Hot Asphalt Logo Paradise Racetrack - PR 1
Phoenix, Arizona

P. 16

The Paradise was created in the 1950s and has gone through numerous modifications and upgrades. The recent addition of split levels and spiral curves has the local racing crowd abuzz with joyful anticipation. The news nets can't wait to film the crashes.
Arena Notes:

The upper level and twin spirals are 30 feet high and fenced in by reinforced guard rails (5 feet tall, and 40 DP). All outer corners have D1 banks, while the spiral corners have D2 banks. Each spiral has its own support pillar, which is 40 feet tall and indestructible.
Arena Map:
Paradise Race Track -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Challenge Night
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday AADA Divisionals
Thursday Corporate Cup
Friday Time Trials
Saturday Closed
Sunday Gas Burners

Arena Special Events:

None. The Paradise runs a very standard format. Junior members of the arena management have suggested newer ideas, but the old guard keeps rejecting them.