rules from ADQ 5/3), variant equipment, and AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide entries. Tim Jacques of NOVA wrote the book while James Barton is performing the conversion to Web format. CWIN promises that your patience will be well -rewarded. Expect this project to be completed within two months.


CWIN did not explore this Web Site in-depth until a few weeks ago. This location has a very useful form for use in PBEM games that can be easily adapted to your own PBEM leagues. In addition to many vehicle designs displayed in both text and schematic formats, there is an alternative speed modifiers system presented that is more effective than the current rules. James Barton mentions on the site that a three-phase movement system is being developed for the PBEM League.

Some of CWIN readers may have tried to send elmays to the PBEM League and have not received any replies. The League has not been dismissed but it is static for several reasons. First, James Barton is performing well with physics although most of his time is spent on academics, leaving a smaller amount of time for the HVD PBEM CW League. Second, DuelMasters are in critical demand and in critical supply. If you have Web Server space and have the time to DuelMaster a PBEM Duel please contact James as soon as possible. The number of players desiring to join the League has outstripped the supply of referees. PBEM Car Wars will survive only if more gamers volunteer to DuelMaster events.



CWIN would absolutely love to resurrect the NewsWatch feature from ADQ. Timelines are likely easier to create than an AADA RASG entry although combining a NewsWatch with an Atlas article might make both projects easier to write.

The Web Site mentioned above is a list all of the timelines presented in ADQ and Pyramid. Before you start to write a NewsWatch, check this list to see if your idea has already been brought to print. You do not want to write an article that has already been created! Your energy and time are too precious to write a project that has already been synthesized (although if the project is incorrect repetition is a good action). Most of these should not need revising but if you feel strongly that a certain NewsWatch needs to be changed, let your mind run wild and go for it!

If you are considering revising an article already written, you want to read the article describing your area and you do not have the specific ADQ where the entry is located, check the ADQ Archive on the SJ Games Web Site. If your article is not there, send your request to SWAT and the data sent to you.

After you have decided on an area to write about, check GURPS Autoduel Second Edition. This text has revised some of the timelines to make the Car Wars future history consistent. After you have performed that action, let your imagination loose!



The AGS is searching for Car Wars players in the Anchorage area of Alaska to establish a long-term autodueling campaign.


The Bristol University Games Society (GameSoc) does not have a Web Site supporting Car Wars although the regulations they have used for a Car Wars League are present in their Gaming Files Archive. These rules might be a starting point when creating your own League.


George Smith, an editor of the SJ Games Web Sites and a reader of CWIN, has graciously provided CWIN a listing of the Car Wars products currently in print.

Deluxe Car Wars is out-of-print but will be present on store shelves again within the next few months.


Jeff Rubin has created a very colorful and very detailed Web Site containing several autodueling-related graphics. There is also a 10-second animation sequence of an autoduel! Note that the animation requires several minutes to download but it is ultra-cool.


The Deseret duelists held a Car Wars game on March 28, 1998 with an interesting twist . . . 1:24 Scale! CWIN sent a request for information about this autoduel and will present it in a future newsletter.


This location on the Internet can give you some parameters for your vehicle-versus-pedestrian scenarios. The "rules" of the Transcontinental Road Race displayed in the film Death Race 2000 are listed as well as a summary of the race.


This group located on the East Coast of the US has a newsletter discussing its activities but that is the only piece of Car Wars information on this site. The issue of the newsletter presented is dated June, 2047. Although Car Wars activities may be static the rest of the Web Site is very colorful and offers other resources, including the Interstate 1976 Highway to Funk Newsletter.


The Escape Universe shown in the two movies Escape From New York and Escape From LA is a DarkFutureTech world combining elements of GURPS AutoDuel and GURPS CyberWorld. The Car Wars Supplement Mean Streets (TSR Gamebook and Car Wars Programmed Adventure), an adventure to enter the urban wasteland of Houston to recover nuclear missile detonators, was based on the Escape universe! These Web Sites contain background data on the two Escape movies and present new adventures of Snake. The Escape Universe is a great place to start a DFT campaign.


Although this component of the GURPS Worldbook Collection has several facets that are not realistic when compared to 1998, GURPS CyberWorld is a wonderful resource to help a GameMaster start a campaign involving GURPS Autoduel and GURPS Cyberpunk. There is a large amount of information that conflicts with the AutoDuel universe but GURPS CyberWorld is well-written in the style of many Cyberpunk novels (intricate attention to detail), including the works of William Gibson himself.

