PatronGame is one of the game concepts by Bill Ritchie where art patrons meet the artists whose works the patrons own or in which they have an interest. For example, someone buys an artwork they found at Goodwill; they read the signature, search the Internet for that name, and eventually get in touch on the Web with the artist.

The PatronGame takes this one step further so it resembles a social network with games. It's like FaceBook, where you "like" things or have "friends," and, in the sidebar, find games you can engage in that grow your art collecting experience into something more.

The concept is in its embryonic stage - barely describable but - like all things that artists like Bill Ritchie, has potential. Like his artwork, they lead to other things besides what they appear to be.

Rocking Horse

"Rocking Horse" is a woodcut by Bill Ritchie, conceived about 50 years ago and recently found at a Goodwill store. The person who found it sent Bill an email, and from this an exchange resulted, proving that the value of an artwork may take some interesting and rewarding forms for both the owner and the artist who made it.

If you have a question, send an email.

If you have an answer to the question, "How can we develop a PatronGame - or games - working together as artist and patron of the arts? - please send an email to Bill Ritchie.