Anyone can make a short video and call it a movie. Bill has made about 150 "shorts," and over 200 are on YouTube - most of them are about printmaking and the Halfwood Press.

Real movies -feature-length or serials - is what Bill wants to part of so he writes screenplays. This is in the spirit of joining printmaking traditions with its descendants, the media arts of film, TV, video and video games.

Swipe - An 18th Century frigate, bound for China, is smashed while at anchor. Artifacts discovered in the 1970s give an art professor the idea to restore what was lost - an etching press! His work takes him to the top and riding high until a bad-boy student fires off a shot in his class. Brain-injured and fed up he goes south as an ex-pat in Brazil where he finds redemption and truth of his wildest imaginings. Buy on amazon.

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Printmaking Camp - An early-career art professor launches a 10-country tour to promote her new teaching kit and discovers she’s being stalked and her every stop is being sabotaged.

Series only - See screenplay for Pilot

(Concept) Rembrandt's Ghost - Printmaking professor costumes as Rembrandt and wakes in a time-traveler dilemma, waking up on a dungboat in Amsterdam in 1660. To get home he must get the help of the Dutch master, but how? Based on the novel, Rembrandt's Ghost in the New Machine, published in September, 2012, by Bill Ritchie.

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