South Dakota Road Atlas Entry

P. 28

If there were more control over the roads, the climate would be unfavourable. The only problem is that the state government hasn't even bothered enacting anti-duelling ordinances. Duelling is outlawed in the civilized regions of the state, since mining companies view duellists as potential bandits. Be wary of mining convoys. They're paranoid, rude, trigger-happy and have the firepower to back themselves up.
Sioux Falls

Vehicular combat events lean towards the "come-as-you-are" variety. The format is quite popular with the viewers as it combines the best features of arena duelling and road combat.

There are a multitude of gangs in the city, but many have changed from criminal groups into rowdy social clubs. The Battleshippers and the Pen Pounders are the two ruling groups. The extent of the two groups' rivalry is an occasional fight at the local arena and a yearly foot-"brawl" game.