GURPS Cyberworld may have some faults but realize that it was written in the early 1990s. What would be the status of Europe if the Berlin Wall did not collapse in 1989, falling several years later? What would happened to the political world if the 1991 military coup against Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union (now called the Commonwealth of Independent States) succeeded? The Soviet-Japanese Alliance may seem implausible but remember that in the late 1980s the Japanese corporation Toshiba sold sensitive submarine technology to the Soviet Union. (The famed author Tom Clancy suggested that the U.S. should have boycotted Toshiba for five years for this "business practice.") GURPS Cyberworld presents such a dark politcal landscape.

The book is listed as "Low in Stock" on the SJ Games Web Site. If you have been considering purchasing this book obtain one very soon because there is no notification of when the text will be printed again or if there will be a second edition.


This gaming group based in the Republic of Texas plays GURPS Autoduel. The site does not have any Car Wars or GURPS Autoduel resources and does not state if the campaign is continuing.


Another "Down-Under Duelist" has roared onto the WWW. The composer of this Web Site plans to have a Vehicle Guide, an Equipment Catalog, a section titled "Abilities," Adventures, and Rules Variants. There is no Car Wars information yet on this site but the content to be installed in the future looks great. Keep your radar locked on this site for developments.


Some autoduelists may have tried to access the Java-Based Car Wars Vehicle Design Program located on the Princeton University Corporate Car Wars Web Site but did not succeed. The VDP has been removed from the Princeton University Web Servers. Aaron Mulder, the author of the program, has communicated to CWIN that a new version is being written and will be available in a few months. During this time Aaron is planning to have the original VDP on the Internet, although in a location different from Princeton University.

Aaron Mulder
Princeton University Corporate Car Wars League Former Member
Java Car Wars Vehicle Design Program Author


MMAD is running a GURPS Autoduel campaign. Although only a small amount of information is presented on the Web Site this campaign sounds very interesting, with many Chassis and Crossbow elements.


Mad Max Chronology Web Site

Mad Max Frequently Asked Question Web Site

Although these two Web Sites do not discuss Car Wars gaming material, the Mad Max saga is one of the foundations of Car Wars. The MMC has a NewsWatch describing the development of the Road Warrior Universe, information only available in the out-of-print novels of all three movies. The MMFAQ is an nice source of trivia and news about future MM projects. Both sites are well-designed. Exploring both sites will be time well-spent.


This gaming group is based in Great Britain. One of its members, Chris Gale, is interested in starting a GURPS Autoduel campaign. CWIN wishes Chris the best of luck with this endeavor.


The Car Wars Community has gained a new gaming group! Matt's Corporate Car Wars Web Site presents a nice selection of resources for duelists. The first NewsWatch published, the History of Global Development, is shown in HTML format. Background on the corporate league is accessible to Matrix duelists and a Vehicle Database displays several designs. Matt has also constructed a Vehicle Design Program that can be downloaded.

Matt has communicated to CWIN that the League is in stasis currently because of a small number of players. Matt intends to try to recruit gamers again during the next few months.

Matt's CCWL Web Site is a great location to visit and should be bookmarked. You will especially enjoy the graphics obtained from a certain autodueling computer game. CWIN wishes Matt good luck with his search for more players. Thanks Matt for giving WWW duelists such an ultra-cool toolkit!


The Car Wars Community has gained a new gaming group! The New World Autodueling Association (NWAA), a chapter of the Canadian Autodueling Association, has roared onto the Matrix with the power of a flame cloud ejector. Operating a corporate league, the NWAA presents their customized rules for corporate dueling with information on the teams participating and highlights of the current season.

The resources of the NWAA Web Site are not limited to corporate data. There are variants for using characters of various sizes and an impressive set of monster truck rules more advanced than the original design in ADQ 8/4. An Arena Watch section is present with the NWAA planning to release a total of ten arenas! If this toolbox was not full enough the site has a Vehicle Database that currently contains 50 vehicles and the NWAA is planning to add more! There also connections to other Web Sites, including a Car Wars Group that calls itself SWAT. :-)

The NWAA Web Site is an outstanding resource for Car Wars players and should be in your WWW Browers's bookmark collection. Thank you NWAA for providing such an awesome Web Site to visit!


