Title: Acoustic Tumor Growth: Implications for Treatment Choices.

Authors: Fucci MJ, Buchman CA, Brackmann DE, Berliner KI
House Ear Clinic, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Source: Am J Otol 1999 Jul;20(4):495-9


BACKGROUND: Knowledge of acoustic neuroma (AN) growth is essential for treatment planning.

METHODS: A retrospective analysis of 119 patients with AN (mean age, 65 years; range, 37-84 years) followed with interval magnetic resonance imagings (MRIs) was performed. Change in maximum tumor dimension as a function of follow-up period was analyzed.

RESULTS: Overall, maximum tumor dimension increased >2 mm in only 30% of patients. Of those that grew, the mean growth rate was 3.8 mm/year (maximum, 25 mm/year). Age, gender, and laterality did not predict growth. Most tumors that grew (86.1 %) were <20 mm at presentation. However, tumors >20 mm were statistically more likely to grow (71%, p =0.028).

CONCLUSIONS: Most ANs followed with periodic MRIs do not grow.
Available clinical information usually cannot predict growth.
Serial MRIs are advocated for all patients treated with observation.

Inez's note: A better paper to read is Document15.html which was based on a population of 571 and showed that 54% of patients showed evidence of radiologic growth within a 3-year period.

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