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Bill Ritchie and Nellie Sunderland attend the Southern Graphics Council International Conference for their Halfwood Press enterprise, March 27-30, 2014 and produce souvenir monoprints . . . more


Ethan Lind and Bill Ritchie form a strategic partnership to establish a printmaker-in-action site at Seattle's Pike Place Market. Ethan, a musician with a bluegrass band, works as the Busker Etcher, featuring his etchings of street musicians.

Ritchie's Presses at BIMA - June 13, 2013 The Legacy Halfwood Press and WeeWoodie Rembrandt etching press were included in the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art inaugural exhibit, "First Light," invitational group show. Left, Bill Ritchie poses with Greg Robinson, Executive Director of the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) at the opening in 2013. Photo by Lynda Ritchie. (More . . .


Queen Anne-Magnolia News - February 6, 2013 - Larry Dillon reports on Bill Ritchie's latest activities, including his part in the Frye Museum Exhibit, "Chamber Music" and "36 Chambers." Click for PDF


Queen Anne Magnolia News - March 27, 2013 - Bill Ritchie and his Halfwood Project team win Silver Award in A'Design and Competition in Milan, Italy for the "Smartest little press in the world."