Ritchie Video Archive

From 1966 to 1985 Bill Ritchie taught that printmaking is the ancestor of all media. He put video to work in his art and in his classes starting in 1970. Video art was almost unknown, thus, for a few years, creative artists were free to explore electronic arts unencumbered by any pre-existing conditions - an ideal setting for unimagined invention and discovery.

Bill left the UW in 1985 and took his tapes and equipment to form the core of Ritchie Video Archive. He invites support to restore Seattle video art of 1970-1985. Click on the link to visit Bill's archive work in progress. You might give a donation through PayPal and you may like this project.


Above see the first completed installation, "Video at Bumbershoot '73" - a four-minute video with Bill's intro.

See Bill's 130 selections on YouTube@ OMEMERALDA and HALFWOODPRESS and PRINTMAKINGVIDEOS

Email: ritchie@seanet.com