Please be aware that my comments on this web site reflect my PERSONAL OPINION. The right to have an opinion and to share that opinion is protected by the First Amendment. My opinion is based on my personal experience with Dr. (name not disclosed), attendance at the National ANA Symposium in Milwaukee, the latest ANA Survey, medical research regarding acoustic neuromas, personal reports of post-treatment outcomes on the AN Newsgroup, a visit to the Radiation Oncology Department at the U of CA Medical Center at Irvine, conversations with Dr. Williams at Johns Hopkins, coordination with the U of Texas Medical Center, visits to the Otology/Neurotology Department at the U of WA, and visits to the Radiation Oncology Department and the Otology/Neurotology Department at Virgina Mason.

My hope is that you will seek the best information from the best sources and that your information on alternative treatments will come from specialists in that area. In my view, this is the only way to make an informed decision regarding treatment. In the process, you will form your own PERSONAL OPINION which you will no doubt share with others.

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Posted: 09/18/02