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Reproduction for the Hopelessly Geeky

A Work in Progress

This is a draft. It will probably be a draft for a while yet. I'll try not to rename chapters; expect the structure to shift around, however.

Book, Video and Product Reviews can be found in The Short Form and in Sources. Title links in Sources lead to where you can acquire them (mostly) and in The Short Form they lead to Sources (two steps from the hurry page, which is bad design, but has a certain internal logic, in that the annotated bibliography is the definitive information, and The Short Form is derivative). I may change my mind about how that works.

You can get here from links on my home page, but not the rest of the site. When I feel this is more ready for prime time, I'll finish the rest of the links.

If you find broken links, bad grammar, misspellings, think something is wrong or confusing or hard to understand, or have suggestions for more chapters, don't hesitate to email me, or come over and hang out and chat. Definitely send me recommendations of parenting books, videos and so forth that you like (or really, really hate, or just want someone to read and summarize for you), so I can consider including them in this project.

This project is expected to include the following chapters/subjects relatively soon: extended breastfeeding, weaning by negotiation, tandem breastfeeding, discipline (including corporal punishment, rewards, praise, time-outs, Consequences, the use of power, democratic families, autonomy support), discussing hard topics with children (including death, sex, evil/injustice, gender identity, sexual orientation, God, war), conflict (resolution and management and how they are NOT the same), compulsory education/homeschooling/unschooling, vaccinations, what kinds of adult life a child can choose from and how to help your child prepare for that choice.

If you just read all that, and think I am completely insane, you are, of course, absolutely correct. Wait till you read the rest of this.

Here is a description of my biases.

For Those in a Hurry

The Short Form

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