The 1998 Acoustic Neuroma Member Survey

The 1998 Acoustic Neuroma Member Survey
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Part I
Page 1 Purpose and Method
Page 2 Responders, Symptoms, Tables 1 and 2, Diagnosis
Page 3 Information Prior to Treatment Decisions, Treatment, Table 3

Part II
Page 1 Ourcomes After Treatmentd Method, Table 4
Page 2 Duration of Post-Treatment Problems and Improvement Over Time, Table 5, Table 6, Table 7
Page 3 Severity of Post-Surgery Headaches, Table 8
Page 4 Post Treatment Therapies, Hearing Loss, Facial Weakness, Balance, Eye Problems

Part III
Page 1 Post-Treatment Quality of Life, Table 9
Page 2 Other Observations, Tables 10 and 11, Demographics, Contact with the ANA, Table 12
Page 3 Comparison between 1983 and 1998 Surveys
Page 4 Post-Treatment Therapies and Adjustments/Quality of Life, Acknowledgements

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