Title: The risk of hearing loss in nongrowing, conservatively managed acoustic neuromas.

Authors: Warrick P, Bance M, Rutka J
Location: Department of Otolaryngology, The Toronto Hospital, Ontario, Canada.

Source: Am J Otol 1999 Nov;20(6):758-62


OBJECTIVE: To determine the risk of loss of useful hearing in the absence of tumor growth among patients undergoingconventional management of acoustic neuroma.

SETTING: Tertiary referral center.

STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective casereview.

PATIENTS: Ten patients (12 ears) were identified having a period of no tumor growth of at least 6 months(19.0+/-12.8 months), and for whom at least two audiograms were available in this period.



MEASURES: Loss of useful hearing defined using 70% speech discrimination score (SDS) and 30 dB pure toneaverage (PTA) (70/30), or 50% SD and 50 dB PTA (50/50) criteria.

RESULTS: Three of seven (43%) ears with useful hearing using the 70/30 rule and two of eight ears (25%) using the 50/50 rule lost this useful hearing.

CONCLUSIONS: There is a significant risk of useful hearing loss with conservative management of non-growing acoustic neuromas.

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