This magazine is published every three months by NOVA and sent to subscribers via physmail. The Nightmessenger is one of the best gaming publications in print today, featuring NOVA Works (new equipment), The World Out There (news about Car Wars), Notices of (autodueling/action) Movie Releases, Convention Dates, The 10 O'Clock News (autodueling fiction), Quotes/Duel Slang, and Nuts and Bolts (commentary and explantions of rules).

Possibly the nicest aspect of The Nightmessenger is the magazine is a publication on paper. Electronic magazines are nice but this publication shows clearly, with its professionally-looking newspaper layout, NOVA takes a great deal of time to produce each issue and enjoys doing it.

The Nightmessenger is only $4.00 U.S. for regularly attending NOVA members, $6.00 U.S. for subscribers in the U.S., and $12.00 U.S. for international subscribers. In addition to their journal, NOVA offers several NOVA Works Catalogs and the Midwest Vehicle Registry for sale. CWIN highly recommends a subscription to this awesome Car Wars resource.

New Omaha Vehicular Association
2524 Madison St
Bellevue NE 68005


Chad Bagaason is looking for gamers in the Eugene/Springfield or Corvallis regions of the state of Oregon.


John Duffin has a very . . . unique selection of new equipment for Car Wars Web Site. John has communicated with CWIN about his past experiences with Car Wars. John participated in a long-term campaign that involved Car Wars in a post-nuclear environment similar to TSR's Gamma World. John is planning to place more autodueling material on his Web Site in the next few months. The new equipment is ultra-cool and this site looks like to develop into a nice resource so keep your targeting laser locked on this location.


Making its debut today is the new online version of Pyramid Magazine. Click on over and check it out! This is the end of Pyramid as a paper publication. Issue #30, going to the printer this week, will be the last one. Subscribers will be sent refund checks for the outstanding balance within 30 days. Of course, we hope you'll reinvest those refunds in Pyramid's new incarnation. We think it's a much better deal -- you'll get more articles per year from us, plus better industry news coverage, access to playtest files and magazine archives, live chats and more, all for half of what an old subscription costs! Everything you need to know is at the all-new online home of Pyramid Magazine. See you there!

Pyramid Internet Magazine

Scott Haring
Pyramid Editor

The Daily Illuminator
March 29, 1998


The gaming magazine Shadis has published the rules for Super-Scale (1:24 Scale / Plastic Models) Car Wars! The author of this article Loren Dean, a member of the University of Utah's gaming group Critical Mass, runs the event every quarter after finals. Because Mr. Dean sent the article to the CWIN publishers, this article will be presented in CWIN 01.03. Because  Shadis Magazine 45 contains several photographs of a SSCC event, Shadis 45 would be a useful  reference to purchase.

Loren "Davinci" Dean
Critical Mass University of Utah Gaming Group



These two Web Sites are in a Scandanavian language describing Car Wars events at a gaming convention.



While you are contemplating your submissions for the HVD VDC (cargo carrier with two defending cycles) CWIN will begin running its own competitions. Each contest will run for two months and you may submit as many designs as you desire.

In honor of the last HVD Car Wars Mailing List, which presented a piece of forest firefighter/autodueling fiction by James Barton, this challenge requires you to design a National Forest Service Division 40 tricycle that has off-road capabilities and is specially-designed for fighting forest fires and defending the forest from bandits and enemies of the forest. Other services such as first-aid and mechanic assistance are also highly-desired attributes.

Any piece of equipment can be utilized. Military accessories, such as electronics and sighting systems are acceptible although military weapons should not be used. If you install a gadget not located in CWC2 or UACFH please list its source. Custom-designed accessories will be permitted however send the CWIN staff an elmay before you send your design. Any weapons, ammunition, and accessories located on the Internet may be utilized and are highly suggested.

Although this vehicle will be used to fight poachers and other troublemakers, the main purpose of this tricycle is to scout for fires in the dry forests of summer and autumn. Activation of firefighting services will require several minutes, both aerial and ground vehicles. This trike will be the front-line of defense until reinforcements arrive. Anti-fire equipment includes the following: foam ammunition (remember grenade launchers with foam grenades for distance fire-fighting), foamthrowers (flamethrowers filled with foam ammo; see the AVRO Web Site), icedroppers, fire extinguishers (can be utilized to extinguish fires adjacent the vehicle), and sand ammo (remember junkdroppers can use sand ammunition!). A very useful tactic for firefighters is to perform controlled burns to establish a fire line. When the raging fire reaches this area the fuel has already been consumed, giving the firefighters a better chance of containment. In order to perform controlled burns some incendiary weaponry might be useful.

