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Digital Life: Study, Work, Play, and Living in the 2020s

This site documents various aspects of digital life: work, play, and living in the 2020s by providing some technologies, tools, techniques, and ideas for people, groups, and teams such as teleworking, leadership, group or team communication, shopping, learning, sustainability, smart homes, covid 19, and living.

Digital Life: work, play, and living in the 2020s covers some ways people can interact. While not all activities can be digital, but some can be all digital or some combination of digital and physical. Of course, there is a significant amount of work that is all physical too, yet we are learning and finding new ways to increase the digital component of work and play as well.

What can we digitize in our lives? Easy to find and read digital copies of newspapers, magazines, journals, reports, and books. My library is digital with only a few hard copy books. What else can we do to go digital: music is easy and of course photographs and videos. Correspondence is digital in terms of email, text messages, and so on.

While work from home or WFH has become a thing given SARS-CoV-19, I have been working from wherever or WFW for decades now. As long as I have Internet access from time to time, I can work with my laptop and cellphone from wherever--airplanes, brewpubs, coffeeshops, restaurants, hotels, or trains or wherever. And with tele-banking, tele-consulting, tele-finance, tele-education, tele-medicine, and tele-whatever, it matters less where you are than what you can do. Truly, the world is my campus.

Personal Productivity

Some ideas for improving personal productivity to gain more out of life.


A few ideas and tips on leadership.


A collection of academic presentations on various topics.

Reports and Papers

A collection of academic reports and papers on various topics

Research Tips, Ideas, and Mindmaps

A set of research tips, ideas, and mind maps.

Tech Humor

Some tech humor from known and unknown sources.

Work Activities

A few activities for the work environment.


A short list of references.

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The world is my Campus

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