Title: Ocular complications of acoustic neuroma surgery.

Authors: Mulhern MG, Aduriz-Lorenzo PM, Rawluk D, Viani L, Eustace P, Logan P
Location: Department of Ophthalmology, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

Source: Br J Ophthalmol 1999 Dec;83(12):1389-1392


AIM: To analyse the risk factors involved in the development of ocular complications after acoustic neuroma resection, inparticular corneal complications and visual loss, and to identify measures that may reduce these.

METHODS: 62 patients whounderwent surgery for acoustic neuroma had a standardised ophthalmic examination and retrospective case note review.

RESULTS: At final review (mean 37.6 months), although 38 patients reported ocular symptoms, only 22% saw 6/12 or worse.Patients with hypoaesthetic corneas had a higher incidence of corneal pathology (79%) than those with normal sensation(39%). Lagophthalmos increased the incidence of corneal pathology (to 80%); in those with normal closure, the incidence was only 46%. 20 patients required at least one ophthalmic surgical procedure.

CONCLUSIONS: After acoustic neuroma resection patients place a considerable burden on the ophthalmologist. Immediate referral postoperatively, and frequent review of those with abnormal sensation may reduce the severity of long term ocular complications.

Inez's note: Just one more reason not to chose surgery . . .

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