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Carson City, Nevada

P. 31

Owner(s): City Parks and Recreation Council of Carson City.
Administrator: Gina Balvance.
Cost: $3,500,000.
Seating: 2,000.
Projected PR: 1.0.
Opening Date: April 2, 2047.
AADA Affiliation: Unknown at this time.
Track Size: 30' wide.
Outer Wall: None.
Obstacles: None.
Banks: D1 on all outer curves.
Gates: None.
Medical Facilities: On-site emergency helipad (medivac on standby).
Pit Facilities: Three fully staffed shops, 20 pits.
Special Effects: None.

Industry Speculation:

Carson City's arena facilities are suffering growing pains. Recent increases in population, combined with an influx of outside duellists om search of greener pastures, has sparked a demand for more duelling space. The city council has allocated the necessary resources in exchange for a percentage of the receipts. Cycles, Sprints and Stock vehicles are the only types accepted at this time. However, inside sources indicate that expansions to the end banks will be made to accommodate Formula One and Can-Am races.
Arena Map:
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