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Our Vintage Tin
We have a soft spot for 1937-1939 Chevrolets…here are two current vehicles and one former vehicle from our garage.
37truck.gif (34593 bytes)
One of them is a ton pickup truck which was purchased new by my Grandfather.
For more information about the truck see its story in the Stovebolt Garage Gallery
37chevs.gif (67486 bytes) For 12 years we also had a 2 door sedan which is not stock…small block V-8, 4-speed, Mustang II front suspension, etc. Here it is next to the pickup.  The color is called Bimini Blue and was originally a Buick color used in the 1950's.  The 4-speed and rear end are from a 1969 Olds Hurst 442.  The engine is a Chevrolet 283.  I installed the front and rear suspension using components from RB's Obsolete Automotive. We did the interior using gray leather seats from a Chrysler LeBaron.
wayne37b.jpg (30230 bytes) This picture was taken before the smoothy running boards were added. The entire car is steel except for the running boards. The current owner is Weldon Carper from Union, Oregon.
39coupe3.jpg The 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Coupe has replaced the 1937 Sedan. This coupe was restored by my father in the late 1980's. His first car was a 1939 Chev coupe so it is natual that he would like this model. This particular car was originally from South Dakota and was brought to the State of Washington in the 80's. My father bought the car soon afterwards and began the restoration process.
39old1.jpg The "before" picture. 39old2.jpg The "under construction" picture.    And the results... 39coupe1.jpg  39coupe2.jpg
When I bought the car from my father, I spent a couple of years planning what I wanted to do to the car. I finally decided to upgrade the running gear, but keep the great original stock body. The car sits on an Art Morrison frame with Air-Ride suspension. The engine is a Chevrolet 350 HO Deluxe crate motor running through a 700-R4 transmission to a Ford 9 inch rear end. The interior was done by Bob Jasper of Tacoma, WA. Ron Pircey Racing did the heavy lifting with fabrication. new1939

1937 Chevrolet Pickups  1939 Chevrolet Coupes  Building our 1939 Chevrolet Coupe