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Rebecca Allen's Very Old-Fashioned Website

The web has a number of Rebecca Allens. I am The Poster Formerly Known As Rebecca LeAnn Smit Crowley, resident of Acton, Massachusetts, former rabster, ex-software engineer, amateur genealogist, blogger, etc. I used to work at DECwest, Spry, and Amazon.com, and was briefly on the Library Board of Trustees in Brookline, NH. I have lived in Shoreline, Washington and Seattle. I attended the University of Washington, Computer Science. I've been to visit family in Friesland, including a brief visit to the church in Achlum. I have a lot of Mennonite relatives in Canada. Lots and lots of Dutch people in my ancestry. Names like Poldervaart.

Long, long ago, I had a web page. It had a searchable catalog of my library, three years worth of book reviews, a resume, notes on a number of projects I was working on or had recently worked on and my first faint efforts at an online cookbook. I wanted to be able to refer to stuff I couldn't quite remember, no matter where I was, and be able to easily refer people to certain kinds of information. That web page went away, due in part to being really busy for a couple years and in part due to an unreliable host. Thanks to The Internet Wayback Machine, I got some of that website back and have been adding to it ever since. I've maintained very partial versions of a cookbook, advice on relationships, travel notes and book reviews, and added sections on parenting and bicycles.

Roland is a Member of Technical Staff at AMD. I'm not sure when we will next be visiting Seattle. If you miss us, you should come visit us. We have plenty of room for guests, bikes to borrow and are within walking distance of the train to Boston.

Here are some other places to find me on the web:

Other Writing Not Navigable from the Top and Bottom Menu Bars

I did NaNoWriMo in 2009, cheating slightly by writing autobiographical fiction that isn't, strictly speaking, fictional.

I put together some cheat sheets to help me survive some of the turmoil while I was a Trustee. These sheets would be of very limited utility outside New Hampshire, or for groups which have adopted a different parliamentary authority.

Spot a broken link or other problem? E-mail me. Have fun.

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