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Tom Maruska's Restored 1963 Convertible.
Tom Maruska's 1963 Convertible.     This is a really great page detailing Tom Maruska's coast to coast restoration of a 1963 Thunderbird convertible.
     This is one of the best T-bird pages I have found so far, and I go back to read Tom's story every now and again. He's got lots of great pics that really show how far he had to go to get this car in shape. This is a very cool 'bird page, and a "must see" for any 'bird enthusiast. Nice work, Tom!
Eric Greco's Private World of Thunderbird
Eric Greco's Private World of Thunderbird     This is another really good page if you're interested in finding out more about 1964-1966 Thunderbirds. Eric has some really nice pics on this page, and a lot of interesting and historical information on the subtleties between each of the model years.
Thunderbird Ranch
Thunderbird Ranch     John Draxler's "Thunderbird Ranch" page is another really good Thunderbird site. John has restored a lot of "little birds", but now concentrates mostly on the "big birds". From his site you can find out more about parts, decals, and other 'bird-related items that John has to offer.
Other 'Birds
Vintage Thunderbird Club International     This is one of the largest Thunderbird clubs in the country, with lots of resources for the those of us interested in Vintage 'birds. If you would like more information on the national chapter, just click on the Icon.
Vintage Thunderbird Club International - Pacific Northwest Chapter     I am currently a member of the Vintage Thunderbird Club International's Pacific Northwest Chapter (what a mouthful!), and I'm pretty new to the Thunderbird scene, but I'm very excited to now be in on the events and shows that our chapter sponsors and participates in. This site will bring you up-to-date information on shows and events in the Pacific Northwest, as well as club-specific information. If you would like more information on our chapter, stop by our web site or email Ian Wallace.
Thunderbird Cybernest.     Possibly the most comprehensive T-bird page I've found so far, the Thunderbird Cybernest has all kinds of great information: cars for sale, parts suppliers, lots of T-bird links, and the ever useful Data Plate Decoder. I've burnt many an evening cruzin' around on this site.
     Be sure to sign up for the TCN mailing list while you are there, I've learned a mountain of information in the short time that I've been part of the list. It's a really good way to access experts in the Thunderbird community, and get your questions answered.