aka Dennis James Brandt

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you can call me WHORETENSE facial spacepillow

pronoun he


born usa

current seattle king county, washington state

work formerly for the gov't

spare time artcars, drawing, comics, husbanding, painting, making wierd stuff in general


eyes brown

hair brown

height 6' even

weight 150 lbs

shoe 10.5

dick cut

balls 2

etc etc ear piercings, no tattoos, boyish good looks, excellent genes.

at home

television none. dvd from the library occassionally

music changing always, currently Mashrou' Leila... michelle shocked, dot allison, tori amos, nothing all that edgy (see "current" above)

current reading Anything by Margaret Atwood; Douglas Coupland Gore Vidal, Augustine Burroughs, Robert Harris, Whitman...Sherman Alexie's "The Strongest Indian in the World" collection of short stories, some very powerful...not much else unless you're into industrial hydraulics. Camille Paglia is cool.

pets dog--see Sadie May


walking I miss my dog, Sadie May

eating at home.

drinking See "eating".

dancing Not much these days. Covid etc...

travel See dancing above.

etc radical faeries...movies ...Seattle Int'l Film Festival (Hope Along the Wind featuring Harry Hay )...socializing and trips to Canada.

Personal Rants, Journal, etc

Great quote I could learn from: "Unless we are very very careful, we doom each other by holding onto images of one another based on preconceptions that are in turn based on indifference to what is other than ourselves. This indifference can be in its extreme, a form of murder and seems to me a rather common phenomenon. We claim autonomy for ourselves and forget that in so doing we can fall into the tyranny of defining other people as we would like them to be. By focusing on what we choose to acknowledge in them, we impose an insidious control on them... The opposite of this inattention is love, is the honoring of others in a way that allows mutual discovery." --Anne Truitt

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