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Various tools and game aids to help intrepid Car Wars players and gamemasters become more efficient and effective at planning and executing their game play. Special commentary from our beloved president (who is also a raving lunatic) will elucidate (or further confuse) the functions of these various items.

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Game Tools

During AVRO's early years of playing Car Wars, we had to take a fair bit of time to do paperwork just to play. Disgrunted by the time lost, we began to make tools on our computers to save time. Here is origin of our first tool.

Captain's Log 08-01-1989
We are currently engaged in a deadly battle against against a group of hostile high school students in a game known as "Car Wars". So far, we have been holding our own, but a situation has arisen that may shift the balance of power against us.
Mr. Checkov! Fire all lasers!
Keptin! I hev run out of peper! I cennot properly calculate the to-hit roll needed to het it at our speed!
Mr. Sulu! At the next intersection, do...a bootleggers reverse! We'll ram him when he's least expecting it!
Captain! Controls aren't functioning! We don't have the paper to calculate the maneuver!
Engineering! I need...more...paper!
Captain! The mills can't produce any more! We've used up all the wood we have. There just isn't any more left! Me poor barns...
Sickbay! Bones! Go out..and buy some...paper...from the local store!
Dammit, Jim! I'm a doctor, not a delivery boy!
Communications! Uhura, contact...the enemy! Tell them...we are on...a mission of mercy!
I'm sorry, Captain. All I'm getting is an evil chuckle.
Spock! Surely there's...something your...Vulcan logic can do!
Of course, Captain. Logic indicates that our use of paper to me inefficient and slow. Electronic methods are much faster.
Spock! You're...a genius! Let's use...our computers!
<5 minutes later>
Groan...Spock...how did we...lose...
Unfortunately Captain, our computers were running Windows -- which is still very slow and inefficient. Our opponent, on the other hand, was using a Macintosh.

Uhhhh...right...Below are some of our gaming tools that you are welcome to use and adjust to your usage.

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