People Queer and Dear

snoqualmie jim mmm m mmm m mmm.

snoqualmie jim current fave.

mark in the sky life does go on.

This is Me We hired a boat for an island visit in Mazatlan.

For more about Mark, click hereThat's Mark on the same trip to Mazatlan. For a couple hours, at sunset, we enjoyed our own private Mexican island. For more about Mark, click on the picture.

Sombreros R Us Here's Roy and I whooping it up in Mexico. Nice hat, Roy.

Boats The beach was crowded with colorful fishing boats.

Divers I thought they were fishermen, but in fact they mostly dive for oysters. They were very friendly, very proud to show a bunch of tourists the day's catch.

Roy and Me Roy and I are concentrating on the quality of this man's goods. And no, I did not just pull that out of my nose.

Roy and Darrel That's Roy turning his back (bashful boy) Darrel is from Alert Bay, Canada. We're on a hiking trail in Puerto Rico.

Rodney Rodney has found something else to download...

Mark B That's Mark (Bryant), Champian.

Three Friends Randy, Douglas, and Roy on top of the Arc d'Triumph.

Birdy That's Birdy, Roy's parrot.

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