Hot Asphalt Logo Bensen Arena - PR 1.0
Phoenix, Arizona

P. 17

This facility was named in honor of Zack Bensen, one of Phoenix's greatest war heroes (Medal of Honor recipient, Second Mexican-American War). The arena's inner and outer walls are draped with dozens of murals displaying local resistance fighters in heroic action. The arena has become a popular hangout for ex-partisans and militia groups.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls and interior obstacles are 15 feet high and 50 DP. The outer banks are sloped (D2 bonus) and are 15 feet high (which makes it possible for careless drivers to slide off the arena!). The inner banks give a D1 bonus and are 10 feet high. The second level (shaded) is 15 feet high, indestructible, and can be accessed by four side-ramps. The arena gates are split into halves (7.5 feet by 10 feet) and are 30 DP per half. They take two phases to open or close.
Arena Map:
Bensen Arena Map - 10.5K

Arena Schedule:
Monday Amateur Night
Tuesday Race Night
Wednesday Cycle Night
Thursday Team Events
Friday AADA Divisionals
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Corporate Cup

Arena Special Events:

Fan Club Madness: During a typical arena duel (AADA Divisionals, Challenge Night, Cycle Night or Amateur Night), there is a slight possibility (1 on 1d6) that overzealous fans will enter the arena and support their favorite duellist. The fans will enter the fray 2d6 seconds after the duel has started. Each duellist will have three fans, each having $1,000 to arm and equip themselves, and nine skill levels to divide amongst themselves (no skill can be higher than 2). The group's entry point will be the gate their duellist started at. All fans will fight to the death.