Welcome to Leisure World
(the band, not the retirement community...but close)

Leisure World was (and probably still is) me, Brian Willett, (pictured above at right) and Peter Sawtell (on the left). The "band" started in around 1998 when I borrowed a partial set of drums from Josh Rosenfeld (Barsuk Label Honcho and all-around nice guy), sort of learned to play them, and then started recording myself playing guitar, bass, drums and singing on a four-track cassette deck (yay Yamaha MT-100!) in my basement, the now world-renown Wreckroom Studio. The product of those basement sessions was the first Leisure World EP, "Candied Candide," which you can check out below.

After the release of Candied Candide on Elsinor Records, the 'band' played its only show to date at the Sub-Pop Mini-Mart (then located in the bowels of the PIke Place Market), with an assist on drums from Jay Chilcote (also pictured) and I can't remember who on bass...maybe Joe Chilcote or Tedd Klipsch (anyone recognize that thumb and/or bass neck?). In any case, we partied like it was 1999. Which it was.

In the year that followed, I recorded the second EP, "Thriftstore Days, Baccardi Nights," (title courtesy of Jay Chilcote) which then released on Elsinor to universal lack of notice or acclaim, popular or critical.

Anyway, that's it for Leisure World's admittedly meagre official output. For the next several years I recorded a whole bunch of scratchpad ideas and unfinished recordings both on my own and with Pete, many of which I still really like. Unfortunately we never really could get our shit together to inflict them on the world at large, and now we're beyond caring I guess. In this band it seems, leisure comes first.

Leisure World's 1999 EP "Candied Candide"


fall down

all in preparation


dim the lights

Leisure World's 2001 EP "Thriftstore Days, Baccardi Nights"



comrade jones



CDs and tapes(!) of Candied Candide and Thriftstore Days, as well as the products of numerous interesting bands, can be had from Elsinor Records.
You can also email Leisure World directly at willtre circle-a seanet dot com

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