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Rebecca Allen's Cookbook


Apparently, a list of ingredients can't be copyrighted, nor can a list of directions. The literary expression or whatever of those things can. So when I steal a recipe from someone else, I try to note where I got it from, and then I reformat it in the style I like best.

Recipe Format

Since the primary purpose for this cookbook is my own personal use, the recipes are laid out the way I find most convenient. I usually stock my fridge and pantry ahead -- well ahead -- and then cook whatever I have the ingredients for. So having the ingredients separated out at the top is not wholly useful to me. I do put them in bold, so a quick scan will tell me what I'll need. Instead I organize the recipe by order of operations, with the action or technique in italics, the ingredient in bold, and any additional commentary in plain text following.

Table of Contents

Under Construction

A Note on Ingredients

A Note on Reducing Sodium


2018 New Year's Resolution: A Year of Mixology

Mmmm.... Soup

Salad and Sides

Something Bready

To Meat or Not To Meat

Sugar and Spice

Recipes on other websites, not yet incorporated.

The cover page from an older version of this cookbook, on top of the binder that printouts from this cookbook once lived in, before iPads rendered paper unncessary in the kitchen. The binder still contains recipes I've collected but not yet tried and/or haven't transferred into the cookbook.

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Created January 26, 2002
Updated 17 March 2020