My 1963
'61 - '63 Emblem
     I love my 'bird! It sure is a nice one, and I think I'm just the guy to put the finishing touches on it. Every owner before me has taken a lot of time and care with this 'bird, and I intend to do the same.
     Thankfully, the bulk of the work will be to simply maintain the car's current condition. There really isn't a lot to do (which is fine by me 'cause I like driving my 'bird more than I like taking it apart), but as all classic 'bird owners know--you can always make it a little better.
     The images on this page link to larger images so you can look a little more closely at the detail if you like. Feel free to poke around a bit, and send me some e-mail if you have something nice to say.
Promotional Photo from 1963
This is how she looked, straight out of the hopper on December 18, 1962.
A more recent photo.      Like I said before, this car has been very well maintained. Here is a partial list of the "goodies" my 'bird has to offer:

  • 390 cid engine with 300 bhp.
  • Recently rebuilt engine.
  • P/B, P/S with swing-away feature.
  • True wire wheels.
  • Rear air shocks.
  • Recent repaint in original "Chestnut".
  • New/Redone interior.
  • 95% original chrome.
...and this is how she looks today!
     The interior of this car has just been entirely redone (either refinished or replaced). New carpets were installed very recently, and all of the vinyl is in really nice condition. The AM radio gets better reception than the modern Sony stereo in my Pathfinder, and the clock even works!
     I love to drive this car, and I can't wait to find a nice couple of days where I can take my car out and show off a bit.
A nice panoramic view.
One of the coolest 'birds in the state!
     Ok, that's enough about my ride for now... Follow me to see some other cool 'birds, and some other nice 'bird-related sites! Oh yeah, to get back to this page, all you have to do is click on one of the Thunderbird emblems at the top of the page.
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