A few thoughts about what I do

I write about natural history, whether it is ecological recovery at Mount St. Helens, a journey to find salmon in Seattle, or an essay about seeing and holding first editions of On The Origin of Species. Some of my work can also be classified as science writing and/or environmental journalism.

A central goal in my writing is to encourage people to look more carefully at the natural world around them. I hope that my essays and articles will provoke the reader to ask more questions, to go outside and investigate, to delve deeper into the subject, to reevaluate what they may have taken for granted. I have written for publications as diverse as Smithsonian, Earth, Northwest Palate, and American History.

Book Projects

In 2008, I finished work on my latest project, a book on the cultural and natural history of stone. Titled Stories in Stone: Travels in Urban Geology, it was published in June 2009 by Walker & Company. You can also read about my fascination with stone at my blog, also titled Stories in Stone.

In 2005, WestWinds Press published my book The Street-Smart Naturalist: Field Notes from Seattle. It is a collection of personal essays of mine about natural history in Seattle. It mixes personal musings, bits of humor, natural history observations, and scientific facts into a multitextured fabric of the city. The chapters range from geology to weather to birds to plants to bugs. In 2008, my publisher changed the name of the book to The Seattle Street-Smart Naturalist: Field Notes from the City.

A few details about me

• Education Assistant at Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture -- 1999-present: I teach children's programs, write curriculum, develop natural history outreach teacher's boxes, and coordinate an Environmental Writer's Workshop.

• Interpretive Ranger Frederick Law Olmsted National Historical Park -- 1997

• Interpretive Ranger Arches National Park -- 1993, 1995, 1996

• Special Programs Coordinator Canyonlands Field Institute -- 1987-1992

• Colorado College Bachelor of Arts Geology major - graduated 1987

Northwest Science Writer's Association - Board
National Association of Science Writers
Society of Environmental Journalists

Here are a couple of pictures of our dog, Taylor, who was a great friend.