With regards to the security requirements of this vehicle, the weaponry used should be as environmentally-non-invasive as possible. For obvious reasons a large amount of incendiary armaments not loaded with foam ammo is not advisible (this trike is to stop fires, not start fires). Lasers are also not a good idea because of their incendiary nature. High-accuracy weapons, preferentially non-burst-effect ones, would be easiest on nature.

Here are the statistics for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Rescue Kit, located in the AADA RASG entry of the RCMP in ADQ 9/2 (Summer 2041). This accessory might be useful for your designs although it is not required.

RCMP Rescue Kit -- $2,700, 100 lbs., 2 spaces, 4 DP. Contains a toolkit, a PFE, a medikit, an laser battery cell (see AVRO Web Site), a hand-held flare launcher, and other sundries such as matches, a compass, a canteen of water, etc.

The scoring system used will be the same as the HVD contests.

Firefighting/Forest Service Effectiveness = 25 Points
Defensive Capability = 15 Points
Offensive Capability = 20 Points
Driving Pleasure = 15 Points
Cost = 5 Points
Analysis/Background = 20 Points

Remember that designing a vehicle is only the first part of this contest. The second and perhaps most difficult is an "analysis" or "background" of the vehicle. Description of duels it has entered would be a great way to start this section.

To repeat the above, you will have two months to design this vehicle. The due date for submissions will be June 01 with results presented in the July issue of CWIN. If you want to try another challenge, wait 30 days and a different VDC will appear in CWIN 01.03. Good luck! :-)



This Micro produced by Maxis Games is one of the most exciting autodueling games on the market. "Streets" has action very similar to Activision's Interstate 1976, with an environment has Chassis and Crossbow combat.

Five different levels of scenarios await you to challenge them: Streets of Sim City (easy), Zippy Courier Service, Galahad's Watch, Granny's Wild Ride, and Race For Your Life (hardest). Each of these challenges require the driver to perform deliveries of packages and to fight opponents. Several cars are available to use and can be modified in a myriad of  ways with the numerous weapons, accesories, and vehicle essentials (ICE, tires, etc.). Network autodueling is also available and each combat has playing one of these songs that make the driver smile during combat: Splatter on the Windshield of Life, Goin' Down the Road, Feelin' Bad, and Czar (" . . . You're the czar, when you've got a kick-a** car).

What makes Streets very special is the SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit (SCURK) included with the program. This platinum ingot permits you to create your own cities or import cities you have created in in the SimCity 2000 simulation and autoduel on those constructions! The layout of the cities you create is in 3D and may be a very useful tool for inventing arenas for Car Wars (an idea that CWIN has not tried yet).

CWIN highly recommends purchasing Streets of Sim City. Autoduelists will have many hours of fun creating wheeled mayhem with this Micro.

Streets of Sim City Headquarters at Maxis



Several new Car Wars players have added themselves to this list, including members of CWIN, NOVA, and SWAT. This Web Site is an invaluable resource for autoduelists. This site will only improve in quality as long as Car Wars players support the registry so please add your name to the list. If you have already placed yourself on the list make sure your listing is correct and current. If your information on the site is out-dated, please send a revised message. CWIN explored the registry and discovered many Car Wars players that are not subscribers to CWIN, information has not been found anywhere else on the Internet. CWIN asks you again to support The Autoduelist.


The AVRO Web Site is moving from its home at the University of British Columbia. Bruce Lam, the President of AVRO, has a new Web Site established although at the moment it does not contain any information. The UBC AVRO site is still functioning at the time of this newsletter being written but there is no notification of when the new site will be activated. CWIN wishes Bruce good luck with the construction of the new headquarters of AVRO.

CWIN only recently looked closely at the Arena Watch section of the AVRO Web Site. Not only are there descriptions and graphics for locations for AVRO's Ice Arena (Auto Hockey), there is a VRML representation of the Town Arena!


The CRADA Web Site has changed its layout but there is no new information. During the update the Web Site became "linked" to the hard drive of the computer belonging to the CRADA President (making each URL try to connect to the CRADA computer instead of the Internet). All of the URLs became nonfunctional. Ouch! The problem has been corrected and the Web Site is functioning again.


