Battleship Arena - PR 1
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

P. 29

Widely known as a tricky course, the Battleship promises constant action. Defensive driving is the key to victory. conservative driving is a must.
Arena Notes:

The outer walls are 50' high and have 80 DP. The inner obstacles and second level are 10' high and are indestructible. The turrets on the second level are 10' high, have 30 DP, are a -3 to hit, universal, and are operated by remote control (+2 Gunners). All turrets can carry up to three spaces for weapons (chosen randomly by the arena management). All ramps have 25 DP.

The shaded spaces are safety zones. Once entered (intentionally or not), a contestant cannot go back into the duel. Severe fines will be enforced if anyone fires into or out of these zones.
Arena Map:
Battleship Arena Map -

Arena Schedule:
Monday Closed
Tuesday Amateur Night
Wednesday Team Events
Thursday AADA Divisionals
Friday Cycle Night
Saturday Challenge Night
Sunday Closed

Arena Events:

Storming the Castle: In this event, there are two competing teams; attackers and defenders. The attacking team has six vehicles while the defending team has three vehicles and three secretly activated turrets - their choice. The object of the attacker is to control four squares before a twenty second time limit expires. Being in control of a square is defined as occupying and controlling a square with no opposition (enemy car, turret or pedestrian). The best Divisions to use in this event are 15-25.