Male Model as bodypainted stone Gargoyle in forestThe Body Painting Page

Welcome to the Art of Body Painting!
This site is intended to enter
tain, amuse, inspire and inform.

These pages contain images I've created in collaboration with other artists and models.

All images began as photographs of models painted with body paints. Some digital photo manipulation and retouching has been performed on a few; but all the painting was done using real pigment on real skin.

I found it very difficult to find useful and practical information about body painting techniques, when I first started out. So in the Tips and Techniques pages are collected what I and others have learned through trial and error. I've also added product links to many of the products described, making it possible to buy these often hard to find paints online.

This page is a resource for anyone creating bodypaintings, whether professionally or just for fun. I'm always looking for techniques and tips to share, stories and experiences! 

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My Home Page with useful info about film/video techniques.

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