The CWWR only contains the following five Web Sites:

This resource, like The Autoduelist, will only be valuable to Car Wars players if utilized. Many of CWIN's subscribers have Web Sites. Most if not all of those Web Sites would instantly qualify to enter the CWWR. Please take a few minutes and submit your Web Site.


SJ Games has updated their collection of links to Unofficial Car Wars Web Sites, adding connections to several new Car Wars Groups including the NWAA. The News Page has also been revised, discussing CWIN, NWAA and SWAT.


DRAW has gained the praise of The Secret Masters! Hail Eris! Because of the outstanding presentation of Car Wars Tournament at RadCon 2B 1998 on the DRAW Web Site, the WWW Magazine Daily Illuminator <> mentioned DRAW.  The photographs of the tournament are outstanding, showing Micro Machines autodueling! DRAW also revised its House Rules to include the "DRAW Codes of Honor." DRAW is also hosting a PBEM League. Yippee! Car Wars gamers that have volunteered to DuelMaster PBEM events! Thank you DRAW for supplying the huge demand for PBEM Car Wars with DuelMasters!


This Web Site continues to be under construction. Although the page is not fully-functional, its present condition of continual upgrade is better than being static. Because of the use of dynamite to clear away the old buildings, two sections of the Web Site have been lost. The Vehicle Guide Section is no longer accessible and the link to the Car Wars Web Ring no longer functions.


Although most of this Web Site is in the German language, the Vehicle Guide is in English. This page has not been modified for quite a while therefore CWIN suggests you visit and download the VG before the Web Site disappears. One nice aspect of this site is the World Development NewsWatch being placed in German. Cool!


Those infamous autoduelists in Nebraska continue to modify their Web Site with a vengeance. Several designs were added to the NOVA Vehicle Guide. The tentative (repeat, TENTATIVE) formats for the 2047-2048 AADA World Dueling and 2047-2048 AADA World Racing Championships are presented in their Conventions Section.


The SOSC Web Site has changed locations. Here is the correct URL:


The SWAT Web Tacticians have been attacking the WWW with multiple rounds of HVMG fire with no signs of slowing or stopping. SWAT has added all of the questions asked about LGLs presented in ADQ and Pyramid to their site. All 28 issues of HVD's Car Wars Mailing List are now archived on the SWAT Web Pages, including the four racetrack arenas presented in the HVD/SWAT revisions of the AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Rules, which are now on their own Web Page.

Both of the Ireland ADA documents, a Car Wars Compendium Errata/Refit Sheet and a Vehicle Design Strategy Article, have returned to the Internet on SWAT Web Central. A German-constructed article discussing how to modify Matchbox and Hot Wheels miniatures for autodueling has also been added to SWAT's files. If these projects were not enough the Car Wars / DarkFutureTech Jump Page has been substantially updated.



I may be moving to Seattle in the next few months versus next year. I need to scout Puget Sound now for autoduelists looking to rumble, rock and roll as members of the Seattle Washington Autodueling Team.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor


On Thursday, March 27, 1998, the small community (only a few thousand residents) of Omak, Washington State suffered a terrible tragedy. Two of its Police Officers responded to a supposedly routine service call that quickly turned violent. One of the two Officers responding, Officer Don Eddy Jr. (36 years of age), was shot in the leg although he is recovering physically in a Seattle hospital.

The other Officer that responded was shot and killed. This defender of the law was Officer Mike Marshall (43 years of age).

I am telling you this very sad story because Officer Marshall was a close friend to Bill Stevenson, the President of the Death Racing Association of Washington (DRAW) Car Wars Group, who is also a reader of CWIN. I would imagine that Philip J. Bedard, the DRAW Web Site Editor, was also a friend of Officer Marshall. If this friend of DRAW's President was a gamer then this tragedy is even more painful.

On March 30 Omak laid to rest Officer Marshall with a funeral attended by several thousand people. Hopefully this act will bring the community of Omak a step closer to healing. Please keep Bill Stevenson in your thoughts during this painful time of recovery and give DRAW and the town of Omak best wishes. You can find the elmay addresses of both Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Bedard below.

The CWIN Editor would like to dedicate this issue of CWIN to Officer Marshall and to the city of Omak. I hope that their pain resulting from their loss will dissipate quickly.

Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) President/Webmaster
Car Wars Internet Newsletter (CWIN) Editor